Monday, August 29, 2005

Branding, control and results - Submit Articles in Your Own Name

I thought I would post this article on the blog, as well as distribute it via Article Marketer. I often derive articles from blog posts or blog posts from articles, but this time around I am posting it "verbatim".

Branding, control and results - Submit Articles in Your Own Name

Article distribution is currently booming on the internet.
Authors do it for a number of reasons.

  • It is a good way to be picked up by the search engines.
  • The backlinks from your resource box can help your search
    engine position.
  • You have the possibility of secondary traffic if your
    article is picked up by a popular website or ezine.
Various products and services have become available that
help you distribute your articles to the 100s of article
directories and mailing lists.

a) Software that speeds up maunal submission, or can in some
cases do this automatically.
b) Services that distribute articles in your name
c) Services that distribute articles on your behalf, but in
their own name.

The Double Edged Sword

Many people pay a premium rate for article distribution on
their behalf, without the worry of having to join various
article directory sites as a member, giving their own email
address, and receiving lots of emails from various Yahoo

Unfortunately what they don't realise is that often this
devalues their work.

1) In the author section on many sites, the name of the
distribution service will be shown, not that of the original
2) Author sections of many article directories are a unique
marketing venue. Many visitors will visit the author profile
before reading an article all the way to the bottom. Most
profiles could have one or more websites listed.
3) Within RSS feeds from the article directories, the
distribution service might be shown in the byline, not the
original author.
4) Many article directories allow an author to change or
modify their resource box. If an article was submitted using
an account owned by a 3rd party distribution service, that
avenue will be closed.

Complete Control

For authors who want complete control of their branding,
either submit manually, or use article submission software.
You will receive more emails, but can always have a special
email address for this purpose. Googles Gmail service I find
is an excellent choice.
Article Announcer and Article Submitter Pro are two examples
of such software.

Limited Control

Use an automated submission service that ensures you are the
author. There are services that signup for members to
directories on your behalf, using a username and password of
your choice.
One such service is Article Marketer.

The Inconvenience

You will have to confirm your membership to many
distribution points, and some will continue to send emails
containing articles from other people. Yahoo groups normally
allow you to select a digest mode, or to not receive emailed
articles at all.
Most of this is a one time effort, although you will have to
be on the lookout for important messages on the email
account you use.

The Massive Gain

They are your articles, and you should gain maximum benefit
from them.

Using article distribution is much like a varient of
Pareto's 80/20 rule. You potentially gain 80% effective
results compared to manual distribution, for 20% of the

However if your method of article distribution doesn't give
you all the possible credit for your articles, rather than
80% effectiveness, you might only be getting 60% or less.

Managing your own article distribution with tools
such as Article Announcer or Article Submitter Pro gives you
complete control to achieve your 80/20 goals.
A service such as Article Marketer which gives you full
credit, and reasonable control, might be 70% effective, for
10% of the work.

Refining your processes, and only using the most effective
method where it benefits you the most, you can maximise your
return for the work invested.

I use a combination of service and software for my own

Andy Beard has worked in Sales, Marketing and Localization for the last 15 years, primarily in the computer games industry.
On his blog Exploring Niche Websites read his review of 3 killer article submission products

You have permission to redistribute this article providing the article title, body and resource box remain unchanged, and that where possible links are made live.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Submit Articles - 3 killer products (extended)

The Article Submission Showdown

If you have a niche website, either for your main online/offline business or to generate income from affiliate sales and pay per click advertising (Adsense), encouraging visitors to visit your website is an extremely high priority.

Whilst you can achieve this using your own pay per click advertising campaign, running your own affiliate program (letting others worry about it), or via offline advertising, it is always nice to get free organic traffic coming to your website.

Purists would claim that if you build enough compelling content, or provide a vital service, then customers will come natually. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful sources of traffic.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic comes from either search engines (such as Google or MSN), or links from other related websites/directories. Search Engine Optimization experts refer to on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization refers to your content, and the emphasis you place on keywords within each page of content you produce to make it relevant to the subject you are talking about, whilst also targetting the keywords most commonly used by people looking for information on that subject.

Off-page optimization is all about generating links to your site, pro-actively seeking linking partners, submitting press releases, using affiliate links that point to your own domain and providing content to others via syndication.

Syndication can happen naturally using RSS technology, but a slightly less technical method that anyone can use is to submit articles to article directories and ezines.

Submitting Articles

There are literally 100s of article directories. Some are more specialized than others, only accepting content on their core subjects. Some specialist sites even pay for high quality content (even if it contains a link to your website).


However submitting articles to directories can be a very painstaking task.

Recently there has been a massive surge in interest in articles as one of the most viable ways to gain backlinks from other sites, part of it stimulated by the very powerful launch of Article Announcer by Jason Potash.

Since the launch of Article Announcer, 2 more very affordable alternatives have been launched that are very worthwhile taking a look at. They are certainly not copy-cats. It takes a lot of time to develop server based or desktop solutions, and they are distinctly different.

What follows is a brief overview of all 3 products I believe are worth of your attention

Article Announcer

I am only going to cover Article Announcer briefly. I previous wrote about it when it was launched.

Ok it wasn't just launched, it was blasted into the internet marketing arena, and caused major shockwaves.

First of all with his Seducing the Search Engines Article

Then Jason provided hardcore research data with a shocking free report.

Then he provided followup information on a new blog, including audio interviews with his testers.

And finally Article Announcer itself was launched.

Article Announcer is a semi-automated solution, and also provides an in-depth training course featuring not only Jason Potash, but also one of the foremost experts on website traffic, John Reese.

The information is the key. If you want to make the utmost of your article distribution, there is no alternative to the Article Announcer package.

The price of Article Announcer, no matter how good value it is, certainly deters many from taking the plunge. It is a great investment, but many of us (including myself) have better things to invest our money on immediately, and have to make do with other solutions.

So enter the arena 2 great and totally different products.

Article Marketer

Article Marketer is a send and forget server based service. I was a very early adopter, and regular readers of my blog will have noticed and maybe clicked on some of the banners I have had for it.

It is an important distinction, because it does offer many advantages, the most important being:-

  • it only takes a few minutes to submit articles to 100s of directories and specialist newsgroups
  • you can schedule articles to be sent over a span of days or weeks
  • it is constantly updated - this is important because directories change, and it is an automatic solution
  • it is subscription based so you are guaranteed updates forever (or you stop paying)
  • if a new directory is added to their supported list, your articles are added automatically
They even offer a free service that is actually quite effective if you just want to give it a test.

I have been using their paid service for a few weeks now, and the results have been very good. My articles have been getting distribution, and I can see when I Google some of the backlinks, and massive references when I search by my article titles.
It is important to note that Google never shows all backlinks, and not every article directory gives you a live link. Most also don't allow you to submit articles with a HTML bio.

The negative side to Article Marketer until recently was that it didn't provide a record of the articles already submitted, and there was no provision to include HTML in the author bio for sites that allowed it.

Article Marketer are responsive to feedback from their customers however, and recently added an optional HTML resource box, and a submission history feature.

You still can't vary the anchor text, but as I said at the start, this system is different. It is not designed for perfectionists. It is more for fans of the 80/20 rule.

Another negative (for some) is that they don't submit to every top directory. I am actually happy with this, because the top directories are the ones you often want to take extreme care with, and allow you to edit articles at a later date, and "tweak" things. They also often allow multiple Author Names under a single account, and that would be hellish to implement.

Chris the owner is highly responsive to any feedback you give him that can be accomodated. They are however not trying to produce an online version of Article Announcer, there is only so much you can do with a fully automated process and keep it functioning and easily usable for the majority of customers.

Article Marketer is well worth giving a try, even if you just use it for a few articles when you are away on your holidays.

Article Submitter Pro

Just launched, Article Submitter Pro is a product I had the chance to beta test and I was very impressed.

They have taken the middle ground.

Article Submitter Pro, is a desktop application but has the backend technology to handle both automatic submission, and enhanced manual submission for directories that are not suitable for automatic processes.

It doesn't come with all the high quality educational materials provided with Article Announcer, but it is a real work-horse, doing the job exactly as advertised.

With Article Submitter Pro you get a superb piece of software that will save you days of painful manual submission, and you are only having to pay for the software.

I have had no problems communicating with the developers, and they have been highly responsive. As an example the first beta version was not Windows 98 compatible. For people like me dragging my feet regarding Windows XP, even though they might be running new computers, Windows 98 support is very important. Within hours of my email to the developers, they did some tweaking and I had a working product to test. This wasn't just a "bug fix" - many software developers will not support Win98 - this shows a willingness to jump through hoops for their customers that is becoming rare and should be supported.

Bio Rotation

Article Marketer doesn't provide it - I have questioned Chris regarding this when their service was first announced, and it is not a priority.

Article Announcer does provide it - I don't own a copy (total honesty) - I don't know how the interface for it works in Article Announcer, but Article Announcer is a system that is user interactive, you actually have to sit there visiting each site, it just speeds things up. I think you always get the option to modify anchor text before you tell it to submit, and you can always do small batches. I can't describe how the remainder of the interface works. There is no demo that I am aware of, and I haven't seen anyone do the sensible thing of making a video showing the process.

Article Submitter Pro stores Bio boxes seperately - you choose the article, bio and destinations, and then tell it to submit. (corrected) Article Submitter Pro automatically rotates bio boxes if you select more than one and are submitting to multiple directories.

My testing of Article Submitter Pro during the beta was a lot briefer than I would have liked. I had problems initially because of Win98, and then when I received a patch the next day I had to fly to the UK.
I tested it briefly there, 1 quick article (for an undeclared site) to a few directories. It was still a bit buggy.
There are improvements to be made, but the developers are responsive and have some good plans.

The Need for Changing Anchor Text

First of all most sites/lists still don't accept html, so it is not just the anchor text, but the page you send people to that has to be changed quite often.
Lots of different landing pages, for those sites seems to be overkill imho.

Many sites don't allow a different bio per article, they have one per author.

Notice that Jason in his Video shows article distribution, not actual backlinks for the article he published.
A site like Ezine articles publishes a feed that I am sure lots of sites use. Take a look in the feeds, they don't include your bio, they do include your title.

I have one of my articles just accepted there - it doesn't even include my name in the feed, let alone my bio.
"Keywords, Ranking, & Search Engine Optimization Fun"
Also the total references number is a little fictional - as an example Google currently shows 470 or so listings for the above article, that was first published using Article Marketer 3 weeks ago.

A few of those were actually submitted manually, and only at the start of this week was I able to get back to working on articles after my trip.
However 9 of those links are on one site, I am sure there are multiple duplicate references.

The gain in visible backlinks is minor.

But then again Article Marketer doesn't submit to all the majors, and also had a couple of problems that have since been fixed regarding bios. I know sites where my article was submitted without a bio, because they stopped using a bio box. I am trying to get that fixed on the sites it happened.

A manual program you would notice this (maybe) before hiting submit.
It comes down to 80/20

So which would I choose?

They are each fundamentally different.

I am an existing customer of Article Marketer, and will continue to use their service extensively.

I have already been using Article Submitter Pro during beta, and look on it as a must buy to handle the article directories I want to submit to "carefully" - those not handled by Article Marketer.

Article Announcer is a product I still can't afford - sometime down the line I will purchase it from my Adsense income to learn how I can improve my articles for maximum effect.

If you are just starting out, both Article Marketer and Article Submitter Pro are affordable solutions, and neither will be thrown away if you buy Article Announcer at a later date for the education materials.

If you already own Article Announcer, I can still see a massive reason to use Article Marketer, because the only way to use Article Announcer is sitting infront of your computer, no scheduling possible.

Even if you do own Article Announcer, it is worth taking a look at Article Submitter Pro. It is a different way of submitting, and you might find it more agreeable.

Article Marketer is the only solution that will automatically submit articles to new directories as soon as they appear, and I foresee many more article directories appearing soon.

(updated - added information regarding bios and anchor text, improved the clarity on new Article Marketer features)

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Link Popularity - Dave Ryan's Internet Marketing Blog

Dave Ryan is a guy I know over at The Internet Warriors Forum

I must admit I probably spend far too much time at the Internet Warriors Forum, but it is often like reading the very best ebooks all day long. You can learn so much and gradually become "known" by other people in this industry, which is great for joint ventures.
Be warned, it is adictive.

Anyway Dave made this post recently on his blog and I think it is a very good read.

<.:Dave Ryan's Internet Marketing Blog:.>:

"You're probably wondering what the blazes is popular about a link! Well, in a word - plenty!
Link popularity refers to the ranking assigned to your website by the search engines,
and it determines the ranking your page gets when keywords are entered into a search engine.
So, you're probably wondering, how do I make my link popular?"

Dave is giving very sound advice and even includes a few nuggets that you don't see even in some ebooks sold by top rated search engine optimization experts.

For further reading I would suggest Seo Made Easy, by Brad Callen.

I have learnt so much reading his book, I decided it was a must have for my Essential Niche Marketing Library. Don't worry you won't have to pay to download it, even though it is thought by many to be one of the best books available on this subject.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Niche Website Products Giveaway

This Niche Products promotion has quality written all over it.

It is actually the first I have ever taken part in, because up until now, I have not run my own mailing list. I decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to start a mailing list until I had.
  • Gained some reputation for being a good source of original content
  • Proven that I can create websites that make money
  • Help other to replicate my success.
I am launching my mailing list through Cody's Free Niche Products Giveaway.

I am giving away a few ebooks that are in my private library as "must read". I have spent the time browsing through my harddisk for the real gems I have read over the last few months. The material I have read multiple times, and has helped me the most.

The more people who sign up, the more exposure I will gain in Cody's site. The giveaways are certainly worth signing up for, and I am looking forward to downloading a few myself.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Greenzap, Google Authority Sites, and a little responsibility

Greenzap is a scam? you bet!

Whilst I have made up my own mind regarding this issue, as I have clearly stated in previous posts, I am deeply concerned.
Based on Alexa rating, promotion of Greenzap has been dying off, as Greenzap failed to deliver promised functionality, and lots of the people who were promoting discovered they were not going to make quite as much as they thought, most of it in worthless coupons.

On the Greenzap thread on, I saw people querying why there were 2 new sites suddenly being listed for a Greenzap search on Google.

I was very concerned about the first one, Family First, an authority site, PR7, been around for donkey's years and I recognised the company name that owned it. But I didn't realise why.
They didn't seem to have been doing due dilligence, and comments suggesting the author do a little due dilligence did not receive the kind of response you would expect from a "review site for families".

The next new site appearing is and I had a quick glance at a very similar scenario to Family First. Joel Comm = Infomedia Inc. = Family First and a load of other major portal sites. He is the Major of, and also owns and

Both new posts were made 19th July

Joel's opinion on his own site after reading comments:-

"Interesting.. I knew nothing about this, so it will be intriguing to see how it plays out. I have signed up and have several people who have done the same. Will anything come of it? remains to be seen..."

The post on Family First was by a guy called "Rich"

The post itself hasn't been researched as can clearly be seen by this excerpt.

"GreenZap can be used to purchase goods on eBay®, Yahoo Auctions, GreenZap Storez, and hundreds of other consumer-driven sales sites."
Greenzap storez haven't opened yet, and most of the claimed sellers on Ebay inflate prices by 30% before accepting 10% payment in Webcash. In fact lots of auctions on Ebay itself are just people promoting Greenzap.

Now it seems to me the 2 posts were co-ordinated. A decision was made to promote Greenzap.

Joel is in a position to influence 1000s of people. Families who trust his company to do reviews of sites, not just push marketing junk at them.

The description for Family First

The internet's leading site for family-friendly site reviews. Online since 1995, has reviewed thousands of sites and is a reliable source for parents, teachers and children.
Doesn't that suggest a credible source of information who value their subscribers and really research companies they promote?

Joel and his employees have been made aware of the potential problems, yet no official warnings have been placed on Family First, in fact no reaction to the comments at all. I have no idea what other promotion activities Joel has done, maybe to his mailing list (which must be massive).

It is my opinion, that people in a position to influence others should do more due dilligence.

I have had a couple of other otherwise very respectable internet marketeers promote Greenzap to me recently. I removed myself from their lists after sending them a warning email that received no reply. I won't mention names.

If you are on someones mailing list, and they send you a Greenzap promotion email, suggest to them they do some due dilligence. Most of those I have done this to in the past have thanked me and gained integrity by posting a follow-up warning. Read my earlier post regarding the .

I really thought Greenzap was just going to die off. If serious internet marketers start promoting them, Greenzap won't die, it will continue to grow until there is the worst implosion the internet has ever seen. Please think of the people you are going to hurt if you promote Greenzap.

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The Coolest Guy on the Planet Niche Website

The Coolest Guy on the Planet?

This started between a very small group of SEO experts. From what I can tell, it was just a small joke site between a few friends.
I saw a post on this on the Warrior forum, from Mike Filsaime explaining how he found out about it, and how he decided to join in on the fun in dramitic style. He now has 2 top level domains registered, and is trying to make a dent in the "wild claims" of these SEO experts.

Niche Website Hub

You might have noticed I used various subdomains of for my affiliate links. The domain is actually registered using Sitesell's NPI service "Name Park It", which costs me $10 per year, but is only available to users of SBI or Sitesell's 5 Pillar affiliates.

However I also have had registered. I have been wondering what to do with it exactly, because up until this point, this blog has been my primary route of communication.

So during today my brain was working overtime - taking part in this SEO Challenge could be a good form of publicity if it takes off - and I am sure it will, Mike never does things by halves. He made a forum post a dedicated website, and a blog post. Sometime in the future I am sure he will also point this Challenge out too his 100K+ subscribers, who will check search results. Now if my page is on the same page as Mike's in Google or other search engines, I will get traffic from "The Coolest Guy on the Planet".

So I am setting up as a central hub. I am going to have at least 4 blogs running on the site, covering things to do with making a Niche Website.

I have done a few things different on the first new blog I created especially for the contest. I actually have 1 blog with 2 RSS feeds. I am doing this because whilst human readers much prefer a nicely formatted RSS feed using Feedburner, and only need snippets of text, I also want my full content of that site distributed to the various RSS agregators, will all the links intact ;)
So the 2 feeds are set up as follows

The auto discovered feed is a plain feed containing complete posts.
The feed listed with the subscribe buttons is formated with "clear text"

It is possible that both feeds will end up circulating - hopefully that will give me double exposure from single posts, and that the extra formatting information will make each look unique. I haven't snipped the cleartext version, though I might in the future, it is an experiment.

On the new hub site I am still not using a CMS system. I am not even using a more professional blogging solution. I have switched to using a lot of PHP includes on the hosted sites, and will fiddle with my own templates to get something reasonable. I am certainly not going to win any prizes for elegance. Hopefully I will gain on raw functionality, flexibility, and long term, have something that is easily duplicated by others.

Niche Websites - Primary Theme

This blog is going to be primarily to do with the content sites I create, and how I do it. will have blogs covering SEO tools, Niche tools, and Niche Content, and well as "".

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Niche Website - SEO fuzzy feeling

Do you know when you feel real proud of achieving something? You want to share it with friends and family.

My problem is my wife knows nothing about SEO, so it kind of goes in one ear and out of the other.

So I am sharing it with my readers.

I monitor pageranks of a few sites with Digital Point's free service

So I just did a refresh of my rankings, and just got that fuzzy feeling.

For this niche website blog

Primary keywords
"niche website" MSN Rank 1 & 2
"niche websites" MSN Rank 1 & 2

For my "moles" niche site

Primary keyword
"mole trap" MSN Rank 1 & 2 (and my old site on atspace is still 8)

I only moved the site 1 week ago, and am adjusting pages slowly

My Keyword Position Report Blog

Primary keywords

"Keyword Position Report" MSN 1 Yahoo 1
"keyword Ranking Report" MSN 1 Yahoo 2

I still have huge room for improvement with both on-page and off-page optimization, and of course in creating valuable content for readers to make sites "sticky". Google position quite frankly is terrible, but hopefully the articles I am starting to publish will help.

One of the best parts about this job is when you see some success from your niche website.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

» 31 days to building a Better Blog: Blog Tips - ProBlogger

This post by Darren Rowse over at Pro-blogger came to my attention a little earlier today - I am always hungry for new tips.

» 31 days to building a Better Blog: Blog Tips - ProBlogger: "July 30, 2005 :: 12:27 PM :: Written by Darren Rowse
31 days to building a Better Blog

August is going to be a frenzy of Blog Tips here at

Starting Monday I’m going to turn up the ‘Blog Tips’ volume to 11 and am going to attempt to vomit onto you everything I know about how to make your blog better. Each post will be in a normal category but also in a new 31 days to building a better blog category also."

My contribution to the frenzy is

The Golden Keywords Teleclass
(requires Adobe Acrobat)

It teaches you 2 things

1. Before you start to blog, choose your niche, select your keywords (important for your categories and Technorati tags)
2. The power of free information in the form of viral ebooks to promote an idea, or in this case, a very good product (and affiliate program)

To see how important keywords are to your search engine rankings, take a look at this post, regarding a little fun SEO project I started.

I dearly hope this tip is more general than the gems Darren is bound to come up with, I am going to be paying close attention.

p.s. yes it did star in my last post, but it is a very worthwhile read

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Seos, gurus and niche website calm

Seos, gurus and niche website calm

Have you noticed how quiet your email box has been recently?

I am not talking about the usual spam like offers, or the corses you might have subscribed to. I am referring to the extreme lack of creative emails from the quality internet marketing experts who you know are making real money, not just faking it, to try to squeeze a few more dollars out of you.

It is becoming an epidemic. I think I have caught it too!

I can't help it, it is just irresistable.

Every time I sit down at my computer to write an article for this blog, to give my loyal readers some hardcore quality information that will help them with their online business, I get the urge... the urge to do something else... the urge to do something profitable that will bring cascades of golden coins flowing into my palms.

So what are all these experts doing with their free time?

What are they doing that is more important than sending you emails plying their (or more often someone elses) products, in the hope that from their 1000s of subscribers, they might achive a few sales, or even better a little residual income?

What I'm about to reveal to you will shock you.

In fact, you may end up feeling outraged.

But in the end, I promise you'll thank me for this.

You see, I've got a secret to share with you... a secret
top internet marketers don't want you to know.

Here's the story...

If you haven't yet realized, many top internet marketers
have been quietly "doing their own things" the past few

Lying real low.

Real low.

As if they've suddenly vanished from the face of this
earth... only to return occasionally to sell you a big and
expensive program or course - to make their big fat
commission checks.

Then they vanish into thin air yet again .

What have these top internet marketers
REALLY been up to?

The truth is, they have been secretly spending their time locating 'niche money holes' - researching and discovering tons of 'hidden' unexploited niches.

Niches that NO ONE else is targeting... profiting quietly from them.

And they've been using a 'special something' to help them achieve their mission.

I have changed my mind...
I am not going to tell you!

  1. You probably wouldn't believe me
  2. I would much rather be using this secret for my own purposes

But I am not going to leave you totally in the dark.

Jo Han Mok, the Top Internet Marketer/Copywriter has been investigating this strange phenomenon, and has tracked down the source.

The Mother Load

What Jo Han discovered might well bring the end to email marketing to the Internet Marketing masses forever. The experts are just too busy cranking out cash gushing niche websites for themselves to worry about what we read while eating our breakfast crunch this morning.

Find out more about this 'special something' right now

Special 24 page report
Jo Han Mok
Fabian Lim and Ivan Wong
Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Technology Officer
TheDowser Keyword Research Software

The Golden Keywords Teleclass
(Adobe Acrobat Required)

Now I have hinted at the power of this very special tool in my last post.
Ok, I more than hinted.
It is the most powerful weapon I own in my niche website building arsenal, and it allowed me to immediately penetrate one of the most highly competitive niches in existance. Search Engine Optimization itself.

Read my last report: Keywords, ranking and a little SEO fun

Now this is just a small example. A little bit of SEO fun, but it is all based around
  • Finding a profitable niche.
  • Exploiting that ncihe with highly targetted profitable keywords.
I haven't mentioned this before, but these guys are so confident in their product, no only do they provide a freely downloadable version of their great software (it is not time limited and it it extremely powerful and useful for a free version), BUT they also give a WHOLE YEAR unlimited guarantee/refund on your purchase of the professional version.

I am not going to waste any more time, I have 2 new niche sites researched that I want to launch. I you want to take a shortcut, and not waste time reading, just grab a free version of The Dowser and give it a try out.

Andy Beard

p.s. You just have to see the upgrades lined up which you get for free for the next year. The Dowser Professional is a complete business package, not just a throw away tool.
p.p.s. Even if you have absolutely no intention to invest in the best tool to grow your business, download the report. Fabian Lim and Ivan Wong are SEO Professionals. You will learn something!

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