Thursday, July 28, 2005

Keywords, ranking and a little SEO fun

I am a SEO newbie

I bought a great tool 11 days ago and it changed the way I look on web design.

The Dowser Professional

I have also read a lot about SEO over the last few months, and there are 2 huge schools of thought.

  1. The on-page optimization priority (traditional page construction, changing content often scripted, keyword optimization etc)
  2. The off-page optimization priority (linking, articles, anchor text for links, PR of linking sites, RSS etc)
The smart thing to do is both.

So I decided to do a little experiment and set myself a huge challenge

I wanted to get a good ranking on at least 1 search engine for a highly competitive term to prove how important keywords still were, as a pre-sale technique for The Dowser Professional.

So what would be almost impossible to target?

Terms relating to SEO and keywords! Attack the SEO experts on their own doorstep and have a little SEO fun.

So I took my new keyword research tool and aimed for the heart, "keyword".

Now it is important to note that whilst there are searches on the top 2 KEI related keywords, there are very few PPC campaigns.
It is important to look at depth of secondary keywords, and to ensure that we have a way to monetize some of this traffic.

You will see by this much larger screenshot that we have some fairly high paying secondary keywords that will naturally be integrated in the site.

The Keyword Position Report niche website (or blog) was born!

Results? You betcha!

Now this is an early report

The site was only listed in Yahoo within the last 24 hrs
The site is not yet listed in Google and MSN
The only backlinks come from this blog, and services pinged such as Weblogs, and Technorati.

I can't even benefit from submitting a Google Sitemap, because the site is hosted by Blogger (blogspot), but I hope Google have something on the backend, or visit automatically. It certainly hasn't prevented this blog from being visited, though it can take a few weeks for a first visit.

The first post was on Friday July 22nd - Today is Thursday July 28th = 6 days

Here are some results based on a few keywords in Yahoo

Keywords: "Keyword Position Report"

Yes that is a No1. Position on Yahoo within 6 days

Keywords: "Keyword Ranking Report"

No.5 position on Yahoo in 6 days

Keywords: "Keyword Ranking"

This one isn't so impressive, but then there is huge competition in the niche, I don't think I could have picked a harder one, it really is the SEO's home turf.

What is also important to realise is that this ranking might be short term. I know that Google often places new sites that it finds near the top of search results for a short while, and then when it has a chance to check linking etc normally buries a site very deep. I haven't heard of the same happening to Yahoo and MSN, but we will see how it works out over time.

Only time will tell whether I will actually gain some serious traffic from the keywords I am targetting, and get some monetization benefit from it.

I am commiting a Fatal Error

By writing about my results and these keywords that all the SEO experts seem to have overlooked, I am just asking for people to copy me, and create competing websites based upon the same keywords. If you tell people about the niche websites you are working on, you can just invite trouble.

My Keyword Ranking Report blog has been designed to help me pre-sell The Dowser. With The Dowser this is one of 1000s of potentially more profitable niche markets I will be creating websites for.

If you find this report useful:

Buy The Dowser Professional (there is a free trial available)
Please link to this report and to my Keyword Ranking Report blog

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