Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Greenzap is a scam - I am convinced

I am a hard person to persuade without hard facts.

I have not supported or accused them of being a scam up until this moment, because I had no proof. I was sitting on the fence. I did question their business model as unworkable, and waited for developments.

That is until I just received an email today that in an out and out lie, intended to encourage more people to sign-up for their gold membership.

The email received from Greenzap was entitled "ZapWeekly - Volume 1, Issue 1"

I am now going to quote part of it

GreenZap may have been made in the USA, but it's not a product solely being used in the USA. Over 13,000 GreenZappers from China have already signed up with GreenZap, while just under 10,000 Canadians have opened an account. Other interesting fast GreenFacts: Just about 500 people from the Russian Federation have gone Gold. Over 250 in both Thailand and Yugoslavia are Gold Members while 180 in India have done the same. Gold members can also be found in countries like Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. There are 14 GreenZap account holders in Yemen, 8 in Madagascar and 3 GreenZappers living it up in Zambia.

Now it gets interesting, I am going to quote the

Non-Approved Countries. Users residing in the following countries are prohibited from opening, using, or operating GreenZap accounts: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Russia. The non-approved countries list may change without notice.

How the hell can 500 people from Russia have gone gold if they are not allowed to operate a Greenzap account?

I am convinced that this is not a marketing slip. Greenzap can't have accepted gold members from Russia because it breaks their terms, and I doubt anyone from Russia could have sent them an international check by this time anyway, and for it to have been cleared.

As far as I am concerned Greenzap is making false statements by email, and now justifies the word scam. The situation has been debated for a log time on the Scam.com forum

If you copy the email code, or text from my blog, please provide a text link with the words "greenzap" or "greenzap scam"

The complete email has been moved to a backdated post on my blog. It was causing technical problems with the CSS nature of blogs, and the HTML of the email.

The can be found here