Thursday, July 28, 2005

Keywords, ranking and a little SEO fun

I am a SEO newbie

I bought a great tool 11 days ago and it changed the way I look on web design.

The Dowser Professional

I have also read a lot about SEO over the last few months, and there are 2 huge schools of thought.

  1. The on-page optimization priority (traditional page construction, changing content often scripted, keyword optimization etc)
  2. The off-page optimization priority (linking, articles, anchor text for links, PR of linking sites, RSS etc)
The smart thing to do is both.

So I decided to do a little experiment and set myself a huge challenge

I wanted to get a good ranking on at least 1 search engine for a highly competitive term to prove how important keywords still were, as a pre-sale technique for The Dowser Professional.

So what would be almost impossible to target?

Terms relating to SEO and keywords! Attack the SEO experts on their own doorstep and have a little SEO fun.

So I took my new keyword research tool and aimed for the heart, "keyword".

Now it is important to note that whilst there are searches on the top 2 KEI related keywords, there are very few PPC campaigns.
It is important to look at depth of secondary keywords, and to ensure that we have a way to monetize some of this traffic.

You will see by this much larger screenshot that we have some fairly high paying secondary keywords that will naturally be integrated in the site.

The Keyword Position Report niche website (or blog) was born!

Results? You betcha!

Now this is an early report

The site was only listed in Yahoo within the last 24 hrs
The site is not yet listed in Google and MSN
The only backlinks come from this blog, and services pinged such as Weblogs, and Technorati.

I can't even benefit from submitting a Google Sitemap, because the site is hosted by Blogger (blogspot), but I hope Google have something on the backend, or visit automatically. It certainly hasn't prevented this blog from being visited, though it can take a few weeks for a first visit.

The first post was on Friday July 22nd - Today is Thursday July 28th = 6 days

Here are some results based on a few keywords in Yahoo

Keywords: "Keyword Position Report"

Yes that is a No1. Position on Yahoo within 6 days

Keywords: "Keyword Ranking Report"

No.5 position on Yahoo in 6 days

Keywords: "Keyword Ranking"

This one isn't so impressive, but then there is huge competition in the niche, I don't think I could have picked a harder one, it really is the SEO's home turf.

What is also important to realise is that this ranking might be short term. I know that Google often places new sites that it finds near the top of search results for a short while, and then when it has a chance to check linking etc normally buries a site very deep. I haven't heard of the same happening to Yahoo and MSN, but we will see how it works out over time.

Only time will tell whether I will actually gain some serious traffic from the keywords I am targetting, and get some monetization benefit from it.

I am commiting a Fatal Error

By writing about my results and these keywords that all the SEO experts seem to have overlooked, I am just asking for people to copy me, and create competing websites based upon the same keywords. If you tell people about the niche websites you are working on, you can just invite trouble.

My Keyword Ranking Report blog has been designed to help me pre-sell The Dowser. With The Dowser this is one of 1000s of potentially more profitable niche markets I will be creating websites for.

If you find this report useful:

Buy The Dowser Professional (there is a free trial available)
Please link to this report and to my Keyword Ranking Report blog

Technorati Keywords

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Niche Website Tools - important

I have been very lazy on this blog for the last few days. I have a great new tool to play with and it is both increasing my productivity, and destroying my sleeping patterns.

The Dowser Professional has changed my keyword research in so many ways over the last 6 days, I don't really know where to begin.

On the first day I had it, I found an explosive niche with a KEI close to 3,000,000

That was just one of the KEIs based around a single keyword that generated 10+ results that are 1000+ and 20+ that are 400+.

How long did that research session take me? About 20 minutes!

Previously I have used Wordtracker, Overture, and various other hosted tools for my keyword research. With those tools you can build up a very effective keyword list, and make some money.


I had invested a number of hours researching my keywords for my Getting Rid of Ground Moles niche website.

But I had missed some, and I had totally ignored the signifiance of exactly how much traffic some keywords could bring in, compared to how different keywords would bring in more adsense revenue.

Thus you have to target both the high paying keywords and the high traffic keywords on the same page.

Now you would normally think that the high traffic keywords are going to also be the high payers. Not so!

I found that 4 of the top 7 paying keywords for my site actually get no search traffic whatsoever. I would never have found them using Wordtracker (at least the free version).

I will go into more details regarding The Dowser Professional in a few days, but I knew I had to mention it today because their pre-launch special offer price finishes in just a few hours.

Buying The Dowser Professional today will save you $30 and they are very supportive and honest.

You pay only $67

There is only currently 3hrs and 25 minutes left to buy the product at this price
Grab it while you can!

p.s. I honestly haven't made the most of The Dowser, I only had a couple of niche sites launched up until now, I have had the Dowser only 6 days, and I expect it to pay for itself this month.

Please hurry and order The Dowser Professional now, it has my strongest recommendation.

Getting Rid of Ground moles has now been moved from the free atspace server to a professional hosting account with it's own domain. It was making money on Atspace, but was getting no traffic from either Google (low ranking) and Yahoo (atspace seem to be banned). Yahoo results are not just used by the Yahoo portal , but by all the other service they own. This was a major problem.
The move was a major pain, I spent many hours trying to move the blog, and then decided to just start a new one.
I left the old site up and running, changed the content to direct traffic to the new site. Every link now points outwards, so for a while I will leave the sites interlinked until traffic dies off on the old site.
Traffic seems to be following the links to the new site, and is still consuming the original content. I haven't lost any revenue.

I have some more things to discuss in a couple of days, and will be officially announcing a new test niche site that even though I say so myself is insanely cheeky, and will prove the effectiveness of "The Dowser".

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Achieve your goals - Mindpower Fact or Fiction - all proceeds to cancer charity

I was just browsing one of my favorite Internet Marketing forums and saw this plea for help.

Ian has put together a very good mini-site / niche website, and is looking to improve his traffic. He doesn't want to make the website commercial. He is collecting donations for charity, in exchange for an book. I empathise with his sentiments and so came up with an idea to help him.

Bloggers are very much a community, a very powerful community when it comes to good causes. I thought this would be a great way of showing the power of the blogging community, used for a good cause.

All proceeds to cancer charity

The Warrior Forum - Help from experienced marketers, please: "Hi everyone,

I desperately need help.

I'm a 58 year-old academic and almost by definition no marketing whiz kid!

I wrote a book entitled Accelerated Goal Manifestation which received testimonials from Joe Vitale and a wonderful testimonial from Charles Burke.

Charles Burke was kind enough to post an article of mine (Goal Setting - The Facts Behind The Fiction) which had a tremendous success and people who acquired my AGM book as a consequence wrote to me from all over the globe to thank me. Some of the emails I received where so beautiful I felt very humbled indeed.

People can acquire my book via the PayPal donation facility (please see why at:

I have posted the article here as well but somehow it has not had the same result

The bottom line is this. I need help from you marketing folk.

I have heard all about RSS, Blogs, JVs, list building etc. etc. but due to my very limited knowledge I am totally lost as to what to do next.

Ian S.N. Randall is a Reiki Triple Master and healer. He has degrees in Education and
Psychology. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed 'Accelerated Goal Manifestation' which has changed the lives of people all over the globe and received glowing testimonials from such eminent figures as Dr. Joe Vitale and Charles Burke.

p.s. For any naysayers, you get a great book for whatever price you wish to pay, rather than Ian charging you $50, $70 or even $97 as some have suggested his book is worth.
p.p.s Better hurry before someone persuades him the only way to raise money is to charge $97 and use pay per click advertising

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Source Code Blowout - a rebrand package with a difference

This Promotion Will Almost certainly
13th-18 July 2005
(if the page is still up, the deal is still on)

The price has just gone up from $197 to $297

Promoting Source Code Blowout for the last few days has been very kind to me, it has ENABLED me, I will certainly be able to speed up my Internet Marketing career.

Thus I have been thinking of some way I can ENABLE OTHERS!


I will help you buy this amazing package for
less than the original price.

Now this doesn't involve any kind of hack, it is quite simple

Every single Payment I receive as an affiliate for this package,
I am going to decline.
(my Paypal is set up to receive GBP, and the affiliate program pays 50% - I have set my preferences to allow me to block all payments in USD, and I can just decline every payment)

You will effectively get the product for $297 and I will make sure you are rebated 50% of the purchase price within 24hrs (I can't automate it).

Yes there is a risk, you might not know me from Adam. I haven't been involved with Internet Marketing for very long, just 3 short months. In those 3 month I hope I have shown the kind of guy I am. I am already close to one of the Top20 posters on the Howto forums, I am always looking to help people. I do plug the odd product in sig files, but I always try to do it ethically, and with the intent to help a person requiring information. I always plug good free viral products over something that requires immediate payment.

So that is the deal, very simple, save money even on the price you would have paid just yesterday, and snap up one of the final copies.

Lets succeed together

Andy Beard

Grab Source Code Blowout

Just to make it totally clear

You will be charged $297 dollars
50% of that will be paid to me as an affiliate
That payment will be blocked by Paypal to me
I will decline the payment so you get 50% back

I will be constantly monitoring my email (but a man has to sleep too), but you will get the payment declined within 24hrs, guaranteed.

Now if you use a credit card rather than direct Paypal, please drop me an email - we will have to work out the best way to refund you, because I don't think it's possible to refund just half of a credit card payment. I would have to make a seperate payment after accepting the funds. The total value of that payment would be all the money I receive after Paypal standard charges. You would still get the package approx $45 cheaper than originally available.

There is a growing trend of successful internet marketeers:-

They are not selling products for you to use
They are not selling resale rights products
They are not selling master resale rights

What they are selling is rebranding rights.

But it it is a little bit more complicated than that.

Often there are severe restrictions placed on how you can use and sell your rebranded software.

Whilst the product will have your name on it often (but not always).

You get no support
You can't sell the resale rights
You can't sell any form of master rights
You can't set the price you want to sell the product at
You can't bundle the product in a "bundle" or offer it as a bonus
You can't include the product in a membership site, either free or paid
You are limited on where you can sell the products (no ebay etc)

Sometimes these restrictions make sense, they create product longevity.
Most of the time however they become overly restrictive, especially if you want to market the products through your own affiliate network at a later date.

Source Code Blowout is an exception!

The only serious restriction is that you can't bundle more than 3 of the products together as a package

That doesn't prevent you offering additional items as a "back-end" upsell
It doesn't restrict you selling the products on Ebay
If you want to sell the products through your affiliate network, you don't have to place stupid restrictions on them that do not apply to other products you sell.

So how good are the products within Source Code Blowout?

Article Site Builder - Automated site building software whilst remaining popular has in my opinion reached it's peak for premium priced sales. There is a huge amount of competition in this market for various services.
What is important to realise is that the medium and budget price points are an untapped market!
Based on the terms, you can sell this software for whatever price you like, $37 - no problem, $20 - yep that is a no-brainer for anyone new to the internet marketing arena.

Blog & Ping Automator - for a while, blog & ping has been "all the rage" - the ultimate way to get your website listed fast in search engines. There are reports of this being "over done" and that it is now less effective. Listings are not appearing like magic after just a few pages are blogged.
That doesn't mean that this strategy is useless. You will still gain loads of good reciprocal links, and lots of additional traffic, especially if you have multiple blogs.

Ad Tracker Pro - a truely exceptional product - it is not just a script for your own use, but a service you can provide others, whether it be your own affiliates, customers to your web-hosting, or as a unique service at a discount price.
Whilst the script itself is subject to the terms and conditions for bundling, there is nothing preventing you offering a free pro-tracking account as a bonus!

Affiliate Marketers Toolkit - these scripts seem of less value at first glance, but are extremely useful, especially when combined with the tracking script.

Free List Pro - Not a remarkable script in itself, but you have the source code for it, unlike other scripts you might license. This gives you the huge potential to differentiate and create a truely unique script or service. It is a nice bonus.

Google Adsense Empire - Adsense is big - it is going to get bigger as more and more people realise how easy it is to make content based websites and want an effective monetization method. You get the chance to rebrand this book and use the content any way you like. This book has great email list building potenial, and you could overload it with viral marketing links to both your own and other people's products.

The Blog & Ping Tutorial - a great addition to the Blog & Ping Automator. Compare it to and you can see it is extraordinary value. Bundling this with the Blog & Ping Automator, or offering the automator as an upsell to this are 2 great ways to maximise sales.

Becoming a Master Affiliate Marketeer - this is another ebook with huge potential. Just like the Google Adsense ebook, there are huge opportunities when you have no limit on how you can use the material, especially with viral marketing and some great upsell products.

Healthy Computing - I can see this book being a huge hit with large corporations to include on their intranet sites for a one-time license fee.

The Movable Type Video Tutorial - with more and more people blogging daily, this tutorial is going to be a good seller, though I might have preferred it to be based around Wordpress.

There is so much flexibility in all of these products

  • Each has very good sales potential in its own right
  • You have great bundling options
  • Some of the products allow you to offer a service for upsell and list-building

But even more importantly

  • They can be localised in any language
  • You could publish the in multiple unique ways, as content, on an intranet, or even offline in a printed book
  • The program code can not just be rebranded, it can be enhanced and tweaked to offer a truely unique service

  • You can sell them at whatever price you like
  • They can be sold whereever you like
  • You have true master rights with only 1 restriction (no more than 3 bundled together)
Just wait until you see the UPSELL for Source Code Blowout - even better value!

Obviously I am not going to share with you all of my own plans, what I have detailed above are just the tip of the iceburg.

Source Code Blowout is certainly one of the best products I have seen this year, and your earnings from it would only be limited by your own imagination.

Source Code Blowout offers great value, even if you never sell a single item.

p.s. Numbers of this product are limited to 500 copies, and close to half have already been sold. This is not an opportunity you want to miss.
p.p.s Imagine how fast people would snap these up sold individually on the same page for $10 each, or $30 with master rights (that isn't bundling them!)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Greenzap - growing concern

I have received a very disturbing comment on my previous Greenzap post from Carol, who is understandably very concerned.

: "I listed 2 bank accts. when I signed up for greenzap. Today june 30, I received emails stateing they were taking $100 from each acct. to up grade me to GOLD. These were seperate emails. I did authorize them to take the $100 from one of the accts. but certainly NOT both. And this was before I even thought of this being a scam. I had used their logo on my ebay selling site and someone, a potential customer saw it and emailed me this link, as she too, went gold, and now believes its a scam. Is there any way to get in touch with greenzap other than email? they will NOT answer any of my emails.
Concerned over them taking double the amt. of money to go gold more than anything else.
carol | 06.30.05 - 11:00 am | #"

Email responces from Greenzap are rare - almost 1 month ago I requested information (using their contact form) on when it would be possible to have a "buy now" button for normal merchants (those that sell on Ebay), rather than those who wanted to be "Greenzap Preferred Merchants", those that would be included on Greenzaps own store.

Every payment processor has freely available information on how to set up "buy now" buttons, well other than Greenzap.

I still haven't received a response...

The only way I have heard of people making successful contact with Greenzap is when you make a "big noise" on one of the pro-greenzap sites run by their official liasons. This often results in you being given direct phone numbers to either a liason who will help you, or one of the top management.

If you take this opportunity, whilst it sickens me that this is the only way to get support, I would be careful about giving additional contact details. I have seen reports of strange phone calls.

One such site , run by a Greenzap liason. Be warned, even constructive criticism gets moderate/deleted.

Currently the Greenzap site is offline, with the company claiming they are using this time to do all the accounting for the rewards system before going live.

It will be interesting seeing how they are going to deal with the 1000s of teenagers who signed up and promoted the system, the 500 Russians who supposedly went "gold" who were not allowed to use the system and little details such as who they are banking with, who their board of directors is etc.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Niche website update - Getting Rid of Ground Moles

I thought it was time for a little update on my

I had some major problems with the site for the last 2 weeks, and finally tracked it down.

As you might remember, the site is being hosted by Atspace, a free hosting company.

For some reason my site was actually down for 2 weeks, and I couldn't work out why it wasn't working, after all a few of the other sites on the same Atspace account (yes I have more than one ;) ) were working fine.

I have finally worked out the problem, Atspace were having problems with phishing connected with Yahoo and Aol, maybe just to do with images from those locations, but they refuse to go into exact details. Anyway, they are blocking, among other thing, some references to both Yahoo and Aol, mainly images. I had a link button from Yahoo "Add to my Yahoo" on the site for the RSS feed of the email subscription.

While fixing it, I decided to do a major overhall.

My keyword density was far too high, and from the data I saw, those who visited the site rarely stayed for more than a glance at the first page.

This is a content site, I don't want to scare people away or "squeeze them", I want to draw them in.

Gone are the requestor popups (you know the ones you click that auto-fire Outlook express to subscribe to an email list)
Gone is most of the "sales speak" from the front page

I have added a nice "suggestion" for people to work their way down the menu progressively. I hope it works a little as a multi-step pre-sell, but who knows, most of the gurus really concentrate on single page sites, or maybe with an upsell.
Alternatively they do massive content sites.

Part of my content is "research links" which I will actually be expanding in a number of directions.

Over time I will develop my own content, and gradually phase the research links into the background.

I have now added a blog, this time "remote hosted", so I can add pictures easily, and it shares traffic with the main site. This is going to allow me to add a lot of content very fast whilst I am researching, and then it can be compiled at a later date in the main site. Blogger is an insanely fast research tool.

So how are we doing in the search engines?

Well Google droped most of the site due to downtime - hopefully sitemaps will get it back in fast.

MSN the site is currently no.2 on "ground moles"
MSN 3rd site listed on "get rid of moles" (of those that refer to the animal and not skin, actually 8th listing from 5 sites.

Yahoo, also dropped out, but the new blog should work wonders there

Now ideally I would like to get the site to No1 on the search term "mole" on Google.

I have some ideas for some totally unique articles to help, and most importantly some expanded content to add to my main site to go with it, and it is all Public Domain .gov stuff !

Give me 6 months ;)