Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Submit Articles like never before

Submit Articles like never before

Don't you just love emails headed "Confidential Information for Affiliates"

I have just received one from Chris Ellington, owner of Article Marketer

Now I keep my ear pretty close to the ground. I have picked up on a few of the developments coming down the pipeline just by being observant, and asking a couple of questions.

The contents of the email I just received

Blew Me Away!

Yes that is an overused expression. I have seen it used on so many sub par resale rights and private label products recently, the true meaning is starting to fade into the background.

Imagine you have a dog

You tell it to sit down infront of you for a reward, an huge juicy bone!

You place the bone infront of the dog, and tell it not to touch the bone.

So the dog is sitting there, mouth drooling, whining, sniffing... maybe it even barks or yaps a few times.

If it is well trained it won't touch the bone, but if you just ignore it for 10 minutes, there are very few dogs that would keep totally quiet, not a sound, waiting for instructions to be allowed to eat the bone.

This is something I know from experience. I am not a dog trainer, but I can get my little old Dachshund to sit infront of a food bowl (full) for up to 10 minutes, not silently, but I can go into another room.

It is like that with Article Marketer, right now, for me

I am sitting here writing this and I am shaking

I am quivering!

The power features that are soon going to be available will take article publishing to a new level.

But I can't reveal the secrets. I am sworn to confidentiality.

Chris is only revealing the secrets to affiliates, who get to read about them as soon as they log into their affiliate section on Article Marketer.

So here is a compromise ;)

Sign up as an affiliate now
Nothing is going to compare

p.s signing up as an affiliate is totally free and without obligation. The affiliate program is well worth joining. This is a high quality service, that is just getting better and better. The future of article distribution is defined by Artcile Marketer. Nothing else comes close.

Sign up as an affiliate now with Article Marketer

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