Friday, September 02, 2005

Rapid Keyword

I am doing some research into additional keyword research tools and thought I would include a few here...

First up is Rapid Keyword!

Keyword Brainstorming Tools:

Built-in Overture Keyword Suggestion tool
Meta Tag Parser, finds already carefully researched keywords in web pages
Find potential keywords on hundreds of relevant webpages
Powerful typo generator based on 7 different typo formulas

Research Competition:

Quickly find out how many ads are running on Adwords for your keywords
Research Competition on Overture and FindWhat
Know how popular your keywords are

Manage Keywords Lists:
Merge and Split- Eliminate duplicates
Quickly Wrap your keywords for desired match type
Combine word lists for possible keywords
Filter out keywords that contain undesired words
Remove a list of keywords from your master keyword list

offer a free trial version

Technorati Keywords
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keyword analyzer

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