Thursday, September 15, 2005

Article submission - massive growing feature set

Article submission - massive growing feature set

Article submission is definately one of the best ways to promote any site, not just because of the benfit of growing a massive amount of targetted backlinks on highly regarded websites, but also because they in themselves bring in traffic. People do read articles, and do follow the links which you include in your resource box. This is especially important for a niche website.

As I have discussed before in my Submit articles - 3 killer products review, efficient article distribution is very important. If it takes more time to distribute your article than it took you to write it in the first place, you would be better spending the time writing another article than manually logging into article distribution sites.

What I also pointed out in a follow-on article, publishing articles in your own name is essential for branding. If you are serious about internet marketing, articles should always be submitted to article directories in the name you are trying to brand, whether that is your own, or your penname. Not all article submission services offer this ability.

As I have mentioned previously, I have had great support from the owners of the 2 article submission product I highly recommend, Article Marketer and Article Submitter Pro.

They are different products, aimed at different user or different uses (yes it is worth using both), as I described in my review.

New features coming soon

Both Article Marketer and Article Submitter Pro are in serious active development, based on feedback from users. Unfortunately my hands are a little bit tied as to what I can reveal will be available soon on both products.

Article Marketer - article submission service

There are some major changes coming, that will broaden the distribution of articles by this excellent service. I stumbled upon this when they were testing something ;)
Also expect a lot more control in the future.

I just love the way I can submit articles while I sleep with Article Marketer, and when I go on holiday, they keep working, even submitting my previously submitted articles to all the new directories that are being brought online.

If you are an affiliate, they are a great program to promote. Lifetime recurring payments are extremely attractive. They have a 2-tier affiliate program paying 50% & 5% controlled by what I believe is one of the best affiliate program scripts.

The Free article submission system is extremely effective, and you will absolutely love the upsell (it is almost impossible to resist)

Article Submitter Pro - article submission software

As I have mentioned previously, Ken and Hubert who are the powerhouse behind Article Submitter Pro are extremely pro-active. They have even popped by this humble blog to help out one of their new customers in distress.

I have exchanged emails with them frequently, and they are always looking to help me, and their other customers.
Ken wrote me an email yesterday with an update of what is to come for owners of Article Submitter Pro. Rather than reword it, I will let you have it, "from the horses mouth".

Hubert just informed me that the next update is going to be something
special once again.

This past update brought us the DIY tab which it seems everyone loves. And
well they should because the DIY tab came about due to many user requests for

The next update will come about pretty much in the same way.

People wanted to be able to add as many author names and email addresses as
they'd like and so, once the user is done with the Set Up screen and has Article
Submitter Proregistered, the Set Up button is replaced by the Author Button. The
Author button will allow for different names, email address, and website URLs
which can be chosen along with the article selection. So this will allow for an
infinite number of variations to any given article submission.

Also, there will be a new set of icons on the main screen for back up and
restore. When a new registration happens, the info will be automatically backed
up, so in case of a glitch, a click on the restore button will bring the program
back to its registered state. Then the user will be able to back up all their
input after they set their first article in the system.

With the next update, hopefully the title rotations will be in place as

So there's a lot of good promotional items to talk about in your next

I think after this update, Article Submitter Pro will become the most universal article submission software on the market.

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