Saturday, August 06, 2005

Greenzap, Google Authority Sites, and a little responsibility

Greenzap is a scam? you bet!

Whilst I have made up my own mind regarding this issue, as I have clearly stated in previous posts, I am deeply concerned.
Based on Alexa rating, promotion of Greenzap has been dying off, as Greenzap failed to deliver promised functionality, and lots of the people who were promoting discovered they were not going to make quite as much as they thought, most of it in worthless coupons.

On the Greenzap thread on, I saw people querying why there were 2 new sites suddenly being listed for a Greenzap search on Google.

I was very concerned about the first one, Family First, an authority site, PR7, been around for donkey's years and I recognised the company name that owned it. But I didn't realise why.
They didn't seem to have been doing due dilligence, and comments suggesting the author do a little due dilligence did not receive the kind of response you would expect from a "review site for families".

The next new site appearing is and I had a quick glance at a very similar scenario to Family First. Joel Comm = Infomedia Inc. = Family First and a load of other major portal sites. He is the Major of, and also owns and

Both new posts were made 19th July

Joel's opinion on his own site after reading comments:-

"Interesting.. I knew nothing about this, so it will be intriguing to see how it plays out. I have signed up and have several people who have done the same. Will anything come of it? remains to be seen..."

The post on Family First was by a guy called "Rich"

The post itself hasn't been researched as can clearly be seen by this excerpt.

"GreenZap can be used to purchase goods on eBay®, Yahoo Auctions, GreenZap Storez, and hundreds of other consumer-driven sales sites."
Greenzap storez haven't opened yet, and most of the claimed sellers on Ebay inflate prices by 30% before accepting 10% payment in Webcash. In fact lots of auctions on Ebay itself are just people promoting Greenzap.

Now it seems to me the 2 posts were co-ordinated. A decision was made to promote Greenzap.

Joel is in a position to influence 1000s of people. Families who trust his company to do reviews of sites, not just push marketing junk at them.

The description for Family First

The internet's leading site for family-friendly site reviews. Online since 1995, has reviewed thousands of sites and is a reliable source for parents, teachers and children.
Doesn't that suggest a credible source of information who value their subscribers and really research companies they promote?

Joel and his employees have been made aware of the potential problems, yet no official warnings have been placed on Family First, in fact no reaction to the comments at all. I have no idea what other promotion activities Joel has done, maybe to his mailing list (which must be massive).

It is my opinion, that people in a position to influence others should do more due dilligence.

I have had a couple of other otherwise very respectable internet marketeers promote Greenzap to me recently. I removed myself from their lists after sending them a warning email that received no reply. I won't mention names.

If you are on someones mailing list, and they send you a Greenzap promotion email, suggest to them they do some due dilligence. Most of those I have done this to in the past have thanked me and gained integrity by posting a follow-up warning. Read my earlier post regarding the .

I really thought Greenzap was just going to die off. If serious internet marketers start promoting them, Greenzap won't die, it will continue to grow until there is the worst implosion the internet has ever seen. Please think of the people you are going to hurt if you promote Greenzap.

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