Monday, August 01, 2005

» 31 days to building a Better Blog: Blog Tips - ProBlogger

This post by Darren Rowse over at Pro-blogger came to my attention a little earlier today - I am always hungry for new tips.

» 31 days to building a Better Blog: Blog Tips - ProBlogger: "July 30, 2005 :: 12:27 PM :: Written by Darren Rowse
31 days to building a Better Blog

August is going to be a frenzy of Blog Tips here at

Starting Monday I’m going to turn up the ‘Blog Tips’ volume to 11 and am going to attempt to vomit onto you everything I know about how to make your blog better. Each post will be in a normal category but also in a new 31 days to building a better blog category also."

My contribution to the frenzy is

The Golden Keywords Teleclass
(requires Adobe Acrobat)

It teaches you 2 things

1. Before you start to blog, choose your niche, select your keywords (important for your categories and Technorati tags)
2. The power of free information in the form of viral ebooks to promote an idea, or in this case, a very good product (and affiliate program)

To see how important keywords are to your search engine rankings, take a look at this post, regarding a little fun SEO project I started.

I dearly hope this tip is more general than the gems Darren is bound to come up with, I am going to be paying close attention.

p.s. yes it did star in my last post, but it is a very worthwhile read

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