Saturday, July 02, 2005

Greenzap - growing concern

I have received a very disturbing comment on my previous Greenzap post from Carol, who is understandably very concerned.

: "I listed 2 bank accts. when I signed up for greenzap. Today june 30, I received emails stateing they were taking $100 from each acct. to up grade me to GOLD. These were seperate emails. I did authorize them to take the $100 from one of the accts. but certainly NOT both. And this was before I even thought of this being a scam. I had used their logo on my ebay selling site and someone, a potential customer saw it and emailed me this link, as she too, went gold, and now believes its a scam. Is there any way to get in touch with greenzap other than email? they will NOT answer any of my emails.
Concerned over them taking double the amt. of money to go gold more than anything else.
carol | 06.30.05 - 11:00 am | #"

Email responces from Greenzap are rare - almost 1 month ago I requested information (using their contact form) on when it would be possible to have a "buy now" button for normal merchants (those that sell on Ebay), rather than those who wanted to be "Greenzap Preferred Merchants", those that would be included on Greenzaps own store.

Every payment processor has freely available information on how to set up "buy now" buttons, well other than Greenzap.

I still haven't received a response...

The only way I have heard of people making successful contact with Greenzap is when you make a "big noise" on one of the pro-greenzap sites run by their official liasons. This often results in you being given direct phone numbers to either a liason who will help you, or one of the top management.

If you take this opportunity, whilst it sickens me that this is the only way to get support, I would be careful about giving additional contact details. I have seen reports of strange phone calls.

One such site , run by a Greenzap liason. Be warned, even constructive criticism gets moderate/deleted.

Currently the Greenzap site is offline, with the company claiming they are using this time to do all the accounting for the rewards system before going live.

It will be interesting seeing how they are going to deal with the 1000s of teenagers who signed up and promoted the system, the 500 Russians who supposedly went "gold" who were not allowed to use the system and little details such as who they are banking with, who their board of directors is etc.