Saturday, June 11, 2005

EN101 & Juvio - one is hot, the other is rot

Since I made this post I have left the Mach 90 and Juvio programs
Read my follow up post to find out why

EN101 is an MLM distributed language learning program

It is being heavily promoted by at least one income opportunity program.

Now here is some background before I give you an opinion.

For a number of years I worked for a company called Techland in Poland, handling all their International Business Development. That involved sales of products to publishers worldwide, marketing worldwide, and aquisition of titles to localise and publish on the Polish market.
At an early stage in my time with Techland, it was decided to concentrate on products with a long shelf-life. No titles that would be 2 week wonders. That policy also had an influence on Techland's product development, and they introduced a product called "English Translator", which was a "machine translation" tool for automatically translating between English and Polish. The software was a massive hit on the Polish market, and I believe last year the 3rd generation product earned a "Software Product of the Year" award from one of the top magazines.
Anyway, around the time we published the first edition of this software, and saw some good results, we also decided to look at language learning. The market in Poland was at that time dominated by a Polish developer called Young Digital Poland.
We didn't have time to develop our own title, we had our development studios working flat out on other projects. Thus my task was to find the best language learning title published worldwide, and then haggle for weeks or months until I could get a purchase price low enough to compete with the products offered by Young Digital Poland, and other competitors.
I spent months with my wife helping me (she is a native Pole, a linguist and a teacher) testing almost every language learning product that was on the market.
I think in total we tested titles from about 15 publishers, and each had a multiple CD-ROM offering.

We ended up selecting products from the TellMeMore range developed by Auralog, and it took me a few more months to get to the stage of signing a contract with them, but we got the price we wanted, and they got a serious partner on the Polish market.

Thus I feel I am qualified to give you an opinion regarding the English 101 product range.

Now I haven't seen the full product. I went to their website and saw their demo modules.

Based on what I saw, English 101 is the worst language learning product out of any that I have ever seen. It is just snippets of poorly recorded audio combined with a few pictures. I am sure in later modules they move onto more complex grammatical construction, but I have no doubt that the quality will not improve.

They charge a lot of money for this abismal quality product. Yes it is cheaper than a full professional version of the latest Auralog products sold in the UK and US markets, but it actually costs more than the price TellMeMore retails for in Poland.
It doesn't, in my opinion, even compare to the cheapest products available on the market, or in fact to many high quality language courses available for free on the internet.

English 101 is portrayed as a great innovative product, and that people can earn huge amounts of money selling it. They miss out on one key fundamental of any multi-level marketing product.

The product has to be good
In fact the product should be
Best in Class

English 101 is the Worst in Class I have seen

If you are looking for a serious income opportunity that also has a very good marketing system, there are plenty of options that also will give you a best in class product to sell. Something you can recommend to people without feeling you are embarased about it, something that you have pride representing.

Juvio provide 24/7/365 computer technical support products.

Now I know something about providing computer technical support, not to businesses, but to everyday home users.
I still belong to a computer club in the UK called ICPUG. They have been around in the UK since the days of the Commodore Pet. I don't attend their meetings very often now, they are 1000 miles away, but my father who used to be their membership secretary still attends on a regular basis.
Now every weeked a small group of the most dedicated ICPUG "experts" pack up their computers and go to local computer fairs held in schools and villiage halls and run a free technical support service for the people attending the fairs. Most of them are true experts earning top salaries as consultants to many of the major ISPs in the UK, own their own web businesses, or are sales consultants with major hardware manufacturers. It is all done for the love of helping people with their problems, because these people have nowhere else to go for impartial advise and technical support they trust and can afford (because it is free).

Sometimes people would actually wait a month or more, without their computer working, to bring it into the ICPUG "clinic" for the experts to take a look at.
Home users need a high quality technical support service that is affordable, and accessible.

This is where Juvio comes in, and provides 24/7/365 support for a reasonable fee. It is not a cheap service, and may not be for everyone, but it is affordable.

Now it is marketed as an MLM. But that is ok...

Juvio is a high quality product
Maybe Best of Breed in its price range.

The income possibility with Juvio is more realistic than any MLM I have seen, because you don't have to shift huge amounts of product individually. It is a team effort.

Now I have opted to sell Juvio products through a 3rd party company called Mach90. I have found it to be the most powerful direct sales system I have ever encountered.

I have prepared a small website, you could technically call it a pre-squeeze page, as I leave the lead capture to the Mach90 squeeze page that you can access from my page. I don't want any spam complaints, and I feel my honest look at why I signed up might be of value.

I actually found signing up to Mach90 to be a huge learning experience. in 15 years of sales and marketing I hadn't encountered anything close to this system in raw conversion power

My Mach90 Pre-squeeze page

Even if you are not interested in the opportunity, my advise would be just to sign up anyway, to experience the power of the sales process. There other "power-line" systems designed for Juvio products, but they are neither as user friendly, nor as pursuasive. For example Mach90 includes friendly options to allow a user to receive either daily or weekly updates about their potential business.
It blows away all conventional autoresponders