Saturday, June 25, 2005

Why I cancelled our Mach90 and sadly Juvio account

I have learnt an aweful lot over the 3 weeks I have been involved with and - I have absolutely no complaints regarding Juvio. I love the idea of the Juvio computer technical support products, and their customer support has been exceptional.

I have severe problems with both the Mach90 system and the lack of response to my problems from their support department.

I don't find 11 days to receive a reply to my first support query acceptable, and I am still waiting for a reply to my second, and for 2 forum posts to be show, much less responded to (they censor the forums) - it is now 12 days since I send the second email and made the forum posts - they were constructive criticism.

It has cost them someone who was willing to promote their product full time, in both the UK (where I have exceptional contacts within computer clubs who provide support), and Poland (where I have been a pioneer in the computer software industry for 12 years) - I am an expat.

My primary route to marketing was to be via the internet due to being located in a rural corner of Poland, thus I needed something like Mach90 to help me automate the process. I was fully aware that I would have to find my own leads.

I don't have time to develop my own system that is fully Juvio compliant and at the same time sell the product based on features and the benefits it gives (which are significant). There is honestly too much work involved starting from scratch with limited resources.

The Mach 90 service, and from what I have seen of 1.67 a day it is the same, do not meet those requirements. Some of the problems I found would have been fixable had I received prompt service from Mach90. Others such as the method of selling give a slightly false impression if you don't carry out extensive additional research. They don't lie, but they don't tell the whole truth, especially of you don't read every single email they send you.
The selling method works, but not the way it should do - after 6 weeks of receiving their email I didn't actually understand exactly how the system works.

The Mach90 changes needed were mainly to the content of the emails, and a little to the website - the 1.67 a day system, from what I saw had slightly less content problems (they conform better to Juvio rules in the emails), but has features missing such as daily or weekly digest mode, and the website was poor on information. Due to my location, I wasn't able to test the 3rd option "Referralware".

I have no idea whether the 1.67 a day system provides good support, or what the member features are like within the system. I have certainly not seen any additional content sent to me from my sponsor.

When I have the resources, I might return to promoting Juvio as a secondary stream of income, because Juvio have exceptional products, and if you have the time and are located within a community that can directly benefit from it, or have existing traffic source you can exploit, I am convinced you can do very well with it.
To give you an idea about the type of company Juvio is, before a recent conference call I logged into their chat room 30 minutes early and was able to discuss my problems with their CEO for a time in private. He gave me his email, and I could have addressed my complaints directly to him for Juvio to "take care of". I didn't use this opportunity. I wanted to give Mach90 a little more time. They did finally reply to one of my emails (after 11 days). I have given them a few more days since I replied to that lackluster and unhelpful first response, but to no avail. Their poor support was not due to a temporary emergency that they had then cured. It is indemic.

Another example of Juvio's good support was that they actually phoned me twice to make sure that a support ticket I had raised with them had been taked care of in a satisfactory manner. That is an International call - USA to Poland. I have absolutely no gripe with Juvio.

I suppose I can't shake my British roots and grammar school education

I needed an ethical conversion system (my ethics, not someone elses - different sales people have different views on how much you need to tell a customer, all perfectly legal) that works that I could use via the internet, and neither Mach90 nor 1.67 a day meet that need.

I am also posting this review/article on my blog and to the Juviopond Yahoo group

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