Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stomper Network - getting the right customers

I am sure I am not the only one taking an interest in the Stomper Network

Andy and Brad have certainly done their homework, maybe influenced by The Product Launch Formula.

I noticed today in the comments someone asking how you ensure that the people who join a training program that has been marketted as successfully as The Stomper Network has, are the ones you really want in such a community project.

The Stomper Network will largely rely (at least I think it will), on its members taking action, collectively. The last of 5 key elements is likely to be announced tomorrow, and I assume it is some tool / script that will help the members in some way, possibly with linking.

Stompernet will no doubt be limiting its membership, and if half the membership is sold to big corporates, who are there mainly to absorb information, and not participate in community schemes like linking, then the service will be less valuable for the remaining members.

One good method for pre-filtering memberships is to have some form of indepth questionaire for all applicants, and retaining the right to refuse membership if in the best interests of other customers.