Saturday, September 23, 2006

Article Marketing - Article Marketer price increases

I have used Article Marketer for over 1 year, and they have kept their prices the same throughout. They have fulfilled their promise to improve the features of the service.

Article marketing is a great way to promote any niche website.

At a rough estimate they now submit directly to more than 10 times as many websites compared to 1 year ago.

As to happy customers, I am certainly happy, but I can also see how happy people are from the healthy state of my affiliate income.

Recurring monthly income has actually been increasing, even though I haven't been doing much active promotion of the service for the last 9 months, and I am also seeing a lot of renewals for 1 year subscriptions.

Obviously there are going to be some dropouts, but the majority of people who subscribed to Article Marketer 1 year ago, are still members.

Another indication of the quality of the serice is how many people once they have used it, decide to also promote it as an affiliate, despite the fact they could make more money from a single sale promoting more expensive services or maybe a more expensive software solution.
I currently have more than 100 sub-affiliates.

On Tuesday 26th September prices for Article Marketer are going to be going up for new subscribers. It is more than overdue, and the service will still be better value than any other quality article submission service.

Do yourself a favour (yep British spelling), and lock in a subscription to Article Marketer before the price increases take effect.

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