Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Portal Feeder - Web Interface

I am giving up with the web interface.

Now regular readers of this blog, and some of my posts on forums might understand that quite frequently I can be quite harsh describing products I am absolutely delighted to own, such as Blog Auto Publisher.

I have mentioned a couple of times that Blog Auto Publisher has a very Windows 95 feel to the interface, it can be a bit clunky, but it has a huge amount of potential power.

Well certainly the web interface of Portal Feeder is "not there yet". In fact some aspects of it might need to be totally reworked.

As an example there is all kinds of styling information within the process that in my opinion just shouldn't be there, and might not even be suitable for all templates.

I would like to confirm that the sites discovered certainly seem to be Portal Feeder sites, so if you want to go searching for some to take a look, go back a few posts and you will find what to look for... if they are still up.

BUT.. yes it is a big but!

It is very easy to just change that filename. It is not hard encoded, it is just an example of one of the types of pages you can create.

The system could... and should have the ability to have an unlimited number of templates per site, but it doesn't. You could however easily use the available slots for slightly different purposes to how they are currently used.

I actually have a "junk site" being created now. With the web interface I had a huge problem refining my article selections, so this site is going to be... big

Also for some reason the drip interface wasn't working on the web interface. It seems to have some useful options.

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