Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Portal Feeder vs ...

I just lost a very long post, going into extreme detail the differences between Article Miner and Portal Feeder.

I am not going to do it so long this time...

Article Miner has more useful tags, and you can define the size of snippets and the layout. Portal Feeder hasn't/can't, but has a couple of features that balance this out.

The RSS component of Portal Feeder could be achieved with Carp.

Portal feeder has the edge on feeding.

There is an aweful lot I haven't seen yet (like the client) - it is taking me ages to transfer 40 GB of data from one HD to another so I can reformat the drive (I don't want XP on FAT32)

Portal Feeder is a powerful tool, but then are many free scripts.

Everything works, it all depends on how you use a tool, not just the technology.

If you add Blog Auto Publisher to Article Miner using Wordpress... hmm in most cases it blows Portal Feeder away, but it does take more time to get setup.

I suppose now I am meant to offer you a huge bonus or a discount on something, but I am not going to.

You have 45 minutes, I am not going to try to persuade anyone to make a choice, because it is very much an individual thing.

There are loads of nice bonuses with Portal Feeder. It suits the slightly lazy intermediate marketer. Don't buy it if you can't make money with a free tool. Portal Feeder is buggy atm. But unfortunately you can't wait until the bugs are cleared up before making a choice.

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