Friday, December 09, 2005

Portal Feeder... sleeping

Yes I got some sleep after my marathon session. Switching over to a clean XP installation has also been time consuming. I still have over 100 apps to install, but I will get up and running over the weekend.

Portal Feeder was also sleeping a little over the last 48 hours. There is a lot of excitement on the forums, and an equal amount of constirnation. Customers obviously expect things to be working on day one.

I have actually managed to get something working today... The keyword bonus tool

It is actually quite useful. Whilst it includes features other tools don't have, that doesn't mean those features couldn't be easily added to other tools have been dragging their heals a little on the updates.
Some of the data seems a little "off" but then there are lots of tools that have been having problems recently due to search engine changes. Also because some of the results are different to what I expected to see, due to the way it works, they seem off, even though they aren't.
It does put a different perspective on keyword research, and whilst not as all encompassing as a tool like The Dowser, it gives different data. I have tested it with a few of the profitable niches I have found, and the data it gives confirms the results I have had.
It has fallen over on me a couple of times, but it is useful, and could easily be classed as a $100+ tool. It isn't for massive keyword research. It is for finding profitable niches.

Now the main Portal Feeder Client. I was actually shocked when I tried it on my clean WinXP installation... it loaded up and didn't crash. I haven't been able to create a site with it though.
Some aspects of the interface are interesting, others seem to be a wasted effort such as CSS styling, when it can already be in the template.

I have a teleconference to download that I didn't stay up for last night. Apparently the first program update will also appear later today.

Hopefully I will have Portal Feeder up and running over the weekend and have at least one example project to show you. There is a waiting list to be able to join Portal Feeder. How many slots become available really depends on how many drop out.

Also I will try to get an example of what can be done with Wordpress, Article Miner and Blog Auto Publisher to compare. I am not sure which niche I can base it on, and my Article Miner needs to be reactivated for my new XP installation. Good news is Olga (for Blog Auto Publisher) has just sent me a version for WinXP use (I previously has a Win98 build), thus I am not restricted in firepower, just short of amunition

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