Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Portal Feeder - no response to email after 2.5 hrs

It has been 2.5 hours since I first sent an email to Jason Katzenback. No reply as yet.

I checked the support system for Portal Feeder, but only 3 older products are listed as topics of support. No sign of Portal Feeder there.

So I submitted a support query regarding Article Announcer. It was the highest ticket item, so might have better support time.

Here is the reply I received back from the support system (full documentation of this ordeal)

Dear Valued Customer,Thank you for recently submitting a support ticket to our
Help Desk at http://support.joltinc.com.
This email is to let you know that your support inquiry has been received. One
of our Customer Support Representatives will be in contact with you as soon as
possible.Sincerely,The Jolt Marketing Support Team

I honestly expected to already be playing around with tokens and templates by now, as anyone with experience with related tools knows, that is what can make and break a product (as well as things like footprints)

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