Saturday, December 10, 2005

Portal Feeder - I generated a site, but...

No I am not lying, I just managed to generate a site with Portal Feeder.

I had a couple of problems though:-

1. It didn't land up where it was meant to. I was generating it over on as an example site, and it ended up in the root directory. Not a major problem until...

It wided out the index file, fair enough, easy to replace, but every page on the domain stopped working. It has taken me an hour or so to work out what happened.

Here is the problem..

2. It seems Portal Feeder has a nasty habbit - I need to test this a little more to confirm, but ended up with the root directory, /public_html/ , CHMOD to 777 rather than 755

Many hosts don't allow 777 for the root domain. I can have other folders as 777 with no problem. I don't know the technical reasons, but 777 on my root domain just killed the site.

Errors comprised of

[Sat Dec 10 06:46:01 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /home/myhostname/public_html/index.htm
[2005-12-10 06:24:52]: error: directory is writable by others:(/home/myhostname/public_html)

I am going to report the error, and just concentrate on a quick demo blog for you guys as Olga delivered the Blog Auto Publisher version I was looking for in my email overnight.

I don't have Article Miner reactivated, yet (I know the guys are taking a break, so it was expected - they gave a few weeks notification of their travel plans) - it doesn't affect new users, just those re-installing on a different hardware config, with a variable IP.

Thus I will use some good quality Private Label Rights content.

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