Sunday, December 04, 2005

Keyword scraping - metatags

No I haven't gone blackhat

I am playing around with autolinking based on keywords, through a tracker/cloaker, and then redirecting to affiliate programs.

I have lots of product lists for things like Clickbank, that include a description, but for some reason I can't find a list of Clickbank products with appropriate keywords.

There are a lot of Clickbank products, so it would be an aweful task to create a list manually for each.

I decided the ideal solution, to obtain the best keywords related to a particular product, is to take a lokk at the website of each product, and use the meta keywords.

I have plenty of general keyword craping tools I have never actually used, but none of them seem to be able to cope with a list of a few 1000 urls.

One possible solution I have just found might be:-

Web Data Extractor: Extract specific information from the web. A powerful web data / link extractor utility.URL:

Now I am going to be damn sneaky and use this as a high quality reciprocal link, thus at the end of this post I am also going to include their data, exactly as required.

I haven't actually tested the software yet, I have just downloaded what I believe is a demo version. It will be interesting how it copes with Clickbank redirects.

If anyone knows of a better tool to use, or maybe a script, please let me know. I don't just want a huge amount of keywords, it has to be associated with the URL as well.

Whilst my PHP is improving, I am not up to making a tool to do this all in one shot.

Oh, here is their information again... ;)

Email Marketing: Extract targeted company contact data from web for responsible b2b communication.URL:

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