Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I am in... well sort of

I know my Win98SE installation is severely messed up, so Portal Feeder (desktop) not working on it is no great shock. Maybe it is fixable.

Marc did suggest a download of the Microsoft GDI libraries, but it didn't fix the problem.

He did however also mention that Portal Feeder has a web interface that can be used, so I am having a play around with that, whiclst at the same time clearing up a harddisk so I can stick a fresh installation of WinXP on it.

One thing I don't like about the web interface is it involves an aweful lot of popup windows to enter details, but we will see how things go.

I don't think it will be any shock to discover that the web interface is a backend to the site.

There are a number of clearly defined steps to creating a site.

One thing I think that is vital for me to point out is the fact that the system is extendable. You can create your own tokens.

Regarding footprints, it seems like they can be avoided, but you would certainly want to play around with the templates (although I haven't looked at all of them obviously)

Oh, it is time for a picture...

I am being a little carful on what I show, but it proves that the interface is capable of testing your ftp connection.

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