Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hotting up - Portal Feeder & Stephen Pierce $1M+ in 2 hrs

This week is just insane for product launches.

First up, I just read that Stephen Pierce made $1,079,595.00 in just 2 hours on a trip to the UK. Now obviously there is a little bit of groundwork to do before the event, but that is some serious income from an audience of 2.5K

Portal Feeder is going to be launching in just under an hour. Things were a little bit controversial over the last few days regarding how many copies will be sold. There will be an unlimited number of memberships, but only for 24hrs. I don't expect it to be on sale for longer than the 24 hrs.

I am still not going to post an affiliate link for it. I have seen lots of information, but not enough to give you any idea of value.

Here is what I plan to do.

When the site launches, I am going to take a real hard look at the sales letter and compare it to what I can currently achieve using blogs.

I am also going to play very close attention to the terms.

In the terms I am looking for 3 things

1. Refund policy
2. Confidentiality Policy
3. Anti-competition policy

If there is enough in the sales letter to say that the tool might be of use for someone already making money using other tools, I will buy it.

I am then going to do a marathon for 24 hrs, providing some screenshots of using the product, my thoughts, and what I am sure you really want to see, some niche sites created with the software, by someone who will try to get the most from it.

I am not going to post an affiliate link here for the product unless I have tested it.

Here is what I wrote yesterday on the Portal Feeder blog yesterday. It didn't get a response, but to give Jason his due, it also didn't get moderated. That is a big plus. Hopefully PF will provide some features I am looking for, either now or in the future.

Hi Jason
Is there any way to generate hard links based upon defined
Preferably I would like the above to allow for multiple keyword
lists, with the ability to wrap them in some CSS.
Whilst the sites seem to be
static, because there will also be RSS feeds generated, it is much like an
advanced Blogger blog.
Whilst I am sure you will have categories, can a
single article belong to multiple categories?
Will there also be a way of
defining tags based on all keywords that appear within an article, for use with
Taggerati, Delicious, Shadows etc?
Following on from that (if it is
possible), will I be able to create pages based upon related tags, and possibly
tag clouds?
Now my questions might seem strange, but Portal Feeder is a CMS…
so is Wordpress.
I am trying to determine what Portal Feeder is capable of
compared to what I currently achieve using Wordpress blogs and a few mid-range
tools to feed them content.
There is no point having RSS if you are not using
it effectively.
I am keen to see what the ??? are
Take care

Thus in under 1 hour, just like many others I am sure, I will be heading over to the Portal Feeder site, and seeing if this product is worth putting down some serious dollars for.

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