Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Dowser - Nice Christmas Present

Whilst it has been slated as having a bit of a cumbersome interface, The Dowser has always been one of my favorite keyword research tools.

I don't use it exclusively, I also own The Keyword Bible (great for fast keyword list generation), Keyword Locator, and a number of other tools I use, free, purchased, and even a couple I wrote myself while learning some PHP.

I just received a most welcome email from the guys at The Dowser... it was long overdue

They have been keeping users equiped with additional tools over the last few months, and they have proven to be useful.

But there hadn't been a Dowser Update...

Until NOW!

Here is the email...

Early Season's Greetings to you!

Here's the most awaited Chistmas Goodie we have in store
for you...

** Introducing - TheDowser Professional V5.5 **

As a registered customer of TheDowser Professional,
you'll be able to download this new release at no cos.t.

TheDowser Professional V5.5 includes several major bug
fixes, including:
- Multiple Overture Security box pop-up problem fix
- Fixed formatting issues with Google and Overture
- Improved harvesting speed by 30%
- Reduced CPU consumption by 35%


Drum Rolls Please....

We've added the ability to extract Google Bids data from
Google AdWords Traffic Estimator for each keyword!

(You'll need an existing Google AdWords account to use
this feature)

** Google Bids Feature List **

TheDowser Professional Version 5.5 nows offers you the
ability to obtain Google Bid data for EACH keyword,
- Number of Clicks/Day
- Average Cost/Click
- Average Position
- Cost/Day
- Searches/Day

In addition, you'll be able to obtain the above data based
on SIX Maximum Cost-Per-Click and Keyword Matching options:

- $90 Max CPC and Broad Match Keywords (Default Setting)
- $90 Max CPC and Exact Match Keywords
- Google Suggested Max CPC and Broad Match Keywords
- Google Suggested Max CPC and Exact Match Keywords
- $0.10 Max CPC and Broad Match Keywords
- $0.10 Max CPC and Exact Match Keywords

** Other New Features **

We've also added a 'Tools' section (the right-most tab
located on the lower pane)

You'll find various sub-tabs available:
- Tools
- Competition
- Design
- Content
- Products

I will give you some feedback (and maybe even some screenshots) in a couple of days.

You can pick up a free version of the Dowser, and it is not in any way time limited

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