Thursday, December 01, 2005

Article Marketing - Expert Training - Free

I really hate doing things in a rush, and doing a cut & paste on this blog, but this is something important, and you will benefit from it greatly.

Best of all it is free, and the service it is promoting can also be used for free.

Article Marketer are hosting some Live training teleconferences on Article Marketeing. They are 100% free with no obligation whatsoever.

This is not going to be a thinly disguised sales pitch. They have lined up one of the top experts on article marketing.

Now Article Marketer is a service I use daily, and endorse 100% - I have made a nice income both from using the service to promote my own websites and affiliate programs, and also from promoting the service itself.

Just a couple of days ago they paid me my October commission... over $1K - most of that is residual income.
I can assure you they have only scratched the surface as far as potenial customers, and the service will continue to add features. It will soon become not only the fastest way to submit articles, and one of the most comprehensive and cost effective, it will be the leader in every category.

Here is the message regarding the teleconferences (yes there will now be 2, due to excessive demand)

On December 6, 2005, Article Marketer will present a FREE
one-hour article writing telecourse entitled, "Jump Right In, the Water’s Fine -
How to Start Writing Articles to Promote Your Business" by Internet expert
author and article marketing guru Maria Marsala.

Seats are limited to the first 100 people who register and
yes, we expect the seats to fill quickly. Ms. Marsala is well known in the
article marketing world. She owns several article distribution sites, has over
300 of her own articles published both online and offline, and consults with her
clients on how they can build their businesses using articles.

Here's the good news for you: During the class the students actually begin
writing an article. When they want it submitted, it means subscriptions (and
commissions) for you. We anticipate that a good percentage of the students in
this class will become Article Marketer subscribers.

Maria will teach people:-
  • Exactly how to write a winning article
  • 4 types of articles that quickly attract attention
  • 11 ways to use articles to promote your business
  • How to turn 1 article into 4 different articles

She is specifically focusing this course on helping students create a powerful article that will catch the eye of editors
and publishers. She will also help them understand how they can submit their
articles (using the Article Marketer service) to generate a ton of traffic and
referrals to the author's website.
The class will be held next week, so have your people register right away -
we expect the session to sell out quickly.

They can register at: Article Marketing Class

p.s. yes I do intend making money by promoting this free course, but I seriously hope it will help you make more money too. Article Marketer have this great "Customer For Life" policy.
If you do decide to give the service a try, go for the free service. Whilst I love making a little money from promoting Article Marketer, I also like my referrals to get the best possible value, and you will love the upsell.

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