Thursday, November 24, 2005

Orwell Controversy, Portal Feeder and Niche Websites

I had thought about mentioning Orwell, and Portal Feeder here, and my opinions on both. Actually I have deleted half of what I was going to write.

I even have a branded report, but I don't feel comfortable distributing it atm.

This thread on Warrior Forum I just read however has certainly had an effect on my overall opinion.

Well worth reading quickly, because it has already been locked, and might well disappear in due course.

My opinion before reading the Warrior forum thread was that Orwell might be a useful tool if you don't have something more powerful such as Article Miner.

As to Portal Feeder, what I have seen of it so far has not impressed me, and in many respects I can already achieve far more with Wordpress and a few plugins, and if you have a lot of sites maybe enhanced using Blog Auto Publisher..

Edit: Further discussion on Warrior Forum

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