Sunday, October 30, 2005

Your Own Articles - Private Label Articles for Niche Marketing

Cody Moya has now released his Your Own Articles site

Here are some specifics

After you join, you will get instantly 500 private label articles:
- 50 articles about Time Management
- 50 articles about Dog Training
- 50 articles about Eat Healthier
- 50 articles about Credit Repair
- 50 articles about Dream Interpretation
- 50 articles about Flower Gardening
- 50 articles about Cat Training
- 50 articles about Mental Health
- 50 articles about Wellness and Fitness
- 50 articles about Loose Weight

But that’s not all, you will also get instantly10 private label reports ready to sell with sales letters and cover graphics:

- A Guide to Time Management
- A Guide to Dog Training
- A Guide to Healthier Eating
- A Guide to Credit Repair
- A Guide to Dream Interpretation
- A Guide to Flower Gardening
- A Guide to Cat Training
- A Guide to Mental Health
- A Guide to Wellness and Fitness
- A Guide to Loose Weight

You will continue getting 250 articles per month along with 5 reports to sell, complete with graphics and sales page.

The cost is $29.97 but I have a discount code for you that will lock in your membership for $24.97/month

Here is your $5 discount coupon code: 01660C79F5

I signed up as soon as I heard about it, it is amazing value.

A special note, if you cancel your membership, you will retain rights to use all the articles you have paid for. This is very important if you use the articles for multiple niche websites.

Membership is limited to 1000 people, it will sellout, but most peole won't do anything constructive with the materials.

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