Friday, October 28, 2005

Private Label and Blogging Power Extravaganza

It is going to be an extremely busy week in your email box.

Private Rights Articles 2

First of all Paul has just released (today) his latest Private Rights Article membership program.

His last offering was snapped up in 4 days, and honestly I expect this to be snapped up faster.
For the first 3 days (the clock is ticking), you can receive a $5 discount that is locked in for the whole of your membership.

I missed out on his first site, and I must admit I regret it, though I wasn't online much during that time.
There is a unique twist this time around, that makes it especially inviting.

Take a look at Private Rights Articles 2 (I am already a paying member)

Your Own Articles

Now this has been ramping up for over a month, and I was actually able to peak inside a month back.

On day one, you will get a serious package of content

I have arranged a discount for my readers, but you won't be able to sign up until 30th October.

This offering is actually exceptional value, as not only do you get articles and keywords, but also reports you can sell, and graphics.

This will launch only on the 30th - check back here to pickup your discount

Olga has finally flipped her lid - Blog Auto Publisher

I have saved the big news until last.

It is now released. I can't use it yet :(

You see I have been testing a beta version of this custom blogging software for sometime. I was actually late starting my testing because Olga had to make a special version just for me, supporting Windows 98.

Yes that is right... she did it just because me, and I think one other tester wanted to use Win98.

But she also knew I would really put the product through its paces.

Ultimate Blogging Power?

At the moment it is raw power lacking a little finese. I don't think Olga will disagree. I have exchanged more than 60 emails with Olga over the last few weeks, mainly discussing how certain features could be better implemented to provide additional benefits.

The thing is the building blocks are all there. This isn't some new toy product being given a pricetag that doesn't actually relate to the potential of the product.

I am currently making around 50 blog posts per day with it, all on autopilot.

Some of the features can be achived in other ways, but not to the same degree.


BlogAutoPublisher automatically creates links based on the keywords you select. I have only played a little with this on a couple of my blogs, because I was waiting for the final version before creating huge keyword lists.

You can see examples at

The Coolest Guy on the Planet
Keyword Report

They are actually both using the same keyword list, I only had to copy and paste them between folders (yes you could do that with a huge master list and 100 blogs)

I am selecting articles to publish using

Now at the moment my links are going to seach feeds, but they could just as easily go to categories in a shopping mall you own, your own product sites, various affiliate sites, or be used for intelligent cross-linking of your VRE (Virtual Real Estate), with selected anchor text link right in the middle of the content.

It is not really any different to using various PPC feeds that highlight words on the big content sites, but...

you have complete control of the links!

Now this can be achieved with a few Wordpress plugins, but those I have seen are not very good at rotating the links. They don't prioritise very well. Olga has created this system so that it rotates the link usage, thus those links that haven't been used recently on that particular blog will thus have a higher priority than those that have been used more often. Very smart...

(notice how I am telling you more than you get on the sales letter)


Technorati tagging is very important for traffic these days, many people tag certain keywords to read in their RSS aggregators, or for syndication.
Feeds that are tagged more often than not are quality content. Feeds without a tag, whilst they may be good content, are not going to be picked up as readily.

Every single defined keyword can be a tag, even if it is not linked

Now that is real blogging power!

One refinement I have asked for with this feature is for you to decide whether the tags are created, or left as a definition such as keyword, more keywords, even more

The reason being...

Tag Categories and Clouds

Don't you just hate making categories for your Wordpress blogs?

Just imagine never having to make categories again!

There are plugins for Wordpress available that automatically create tag categories that work just like normal categories. They also create a "cloud page", just like Technorati's most popular tag pages.

Just imagine being able to create a post and have it automatically categorized based on your defined keywords list.

Imagine how powerful that is for the search engines when you have hundreds of categories, each containing relevant content.

Imagine how powerful that is also for readers of your blog. They won't have to search based on the keywords they think might be relevant, they will see a huge list of related topics.

These tools also automatically allow you to include the titles of related posts at the bottom of every post.

With so many link to content on your own site, even if you use 3rd party content with a bio, there is a huge change they will stay on your site for further research.

Instant Stickiness

This is the power of using a blog for your niche websites, and you can even outdo article directories in "user experience". Your readers will be led to more and more relevant content.

Yes BlogAutoPublisher can pull content from websites, and you can define the delimiters precisely.
BlogAutoPublisher can also control the syndication of other people's feeds.

It can do some smart things with this as well, like automatically converting links into deep affiliate links for Bloggers such as Jim Edwards who uses 1shoppingcart (or a relabel) for his affiliate program. There are lots of top end marketers doing the same, and they encourage you to use their content and deep link with their affiliate links.

BlogAutoPublisher is an investment, but it is much cheaper now than it will be in the future. I would say if you have plans to have more than 10 blogs, it is a worthwhile investment.

I am sure many people are going to compare it to RSStoBlog and find some features missing in BlogAutoPublisher. I would say those are just refinements that are easily added.

Whilst BlogAutoPublisher could easily reblog affiliate feeds, that is not exploiting the full potential.

At the same time even free tools such as Wbloggar have some features BlogAutoPublisher (on my beta version at least) does not. That is something that can easily be corrected.

If you only have a couple of simple blogs, please look at Wbloggar or Elicit. I don't think you are ready for BlogAutoPublisher yet (unless you have massive plans).

If you are doing photo-blogging, BlogAutoPublisher (in my beta version), wouldn't be very suitable, because it currently doesn't have a WYSIWYG interface, or picture uploading. I am sure Olga will come up with a solution.

If you have the pictures on your server already, you can just include the HTML.

BlogAutoPublisher has a powerful token system, so you could setup tokens for left aligned or right aligned pictures, with a default path already set, and then just change the filename everytime you need to show a picture.

It is building blocks like that which are important.

You can use it for affiliate links, adsense etc as well.

Olga will have a dedicated private forum for support setup, that will certainly prove invaluable.


So now why did I start this long post with something about private label rights?

Well first of all time is of the essense, Pauls offer will close extremely fast, and I am already a happy customer.

I will have 5 blogs setup tomorrow streaming out carefully wrapped/modified versions of all his content.
I will probably do the same on a few servers, some nice adsense, and great affiliate products to promote alongside.

The tool that will allow me to make the most of PLR content is Blog Auto Publisher, though obviously you can also use it with various content generators too.

There is nothing to stop me doing that as well!

With an offer like this, it is all about taking action. Use tools to automate as many tasks as you can, and build your Virtual Real Estate.

The Private Label Articles Paul is providing will add 5, 10 15, maybe as many as 20 additional sites to my own VRE.

What are you waiting for?

(damn that is a powerful pair)