Saturday, October 22, 2005

Page Layout for SEO - Avoiding Duplicate Content

Kevin Kennedy-Spaien recently commented to one of my last article marketing post asking me to expand a little on tips to avoid duplicate content.

What follows is one tip I recently posted to the Article Miner Support forms.

Article Miner has a great feature that allows you to split any article it publishes into multiple sections.

A first stage would be to just add some keyword based adverts in your template between each chunk of article. This effectively make the content not quite such a duplicate. Thus if you have an article split into 4 chunks, you would have keyword dense inserts top, 3 in the middle, and one at the bottom.

In addition you can use a customized layout.

The search engines parse content in a table from left to right, just as it appears in your HTML source.

If you create your template with a 2x2 table for the article and split an article into 4 pieces.

1 3
2 4

A search engine will read the pieces in the order

1 3 2 4

I hope you find that useful.

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