Sunday, October 02, 2005

Outsourcing for Niche Websites

Outsourcing is about leverage and time

The idea of just running your online business from your bedroom, working just 1hr per day and getting rich is largely a myth. Whilst technically it is possible, most peope don't have the skills or knowledge to achieve this.

There so many skills required for most internet businesses, at some time you are going to want to out-source some or most of your work, so you can maximise your own time on tasks that bring in the most revenue.

I am a Jack-of-All-Trades. I can fiddle around and make websites, knock together reasonable graphics if I have to, write a few words, even dabble with installing scripts.

Currently I have more time than money, and before I outsource, I still want to experiment some more with technology so I know what I really want.

Today I have read a new special report all about out-sourcing for internet marketing.

I didn't read it once, I read it twice!

Now for those that know, who haven't read the "squeeze page" for my mailing list, I used to work in the Computer Games industry.

  • I have helped prepare documentation for large teams of programmers to work from.
  • I have worked long hours with graphics artists preparing marketing materials
  • I have lots of experience with contracts between game developers and publishing houses

I know how to negotiate deals, specify projects, manage projects, and make sure I end up with the quality products I have promised my customers.

Even with all that experience, I gained a lot from reading this special report. Admittedly I already knew a lot of the material that was covered, and I might even be able to add a few things to it, but I seriously gained a lot of information from reading this report that will save me a lot of problems in the future.

If you have been thinking about:-

  • Having a script written for you
  • Hiring a copywriter
  • A redesign of your salespage
  • Outsourcing your technical support/emails
  • Maybe even out-sourcing your whole online business
This report is for you - it will save you money. It is certainly going to save me money.

Outsourcing guide for Internet marketing - Geek Speak
Now don't assume you need my experience to make the most from this report.

This report is MADE FOR YOU!

It is not just technical jargon. Whilst the author is a programmer, he out-sources a huge amount of his business, programming, graphics, technical support, even most of his emails.

He has been writing this guide slowly for the last year, knowing that people like you actually need a simple guide through what can be a minefield of poor results. Don't forget it also helps programmer to get detailed instructions. There is nothing worse than re-writing half the code because something was overlooked at an early stage. Imagine what it is like for an artist to have to start from scratch because you change domain name, or theme at the last moment.

I actually read a lot of ebooks, and other than the specially selected guides I have in my Essential Niche Marketing Library, this is the first I have recommeded people should buy.

It doesn't go into in-depth detail on every subject. It wouldn't be right for the author to delve heavily into things like contract law, but where needed he has pointed readers in the direction of very hard to find quality resources.

He has an intimate knowledge of outsourcing services such as Elance, and the examples he gives of real projects he has included are extremely useful. Quite often details such as this are not made available to people just browsing through past projects.

Do you want to be on the phone at 3am
with a project gone wrong?

There are a few things I personally would have liked to see covered in more depth, but the good news is that the author will be providing upgrades as this is expanded. I will be making some suggestions over the next few days, but I would suggest getting hold of a copy before you spend any money on outsourcing.

Outsourcing Guide - Speak the Geek

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