Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Niche website - WP automation

Whilst this blog is on Blogger I also use Wordpress for many of my niche websites.

It is a very powerful application, but if you are creating a lot of Wordpress blogs, it is a royal pain to setup each blog with all the modification you normally do for the search engines to find you.

I recently purchased Dave Pankhursts excellent ebook "Top10 Tricks to Conquer your Niche with Wordpress". It is an excellent read, but it does take some time to set it all up.
I think he sells it for $47, but you can pick it up for less by a quick Google, because he sold limited resale rights to it. I paid $27.

I heard down the grapevine of another product that was coming out soon from Gary Huyhn which not only helps you setup a blog for SEO, it can handle ALL your blogs, constantly updating your WP installation, and managing which plugins.

It does not provide content, this is purely an aid to people creating a lot of blogs.

You may even want to tweak things more than this product allows, well you will have to do it manually.

More features are expected in the future. Currently there are 106 templates, and a number of essential plugins.
The wordpress themes used are from Alex King's excellent site, so there is a lot of variety.

It doesn't work with the multiple WP installation mods, it has to be a full WP install, a few minutes with Fantastico.

You setup various defaults in your panel, and then for each blog you get to select which defaults to use, and give fresh FTP information, the system does the rest.

Now the script was being sold with one of those countdown timers. It started at around $50, and by the time I realised it was now on sale, I ended up paying $87 for this product (I found out 24hrs late).

There was me thinking it would be up to full price in no-time.

But I have just received an email, and Gary has kindly frozen the clock for a short while, at $97

If you plan on setting up 5, 10 maybe more Wordpress blogs, this service is going to save you heaps of time, and removes a lot of the need to mess around with technical stuff.

Now I mentioned David Pankhurst for a reason, a lot of his Top10 tricks are built in, along with some other custom stuff you would have to also pay for. I believe David is working closely with Gary on a lot of this.

In essense you are only paying between $10 and $30 for the automated features.

I am certainly not one of the rich gurus who can just drop money on a whim for the latest gadget. This service is going to pay for itself extremely fast, and help me accelerate my niche website development.

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