Sunday, October 30, 2005

Your Own Articles - Private Label Articles for Niche Marketing

Cody Moya has now released his Your Own Articles site

Here are some specifics

After you join, you will get instantly 500 private label articles:
- 50 articles about Time Management
- 50 articles about Dog Training
- 50 articles about Eat Healthier
- 50 articles about Credit Repair
- 50 articles about Dream Interpretation
- 50 articles about Flower Gardening
- 50 articles about Cat Training
- 50 articles about Mental Health
- 50 articles about Wellness and Fitness
- 50 articles about Loose Weight

But that’s not all, you will also get instantly10 private label reports ready to sell with sales letters and cover graphics:

- A Guide to Time Management
- A Guide to Dog Training
- A Guide to Healthier Eating
- A Guide to Credit Repair
- A Guide to Dream Interpretation
- A Guide to Flower Gardening
- A Guide to Cat Training
- A Guide to Mental Health
- A Guide to Wellness and Fitness
- A Guide to Loose Weight

You will continue getting 250 articles per month along with 5 reports to sell, complete with graphics and sales page.

The cost is $29.97 but I have a discount code for you that will lock in your membership for $24.97/month

Here is your $5 discount coupon code: 01660C79F5

I signed up as soon as I heard about it, it is amazing value.

A special note, if you cancel your membership, you will retain rights to use all the articles you have paid for. This is very important if you use the articles for multiple niche websites.

Membership is limited to 1000 people, it will sellout, but most peole won't do anything constructive with the materials.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Private Label and Blogging Power Extravaganza

It is going to be an extremely busy week in your email box.

Private Rights Articles 2

First of all Paul has just released (today) his latest Private Rights Article membership program.

His last offering was snapped up in 4 days, and honestly I expect this to be snapped up faster.
For the first 3 days (the clock is ticking), you can receive a $5 discount that is locked in for the whole of your membership.

I missed out on his first site, and I must admit I regret it, though I wasn't online much during that time.
There is a unique twist this time around, that makes it especially inviting.

Take a look at Private Rights Articles 2 (I am already a paying member)

Your Own Articles

Now this has been ramping up for over a month, and I was actually able to peak inside a month back.

On day one, you will get a serious package of content

I have arranged a discount for my readers, but you won't be able to sign up until 30th October.

This offering is actually exceptional value, as not only do you get articles and keywords, but also reports you can sell, and graphics.

This will launch only on the 30th - check back here to pickup your discount

Olga has finally flipped her lid - Blog Auto Publisher

I have saved the big news until last.

It is now released. I can't use it yet :(

You see I have been testing a beta version of this custom blogging software for sometime. I was actually late starting my testing because Olga had to make a special version just for me, supporting Windows 98.

Yes that is right... she did it just because me, and I think one other tester wanted to use Win98.

But she also knew I would really put the product through its paces.

Ultimate Blogging Power?

At the moment it is raw power lacking a little finese. I don't think Olga will disagree. I have exchanged more than 60 emails with Olga over the last few weeks, mainly discussing how certain features could be better implemented to provide additional benefits.

The thing is the building blocks are all there. This isn't some new toy product being given a pricetag that doesn't actually relate to the potential of the product.

I am currently making around 50 blog posts per day with it, all on autopilot.

Some of the features can be achived in other ways, but not to the same degree.


BlogAutoPublisher automatically creates links based on the keywords you select. I have only played a little with this on a couple of my blogs, because I was waiting for the final version before creating huge keyword lists.

You can see examples at

The Coolest Guy on the Planet
Keyword Report

They are actually both using the same keyword list, I only had to copy and paste them between folders (yes you could do that with a huge master list and 100 blogs)

I am selecting articles to publish using

Now at the moment my links are going to seach feeds, but they could just as easily go to categories in a shopping mall you own, your own product sites, various affiliate sites, or be used for intelligent cross-linking of your VRE (Virtual Real Estate), with selected anchor text link right in the middle of the content.

It is not really any different to using various PPC feeds that highlight words on the big content sites, but...

you have complete control of the links!

Now this can be achieved with a few Wordpress plugins, but those I have seen are not very good at rotating the links. They don't prioritise very well. Olga has created this system so that it rotates the link usage, thus those links that haven't been used recently on that particular blog will thus have a higher priority than those that have been used more often. Very smart...

(notice how I am telling you more than you get on the sales letter)


Technorati tagging is very important for traffic these days, many people tag certain keywords to read in their RSS aggregators, or for syndication.
Feeds that are tagged more often than not are quality content. Feeds without a tag, whilst they may be good content, are not going to be picked up as readily.

Every single defined keyword can be a tag, even if it is not linked

Now that is real blogging power!

One refinement I have asked for with this feature is for you to decide whether the tags are created, or left as a definition such as keyword, more keywords, even more

The reason being...

Tag Categories and Clouds

Don't you just hate making categories for your Wordpress blogs?

Just imagine never having to make categories again!

There are plugins for Wordpress available that automatically create tag categories that work just like normal categories. They also create a "cloud page", just like Technorati's most popular tag pages.

Just imagine being able to create a post and have it automatically categorized based on your defined keywords list.

Imagine how powerful that is for the search engines when you have hundreds of categories, each containing relevant content.

Imagine how powerful that is also for readers of your blog. They won't have to search based on the keywords they think might be relevant, they will see a huge list of related topics.

These tools also automatically allow you to include the titles of related posts at the bottom of every post.

With so many link to content on your own site, even if you use 3rd party content with a bio, there is a huge change they will stay on your site for further research.

Instant Stickiness

This is the power of using a blog for your niche websites, and you can even outdo article directories in "user experience". Your readers will be led to more and more relevant content.

Yes BlogAutoPublisher can pull content from websites, and you can define the delimiters precisely.
BlogAutoPublisher can also control the syndication of other people's feeds.

It can do some smart things with this as well, like automatically converting links into deep affiliate links for Bloggers such as Jim Edwards who uses 1shoppingcart (or a relabel) for his affiliate program. There are lots of top end marketers doing the same, and they encourage you to use their content and deep link with their affiliate links.

BlogAutoPublisher is an investment, but it is much cheaper now than it will be in the future. I would say if you have plans to have more than 10 blogs, it is a worthwhile investment.

I am sure many people are going to compare it to RSStoBlog and find some features missing in BlogAutoPublisher. I would say those are just refinements that are easily added.

Whilst BlogAutoPublisher could easily reblog affiliate feeds, that is not exploiting the full potential.

At the same time even free tools such as Wbloggar have some features BlogAutoPublisher (on my beta version at least) does not. That is something that can easily be corrected.

If you only have a couple of simple blogs, please look at Wbloggar or Elicit. I don't think you are ready for BlogAutoPublisher yet (unless you have massive plans).

If you are doing photo-blogging, BlogAutoPublisher (in my beta version), wouldn't be very suitable, because it currently doesn't have a WYSIWYG interface, or picture uploading. I am sure Olga will come up with a solution.

If you have the pictures on your server already, you can just include the HTML.

BlogAutoPublisher has a powerful token system, so you could setup tokens for left aligned or right aligned pictures, with a default path already set, and then just change the filename everytime you need to show a picture.

It is building blocks like that which are important.

You can use it for affiliate links, adsense etc as well.

Olga will have a dedicated private forum for support setup, that will certainly prove invaluable.


So now why did I start this long post with something about private label rights?

Well first of all time is of the essense, Pauls offer will close extremely fast, and I am already a happy customer.

I will have 5 blogs setup tomorrow streaming out carefully wrapped/modified versions of all his content.
I will probably do the same on a few servers, some nice adsense, and great affiliate products to promote alongside.

The tool that will allow me to make the most of PLR content is Blog Auto Publisher, though obviously you can also use it with various content generators too.

There is nothing to stop me doing that as well!

With an offer like this, it is all about taking action. Use tools to automate as many tasks as you can, and build your Virtual Real Estate.

The Private Label Articles Paul is providing will add 5, 10 15, maybe as many as 20 additional sites to my own VRE.

What are you waiting for?

(damn that is a powerful pair)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Page Layout for SEO - Avoiding Duplicate Content

Kevin Kennedy-Spaien recently commented to one of my last article marketing post asking me to expand a little on tips to avoid duplicate content.

What follows is one tip I recently posted to the Article Miner Support forms.

Article Miner has a great feature that allows you to split any article it publishes into multiple sections.

A first stage would be to just add some keyword based adverts in your template between each chunk of article. This effectively make the content not quite such a duplicate. Thus if you have an article split into 4 chunks, you would have keyword dense inserts top, 3 in the middle, and one at the bottom.

In addition you can use a customized layout.

The search engines parse content in a table from left to right, just as it appears in your HTML source.

If you create your template with a 2x2 table for the article and split an article into 4 pieces.

1 3
2 4

A search engine will read the pieces in the order

1 3 2 4

I hope you find that useful.

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Blog Tools for Niche Marketing

Blog Tools for Niche Marketing

With more and more people turning to using blogs for niche marketing, a frequent topic on internet marketing forums is how to you go about maintaining them.

Blogging platforms provide an effective CMS solution, but being a blog, they are most effective is the content is fresh. Many once webmasters of niche websites, are now becoming professional bloggers in a slightly different sense to the journalistic approach.

Blog Spam: Common Misconceptions in the Press

There has been a lot of talk in the press recently about spam blogs (or splog). What the press fail to frequently point out is that RSS is a medium THEY use for creating duplicate content all over the web, and that a blog is a simplified CMS solution with built in commenting and cross-linking of related sites (trackback).

p.s. Don't confuse this with Blog Spam, which is a totally separate issue (at least to some people)

Yes there is RSS spam, with people sending out streams of random keywords. There are also people using a technique known as "blog & ping". This just means they build an RSS feed of their site contents automatically over time.

Now for an established site, you would understand that all their content has at one time been included in their RSS feeds, so that content is already out there.

For a new site that has just started on the internet, Blog & Ping is a viable option. It can be abused, just like any method. All my own sites are built with RSS and grown naturally, but I can see Blog and Ping being a legitimate method for many, though I would suggest hosting the blog on your own site, rather than use a free service.

I have even heard people suggest that feeding articles to a blog, from 3rd party authors is blog spam.

Almost every article directory on the internet has an RSS feed, but most of those RSS feeds are purely an article title, and at best include a snippet of article content and the author name.

By feeding articles to a blog using either manual selection or an automated process, you are effectively creating a highly focused RSS feed and website. The articles used are fully attributed to the original authors, and create backlinks to their websites.

Some may argue that the quality of the articles might be poor. My counter arguement is that often the articles I choose have passed through not just one, but quite often 2 or even 3 human reviews, before they are selected for my own sites.

I select articles based on specific niche terms, much more highly focused than an article directory which has to cater for much more varied topics. Thus whilst an article directory would have a general category "Search Engine Optimization", one of my own sites would focus purely on keyword research and keyword optimization.

Many would argue that if I selected articles purely by hand, the quality would be higher. I agree, but then Rolls Royce and Ferrari make arguably better cars than General Motors or Ford, but I think most would agree that General Motors and Ford still provide value. I don't charge for access to the content sites I produce, they are purely advertising supported.

There are Bloggers who even argue that advertising should not be displyed on blogs, that blogs should not be commercial, yet all the top news sites are produced using a custom made CMS solution, often using lots of duplicate content from RSS feeds, and they themselves then provide their own RSS feed.

Spam blogs are those that don't provide content that is useful for a human, such as random keywords.

Automated Blogging (but use with a reader in mind)

Some level of automated blogging solution is thus a viable, and legitimate method of creating niche focused content sites.

Here are some alternative solutions for everyone.

First of all here are 2 free options.

Wbloggar - fairly basic and not very automated, but can certainly help tremendously. Much better than logging in manually.

Use an autoresponder or scheduled reminder email service. There are loads of choices.
Feedmagic and Getresponse are both very good services to choose from. Both have superb delivery, and unique features.

There are also various plugins for Blog software and CMS systems that can do a reasonable job, though they are hard to setup and get the results you want. I spent a day playing with one for Wordpress, Reblog, and I was not very satisfied with the results.

Cheaper options

Elicit from
I haven't used Elicit, I came across it on Tuesday, downloaded it, and discovered that it won't run on my preferred operating system (Win98SE)
For $59 is seems to be an excellent alternative, especially if you blog other peoples blogs proactively.

More expensive Solutions is used by many peole, it is server based and currently has 2 versions, standard and pro. I have heard good things about it, and it might still have a few advantages over the solution I currently use, such as being server based so it is always on (that can be a negative for many), but things certainly balance out.

Blog Auto Publisher - what I am using, still in beta but should be released soon. It is a desktop application.
The most exciting feature of Blog Auto Publisher is its flexibility. I generate article posts using article miner, and then pull content from the generated pages. Keywords can be autolinked easily, and I am working hard on integrating Blog Auto Publisher and Article Miner so that every time I generate article posts, they immediately get entered into the article queue.
I am currently also experimenting with using the auto-linker with Peakclick, and with the automatic generation of technorati tags. Technorati tags are already generated for keywords.

Peakclick is a new PPC aggregator, that you can easily include on your own pages or blog using PHP includes. I still need to work out a way to use the includes on a blogspot hosted blog, but I can link to their searches.

Olga the developer of Blog Auto Publisher is also very pro-active in introducing new features. I think I have probably exchanged 60 emails with her over the last couple of weeks, both to squash a few bugs (it is beta after all) and to enhance the feature set. She has a long-term outlook on the product.
You can see some of the stuff I am playing with on my "Coolest Guy on the Planet" blog.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Article Marketing - Duplicate Content - biting yourself in the foot?

Article Marketing - Duplicate Content - biting yourself in the foot?

With the current massive growth of article marketing to drive traffic to websites, establish credibility, and to create backlinks for search engine optimization purposes, there are constant queries and/or discussions related to duplicate content.

Various measures are thrown back and forth to combat this:-

Author Perspective

  • Rotation of bio boxes
  • Rotation of paragraphs
  • Changing keywords
  • Changing Titles

Article Site Perspective

  • Niche Categories
  • Splitting articles into parts on seperate pages
  • Splitting articles into parts on the same page and intelligent use of tables or CSS
  • Including related article snippets on the same page

Article Directories can easily make every single article they publish appear unique to the search engines, without changing any of an authors original words.

It is harder for blog publishers, but it still can be achieved, and even automated to a certain extent.

Rotation Can Reduce your Article Distribution

One of the main reasons for publishing articles is to generate keyword focused backlinks with appropriate anchor text. You want your article picked up by as many sites as possible.

  • Rotation of bio boxes does not affect distribution
  • Rotation of paragraphs does not affect distribution
  • Changing a few keywords in the article body may reduce or increase your distribution


Changing the title of your articles can reduce distribution!

Lets go into this in more detail...

How articles are used for content sites

As well as writing about article publishing, my main business model is niche marketing. Creating niche focused websites to provide relevant information for people searching on a particular topic.

In this article I don't want to focus on what makes a good or bad niche website.

When creating niche websites, it is cost/time efficient to use various forms of automated or semi-automated tools to collect content to display that is relevant to your audience.

With articles and RSS feeds of articles, the primary way to determine whether content is unique is by way of title and author. If they are unique, it is likely that the content is unique.

It is prevalent to source your content from multiple locations, so you would collect articles, either manually or automatically from multiple locations. With RSS feeds you would subscribe to multiple RSS feeds.

If you are using good tools, duplicate content is excluded. You wouldn't want to post 10 different versions of the same article on your website.

Rotating Titles Defeats the Duplicate Checking

Yesterday I was collecting articles based on Search Engine Optimization for one of my sites. Using one of my semi-automatic tools, I gathered together over 950 supposedly unique articles from multiple sources. Please note I have a database of articles on my harddisk, I was not scraping articles directly from article directories as many tools do (see for more details)

These I intend to publish, 3 - 4 articles per day, over the next 8 months.

But I hit a problem.

When I sorted the articles by keyword density, I noticed that there were a fair number of articles, published by the same authors, that had different titles. Sometimes it was just the insertion of a number, at other times just a change of a single keyword.

Duplicate content!

With 900 articles to prepare, I wasn't going to go through them one by one comparing if it actually was duplicate content or not. I took the simple option. For each author I noticed articles that were the same keyword density, and similar length, I JUST DELETED ALL THE ARTICLES. The author will not get published on my site. For many of them that was 10 articles.

I ended up with a total of approximately 800 articles suitable for publishing, and some authors would not be included.

It cost me more than 1 hour additional time to sort through and remove the duplicates. I could probably buy that many private label rights articles with no worry about duplicates in the collection, for the same expense comparing time to $ cost. But then there would be no backlinks for the authors, and I could target the articles exactly as I want with full rights to modify them.

Growing Trend

The idea of rotating article titles is not currently widespread. I have noticed it on occasion in the past where it was obviously done for tracking purposes, just an insertion of a number, and it was easy to remove the duplicates.

If however the trend continues, it will become more difficult to identify individual unique articles, especially for RSS feeds.

Think about it

It is already almost as cost effective to buy articles with rights as use articles from article directories.

Do you want backlinks from your articles?

Spreading the backlinks

I currently like sourcing articles from multiple locations. Many smaller article directories who have intelligently included a link to their site at the bottom of article content gain a great deal of exposure from content sites redistributing their articles. The backlinks are invaluable.

However, if these sites start to contain duplicate articles with different titles, I will simply be forced to collect articles from the largest article directories. So much for diversification... lets all encourage monopolies!

The same would be especially true for RSS feeds.

Automated Submission

Technology is now helping authors distribute their articles across the internet. The market for such tools is highly competitive, thus there is a race to implement improved features.

One such feature now being implemented is the rotation of article titles. This is intended to help an author make every article published to article directories unique.

Whilst I commend the authors for their ingenuity in finding solutions, I am deeply concerned that this will initially reduce the use of articles submitted, and eventually discourage content site creators from sourcing articles from multiple locations, and opting to source only from the largest directories.

Think About Time

Writing 20 unique titles for articles will probably take as much time as writing a whole new article. Two articles in my opinion are certainly better to promote your business, both short term and long term, than one article with 20 different titles.

When it comes to monitoring the success of your article publishing efforts, one of the favorite techniques is to search for your article title, thus discovering which sites used your article, and allowing you to also determine how many of those same sites also include a backlink to your website.

Advise to Authors

Based on my experience both as an author and a creator of niche focused content sites, think very carefully before leaping on the bandwagon of the newest trend in article publishing.

If you rotate your article titles, you are making life harder for content publishers, and your efforts might well backfire.

About the Author

Andy Beard has worked in Sales, Marketing and Localization for the last 15 years, primarily in the computer games industry.
He now spends his time creating content sites(niche marketing), and writing about the techniques he uses.
He publishes his articles with the services of Article Marketer

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Niche website - WP automation

Whilst this blog is on Blogger I also use Wordpress for many of my niche websites.

It is a very powerful application, but if you are creating a lot of Wordpress blogs, it is a royal pain to setup each blog with all the modification you normally do for the search engines to find you.

I recently purchased Dave Pankhursts excellent ebook "Top10 Tricks to Conquer your Niche with Wordpress". It is an excellent read, but it does take some time to set it all up.
I think he sells it for $47, but you can pick it up for less by a quick Google, because he sold limited resale rights to it. I paid $27.

I heard down the grapevine of another product that was coming out soon from Gary Huyhn which not only helps you setup a blog for SEO, it can handle ALL your blogs, constantly updating your WP installation, and managing which plugins.

It does not provide content, this is purely an aid to people creating a lot of blogs.

You may even want to tweak things more than this product allows, well you will have to do it manually.

More features are expected in the future. Currently there are 106 templates, and a number of essential plugins.
The wordpress themes used are from Alex King's excellent site, so there is a lot of variety.

It doesn't work with the multiple WP installation mods, it has to be a full WP install, a few minutes with Fantastico.

You setup various defaults in your panel, and then for each blog you get to select which defaults to use, and give fresh FTP information, the system does the rest.

Now the script was being sold with one of those countdown timers. It started at around $50, and by the time I realised it was now on sale, I ended up paying $87 for this product (I found out 24hrs late).

There was me thinking it would be up to full price in no-time.

But I have just received an email, and Gary has kindly frozen the clock for a short while, at $97

If you plan on setting up 5, 10 maybe more Wordpress blogs, this service is going to save you heaps of time, and removes a lot of the need to mess around with technical stuff.

Now I mentioned David Pankhurst for a reason, a lot of his Top10 tricks are built in, along with some other custom stuff you would have to also pay for. I believe David is working closely with Gary on a lot of this.

In essense you are only paying between $10 and $30 for the automated features.

I am certainly not one of the rich gurus who can just drop money on a whim for the latest gadget. This service is going to pay for itself extremely fast, and help me accelerate my niche website development.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Outsourcing for Niche Websites

Outsourcing is about leverage and time

The idea of just running your online business from your bedroom, working just 1hr per day and getting rich is largely a myth. Whilst technically it is possible, most peope don't have the skills or knowledge to achieve this.

There so many skills required for most internet businesses, at some time you are going to want to out-source some or most of your work, so you can maximise your own time on tasks that bring in the most revenue.

I am a Jack-of-All-Trades. I can fiddle around and make websites, knock together reasonable graphics if I have to, write a few words, even dabble with installing scripts.

Currently I have more time than money, and before I outsource, I still want to experiment some more with technology so I know what I really want.

Today I have read a new special report all about out-sourcing for internet marketing.

I didn't read it once, I read it twice!

Now for those that know, who haven't read the "squeeze page" for my mailing list, I used to work in the Computer Games industry.

  • I have helped prepare documentation for large teams of programmers to work from.
  • I have worked long hours with graphics artists preparing marketing materials
  • I have lots of experience with contracts between game developers and publishing houses

I know how to negotiate deals, specify projects, manage projects, and make sure I end up with the quality products I have promised my customers.

Even with all that experience, I gained a lot from reading this special report. Admittedly I already knew a lot of the material that was covered, and I might even be able to add a few things to it, but I seriously gained a lot of information from reading this report that will save me a lot of problems in the future.

If you have been thinking about:-

  • Having a script written for you
  • Hiring a copywriter
  • A redesign of your salespage
  • Outsourcing your technical support/emails
  • Maybe even out-sourcing your whole online business
This report is for you - it will save you money. It is certainly going to save me money.

Outsourcing guide for Internet marketing - Geek Speak
Now don't assume you need my experience to make the most from this report.

This report is MADE FOR YOU!

It is not just technical jargon. Whilst the author is a programmer, he out-sources a huge amount of his business, programming, graphics, technical support, even most of his emails.

He has been writing this guide slowly for the last year, knowing that people like you actually need a simple guide through what can be a minefield of poor results. Don't forget it also helps programmer to get detailed instructions. There is nothing worse than re-writing half the code because something was overlooked at an early stage. Imagine what it is like for an artist to have to start from scratch because you change domain name, or theme at the last moment.

I actually read a lot of ebooks, and other than the specially selected guides I have in my Essential Niche Marketing Library, this is the first I have recommeded people should buy.

It doesn't go into in-depth detail on every subject. It wouldn't be right for the author to delve heavily into things like contract law, but where needed he has pointed readers in the direction of very hard to find quality resources.

He has an intimate knowledge of outsourcing services such as Elance, and the examples he gives of real projects he has included are extremely useful. Quite often details such as this are not made available to people just browsing through past projects.

Do you want to be on the phone at 3am
with a project gone wrong?

There are a few things I personally would have liked to see covered in more depth, but the good news is that the author will be providing upgrades as this is expanded. I will be making some suggestions over the next few days, but I would suggest getting hold of a copy before you spend any money on outsourcing.

Outsourcing Guide - Speak the Geek

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