Friday, September 30, 2005

Source Code Blowout 2 - warning!

Private Label rights to products are a great way to make money, especially if you pick them up fast.

The last Soruce Code Blowout package just 2 months ago sold out extremely fast.

Since that time I have seen multiple offers for the products, everything from special deals where you select 2 or 3 products from the original package for a good price, all the way to a few of them being offered for free in various "Giveaway" deals - well not for free, in exchange for your email address.

The thing is even if you didn't sell the products to anyone, they represented good value.

The last package many of the applications were complicated to install and a little buggy. The private label ebooks however were of very good quality. Not just 30 page special reports compiled from public domain sites, but original content.

There is a major (but subtle) change in the terms

This time around they have changed the wording of their terms and conditions. I know some very savvy people who have already overlooked this. You will be limited in what you can do with these products more than last time around.

Read this very carefully

You and anyone you resell these products to may NOT bundle more than any 3
products from this offer together to be sold or given away free in any other one
offer or website. This includes placing more than any 3 products into any one
membership website!

Last time round you were limited to 3 as above, but you didn't have to pass on those restrictions to those people you sold the product to. This resulted in people selling the product to someone else, or giving it away, and then those people being able to do what they like with the product, even listing the whole package in a membership site.

It isn't going to happen this time around.

You are still going to have massive price gouging. You are seriously not going to be able to sell most of these products for $97 each.

What I advised last time, and advise this time is that you take a "sell 3 and it is free" attitude. Thus you are going to want to earn $66 for a total of 10 products. Effectively you will want a retail price of $10 for a single item, or $20 - $30 for multiple items.

I personally think that asking any more than that you will upset your customers in a couple of weeks when they start seeing other people dropping the price, or they see the product for free in a membership site.

You still can make some money from this... if you are quick

Just take it easy, don't expect this to be you oneway ticket to riches.

I have no idea how the terms apply to people who purchased the rights to Source Code Blowout in advance, under the OLD terms. Yep there are still loopholes I doubt they thought about, the terms and conditions were obviously not drafted by a lawyer.

No affiliate links for me on this one, they deleted all the JV information from the last Source Code Blowout, and I know my old affiliate link no longer works.
Up until yesterday I had been expecting a little "windfall" from people I signed up last time round, but this was knocked on the head when I tested my link whilst writing this little piece.

If you do buy it, make sure you make use of your rights VERY FAST.

I expect to pick them all up free over the next couple of months in various member sites, and some of the main products are not very interesting. The Membership Site script will be good, if it works and is secure.

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