Monday, August 01, 2005

Seos, gurus and niche website calm

Seos, gurus and niche website calm

Have you noticed how quiet your email box has been recently?

I am not talking about the usual spam like offers, or the corses you might have subscribed to. I am referring to the extreme lack of creative emails from the quality internet marketing experts who you know are making real money, not just faking it, to try to squeeze a few more dollars out of you.

It is becoming an epidemic. I think I have caught it too!

I can't help it, it is just irresistable.

Every time I sit down at my computer to write an article for this blog, to give my loyal readers some hardcore quality information that will help them with their online business, I get the urge... the urge to do something else... the urge to do something profitable that will bring cascades of golden coins flowing into my palms.

So what are all these experts doing with their free time?

What are they doing that is more important than sending you emails plying their (or more often someone elses) products, in the hope that from their 1000s of subscribers, they might achive a few sales, or even better a little residual income?

What I'm about to reveal to you will shock you.

In fact, you may end up feeling outraged.

But in the end, I promise you'll thank me for this.

You see, I've got a secret to share with you... a secret
top internet marketers don't want you to know.

Here's the story...

If you haven't yet realized, many top internet marketers
have been quietly "doing their own things" the past few

Lying real low.

Real low.

As if they've suddenly vanished from the face of this
earth... only to return occasionally to sell you a big and
expensive program or course - to make their big fat
commission checks.

Then they vanish into thin air yet again .

What have these top internet marketers
REALLY been up to?

The truth is, they have been secretly spending their time locating 'niche money holes' - researching and discovering tons of 'hidden' unexploited niches.

Niches that NO ONE else is targeting... profiting quietly from them.

And they've been using a 'special something' to help them achieve their mission.

I have changed my mind...
I am not going to tell you!

  1. You probably wouldn't believe me
  2. I would much rather be using this secret for my own purposes

But I am not going to leave you totally in the dark.

Jo Han Mok, the Top Internet Marketer/Copywriter has been investigating this strange phenomenon, and has tracked down the source.

The Mother Load

What Jo Han discovered might well bring the end to email marketing to the Internet Marketing masses forever. The experts are just too busy cranking out cash gushing niche websites for themselves to worry about what we read while eating our breakfast crunch this morning.

Find out more about this 'special something' right now

Special 24 page report
Jo Han Mok
Fabian Lim and Ivan Wong
Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Technology Officer
TheDowser Keyword Research Software

The Golden Keywords Teleclass
(Adobe Acrobat Required)

Now I have hinted at the power of this very special tool in my last post.
Ok, I more than hinted.
It is the most powerful weapon I own in my niche website building arsenal, and it allowed me to immediately penetrate one of the most highly competitive niches in existance. Search Engine Optimization itself.

Read my last report: Keywords, ranking and a little SEO fun

Now this is just a small example. A little bit of SEO fun, but it is all based around
  • Finding a profitable niche.
  • Exploiting that ncihe with highly targetted profitable keywords.
I haven't mentioned this before, but these guys are so confident in their product, no only do they provide a freely downloadable version of their great software (it is not time limited and it it extremely powerful and useful for a free version), BUT they also give a WHOLE YEAR unlimited guarantee/refund on your purchase of the professional version.

I am not going to waste any more time, I have 2 new niche sites researched that I want to launch. I you want to take a shortcut, and not waste time reading, just grab a free version of The Dowser and give it a try out.

Andy Beard

p.s. You just have to see the upgrades lined up which you get for free for the next year. The Dowser Professional is a complete business package, not just a throw away tool.
p.p.s. Even if you have absolutely no intention to invest in the best tool to grow your business, download the report. Fabian Lim and Ivan Wong are SEO Professionals. You will learn something!

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