Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Coolest Guy on the Planet Niche Website

The Coolest Guy on the Planet?

This started between a very small group of SEO experts. From what I can tell, it was just a small joke site between a few friends.
I saw a post on this on the Warrior forum, from Mike Filsaime explaining how he found out about it, and how he decided to join in on the fun in dramitic style. He now has 2 top level domains registered, and is trying to make a dent in the "wild claims" of these SEO experts.

Niche Website Hub

You might have noticed I used various subdomains of for my affiliate links. The domain is actually registered using Sitesell's NPI service "Name Park It", which costs me $10 per year, but is only available to users of SBI or Sitesell's 5 Pillar affiliates.

However I also have had registered. I have been wondering what to do with it exactly, because up until this point, this blog has been my primary route of communication.

So during today my brain was working overtime - taking part in this SEO Challenge could be a good form of publicity if it takes off - and I am sure it will, Mike never does things by halves. He made a forum post a dedicated website, and a blog post. Sometime in the future I am sure he will also point this Challenge out too his 100K+ subscribers, who will check search results. Now if my page is on the same page as Mike's in Google or other search engines, I will get traffic from "The Coolest Guy on the Planet".

So I am setting up as a central hub. I am going to have at least 4 blogs running on the site, covering things to do with making a Niche Website.

I have done a few things different on the first new blog I created especially for the contest. I actually have 1 blog with 2 RSS feeds. I am doing this because whilst human readers much prefer a nicely formatted RSS feed using Feedburner, and only need snippets of text, I also want my full content of that site distributed to the various RSS agregators, will all the links intact ;)
So the 2 feeds are set up as follows

The auto discovered feed is a plain feed containing complete posts.
The feed listed with the subscribe buttons is formated with "clear text"

It is possible that both feeds will end up circulating - hopefully that will give me double exposure from single posts, and that the extra formatting information will make each look unique. I haven't snipped the cleartext version, though I might in the future, it is an experiment.

On the new hub site I am still not using a CMS system. I am not even using a more professional blogging solution. I have switched to using a lot of PHP includes on the hosted sites, and will fiddle with my own templates to get something reasonable. I am certainly not going to win any prizes for elegance. Hopefully I will gain on raw functionality, flexibility, and long term, have something that is easily duplicated by others.

Niche Websites - Primary Theme

This blog is going to be primarily to do with the content sites I create, and how I do it. will have blogs covering SEO tools, Niche tools, and Niche Content, and well as "".

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