Saturday, July 09, 2005

Source Code Blowout - a rebrand package with a difference

This Promotion Will Almost certainly
13th-18 July 2005
(if the page is still up, the deal is still on)

The price has just gone up from $197 to $297

Promoting Source Code Blowout for the last few days has been very kind to me, it has ENABLED me, I will certainly be able to speed up my Internet Marketing career.

Thus I have been thinking of some way I can ENABLE OTHERS!


I will help you buy this amazing package for
less than the original price.

Now this doesn't involve any kind of hack, it is quite simple

Every single Payment I receive as an affiliate for this package,
I am going to decline.
(my Paypal is set up to receive GBP, and the affiliate program pays 50% - I have set my preferences to allow me to block all payments in USD, and I can just decline every payment)

You will effectively get the product for $297 and I will make sure you are rebated 50% of the purchase price within 24hrs (I can't automate it).

Yes there is a risk, you might not know me from Adam. I haven't been involved with Internet Marketing for very long, just 3 short months. In those 3 month I hope I have shown the kind of guy I am. I am already close to one of the Top20 posters on the Howto forums, I am always looking to help people. I do plug the odd product in sig files, but I always try to do it ethically, and with the intent to help a person requiring information. I always plug good free viral products over something that requires immediate payment.

So that is the deal, very simple, save money even on the price you would have paid just yesterday, and snap up one of the final copies.

Lets succeed together

Andy Beard

Grab Source Code Blowout

Just to make it totally clear

You will be charged $297 dollars
50% of that will be paid to me as an affiliate
That payment will be blocked by Paypal to me
I will decline the payment so you get 50% back

I will be constantly monitoring my email (but a man has to sleep too), but you will get the payment declined within 24hrs, guaranteed.

Now if you use a credit card rather than direct Paypal, please drop me an email - we will have to work out the best way to refund you, because I don't think it's possible to refund just half of a credit card payment. I would have to make a seperate payment after accepting the funds. The total value of that payment would be all the money I receive after Paypal standard charges. You would still get the package approx $45 cheaper than originally available.

There is a growing trend of successful internet marketeers:-

They are not selling products for you to use
They are not selling resale rights products
They are not selling master resale rights

What they are selling is rebranding rights.

But it it is a little bit more complicated than that.

Often there are severe restrictions placed on how you can use and sell your rebranded software.

Whilst the product will have your name on it often (but not always).

You get no support
You can't sell the resale rights
You can't sell any form of master rights
You can't set the price you want to sell the product at
You can't bundle the product in a "bundle" or offer it as a bonus
You can't include the product in a membership site, either free or paid
You are limited on where you can sell the products (no ebay etc)

Sometimes these restrictions make sense, they create product longevity.
Most of the time however they become overly restrictive, especially if you want to market the products through your own affiliate network at a later date.

Source Code Blowout is an exception!

The only serious restriction is that you can't bundle more than 3 of the products together as a package

That doesn't prevent you offering additional items as a "back-end" upsell
It doesn't restrict you selling the products on Ebay
If you want to sell the products through your affiliate network, you don't have to place stupid restrictions on them that do not apply to other products you sell.

So how good are the products within Source Code Blowout?

Article Site Builder - Automated site building software whilst remaining popular has in my opinion reached it's peak for premium priced sales. There is a huge amount of competition in this market for various services.
What is important to realise is that the medium and budget price points are an untapped market!
Based on the terms, you can sell this software for whatever price you like, $37 - no problem, $20 - yep that is a no-brainer for anyone new to the internet marketing arena.

Blog & Ping Automator - for a while, blog & ping has been "all the rage" - the ultimate way to get your website listed fast in search engines. There are reports of this being "over done" and that it is now less effective. Listings are not appearing like magic after just a few pages are blogged.
That doesn't mean that this strategy is useless. You will still gain loads of good reciprocal links, and lots of additional traffic, especially if you have multiple blogs.

Ad Tracker Pro - a truely exceptional product - it is not just a script for your own use, but a service you can provide others, whether it be your own affiliates, customers to your web-hosting, or as a unique service at a discount price.
Whilst the script itself is subject to the terms and conditions for bundling, there is nothing preventing you offering a free pro-tracking account as a bonus!

Affiliate Marketers Toolkit - these scripts seem of less value at first glance, but are extremely useful, especially when combined with the tracking script.

Free List Pro - Not a remarkable script in itself, but you have the source code for it, unlike other scripts you might license. This gives you the huge potential to differentiate and create a truely unique script or service. It is a nice bonus.

Google Adsense Empire - Adsense is big - it is going to get bigger as more and more people realise how easy it is to make content based websites and want an effective monetization method. You get the chance to rebrand this book and use the content any way you like. This book has great email list building potenial, and you could overload it with viral marketing links to both your own and other people's products.

The Blog & Ping Tutorial - a great addition to the Blog & Ping Automator. Compare it to and you can see it is extraordinary value. Bundling this with the Blog & Ping Automator, or offering the automator as an upsell to this are 2 great ways to maximise sales.

Becoming a Master Affiliate Marketeer - this is another ebook with huge potential. Just like the Google Adsense ebook, there are huge opportunities when you have no limit on how you can use the material, especially with viral marketing and some great upsell products.

Healthy Computing - I can see this book being a huge hit with large corporations to include on their intranet sites for a one-time license fee.

The Movable Type Video Tutorial - with more and more people blogging daily, this tutorial is going to be a good seller, though I might have preferred it to be based around Wordpress.

There is so much flexibility in all of these products

  • Each has very good sales potential in its own right
  • You have great bundling options
  • Some of the products allow you to offer a service for upsell and list-building

But even more importantly

  • They can be localised in any language
  • You could publish the in multiple unique ways, as content, on an intranet, or even offline in a printed book
  • The program code can not just be rebranded, it can be enhanced and tweaked to offer a truely unique service

  • You can sell them at whatever price you like
  • They can be sold whereever you like
  • You have true master rights with only 1 restriction (no more than 3 bundled together)
Just wait until you see the UPSELL for Source Code Blowout - even better value!

Obviously I am not going to share with you all of my own plans, what I have detailed above are just the tip of the iceburg.

Source Code Blowout is certainly one of the best products I have seen this year, and your earnings from it would only be limited by your own imagination.

Source Code Blowout offers great value, even if you never sell a single item.

p.s. Numbers of this product are limited to 500 copies, and close to half have already been sold. This is not an opportunity you want to miss.
p.p.s Imagine how fast people would snap these up sold individually on the same page for $10 each, or $30 with master rights (that isn't bundling them!)