Friday, July 22, 2005

Niche Website Tools - important

I have been very lazy on this blog for the last few days. I have a great new tool to play with and it is both increasing my productivity, and destroying my sleeping patterns.

The Dowser Professional has changed my keyword research in so many ways over the last 6 days, I don't really know where to begin.

On the first day I had it, I found an explosive niche with a KEI close to 3,000,000

That was just one of the KEIs based around a single keyword that generated 10+ results that are 1000+ and 20+ that are 400+.

How long did that research session take me? About 20 minutes!

Previously I have used Wordtracker, Overture, and various other hosted tools for my keyword research. With those tools you can build up a very effective keyword list, and make some money.


I had invested a number of hours researching my keywords for my Getting Rid of Ground Moles niche website.

But I had missed some, and I had totally ignored the signifiance of exactly how much traffic some keywords could bring in, compared to how different keywords would bring in more adsense revenue.

Thus you have to target both the high paying keywords and the high traffic keywords on the same page.

Now you would normally think that the high traffic keywords are going to also be the high payers. Not so!

I found that 4 of the top 7 paying keywords for my site actually get no search traffic whatsoever. I would never have found them using Wordtracker (at least the free version).

I will go into more details regarding The Dowser Professional in a few days, but I knew I had to mention it today because their pre-launch special offer price finishes in just a few hours.

Buying The Dowser Professional today will save you $30 and they are very supportive and honest.

You pay only $67

There is only currently 3hrs and 25 minutes left to buy the product at this price
Grab it while you can!

p.s. I honestly haven't made the most of The Dowser, I only had a couple of niche sites launched up until now, I have had the Dowser only 6 days, and I expect it to pay for itself this month.

Please hurry and order The Dowser Professional now, it has my strongest recommendation.

Getting Rid of Ground moles has now been moved from the free atspace server to a professional hosting account with it's own domain. It was making money on Atspace, but was getting no traffic from either Google (low ranking) and Yahoo (atspace seem to be banned). Yahoo results are not just used by the Yahoo portal , but by all the other service they own. This was a major problem.
The move was a major pain, I spent many hours trying to move the blog, and then decided to just start a new one.
I left the old site up and running, changed the content to direct traffic to the new site. Every link now points outwards, so for a while I will leave the sites interlinked until traffic dies off on the old site.
Traffic seems to be following the links to the new site, and is still consuming the original content. I haven't lost any revenue.

I have some more things to discuss in a couple of days, and will be officially announcing a new test niche site that even though I say so myself is insanely cheeky, and will prove the effectiveness of "The Dowser".