Saturday, July 16, 2005

Achieve your goals - Mindpower Fact or Fiction - all proceeds to cancer charity

I was just browsing one of my favorite Internet Marketing forums and saw this plea for help.

Ian has put together a very good mini-site / niche website, and is looking to improve his traffic. He doesn't want to make the website commercial. He is collecting donations for charity, in exchange for an book. I empathise with his sentiments and so came up with an idea to help him.

Bloggers are very much a community, a very powerful community when it comes to good causes. I thought this would be a great way of showing the power of the blogging community, used for a good cause.

All proceeds to cancer charity

The Warrior Forum - Help from experienced marketers, please: "Hi everyone,

I desperately need help.

I'm a 58 year-old academic and almost by definition no marketing whiz kid!

I wrote a book entitled Accelerated Goal Manifestation which received testimonials from Joe Vitale and a wonderful testimonial from Charles Burke.

Charles Burke was kind enough to post an article of mine (Goal Setting - The Facts Behind The Fiction) which had a tremendous success and people who acquired my AGM book as a consequence wrote to me from all over the globe to thank me. Some of the emails I received where so beautiful I felt very humbled indeed.

People can acquire my book via the PayPal donation facility (please see why at:

I have posted the article here as well but somehow it has not had the same result

The bottom line is this. I need help from you marketing folk.

I have heard all about RSS, Blogs, JVs, list building etc. etc. but due to my very limited knowledge I am totally lost as to what to do next.

Ian S.N. Randall is a Reiki Triple Master and healer. He has degrees in Education and
Psychology. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed 'Accelerated Goal Manifestation' which has changed the lives of people all over the globe and received glowing testimonials from such eminent figures as Dr. Joe Vitale and Charles Burke.

p.s. For any naysayers, you get a great book for whatever price you wish to pay, rather than Ian charging you $50, $70 or even $97 as some have suggested his book is worth.
p.p.s Better hurry before someone persuades him the only way to raise money is to charge $97 and use pay per click advertising