Tuesday, June 21, 2005

TripleYourList.com - warning for free users

Triple Your List is a brand new system from the same team as TheListmachine.com

The ListMachine was highly successful because it gave you the chance to send email to many more people than you or your downline personally signed up, in a safe manner (no spam complaints).

Triple Your List is attempting to do the same, but they are taking it a stage further, and actually providing you with what are suggested to be double opt-in leads.

Sure the leads are double opt-in as far as the owners of the site are concerned, and their premium members, but this is being promoted as a service for free members.

Read the following from their upgrade page within the site

3. Get All The Information.

Let's face it, even though these leads are about as good as they get, there's still a chance that you'll get hit with a false spam complaint. Protect yourself. As a "Premium" member you'll get not only the name and email address for each prospect, you'll also get the Signup IP Address, Signup Time, Confirmation IP Address, and Confirmation Time.

This information is absolutely priceless when it comes to leads, and if you're even a novice Internet marketer you probably already know this. Having this information is essential if you want to run a safe email marketing campaign.

Within the above they are effectively telling everyone with even a small amount of knowledge of the CAN SPAM act that if you are a free member, the leads are worth next to nothing because you are in danger of a spam complaint.
It is not good producing this information after the fact, when your website has been shut down by your ISP. You have to provide things like IP address in every email to be safe.

This is how a free opt-in looks like from the system

Here is your lead. Put it to good use. 100% double opt-in.

Email Address: email address
First Name: Firstname
Last Name: Surname
Lead Method: Cycle System

This is not 100% double opt-in to my own email list!

Additional Follow-up Information

In response to some of the questions I have received regarding the initial post, I am including the following section in red.

It is not a question of how the leads were obtained, but of what information you can include in every email such that you are safe from having your ISP pull the plug on you.

IMHO Gary has overdone the upsell, making the free version worthless. All the information should be provided to free users, just not the convenience features and the extra leads.

Then it is fully legitimate - you could use the leads as long as you fully comply with CAN SPAM, Industry and ISP guidelines, like providing a real email address, mailing address and telephone number on every email you send to your leads, along with opt-out and details of where and when they signed up with their IP address

My advice is not to sign up to this program as a free member, because you will only get yourself in severe trouble. Free users get nothing from this program whatsoever.

If you want to sign up as a paid member please go here (not a referral link, I cancelled my membership)

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