Sunday, June 19, 2005

RSS Website - it is not just for blogs

RSS is a great way to keep your readers informed of changes to your blogs, and as a strategy, but what most people don't realise is that it can be used extremely easily with conventional websites.

Unfortunately most off-the-shelf website building tools aimed at non-technical users don't offer any form of RSS feed option. Often it is impossible to integrate it, and if it is possible, it is either a complicated integration process, or only available as a piad extra.

Every single page of your website could be published as an RSS feed, get listed fast in search engines and automatically pinged to many RSS agregators and directories. Your subscribed customers could be updated immediately with all changes to your website, not just posts in your blog.

Site Build It

The most complete non-technical solution is to use Site Build It (SBI). It is designed as the ideal tool to help a non-technical user create a valuable high content website that pulls in traffic. Being RSS enabled, not only does it help bring in more traffic, but it also greatly increases the stickiness, and the number of repeat visits. It is the perfect .
It is easy to turn your into a profitable business, and it is one of the most powerful tools used by home based business. What many people don't realise is that SBI is also used by .

Cheaper Alternatives

Ok but what about the professional niche website builder, who already has a number of SBI sites, and is experimenting with a large amount of new niches, and doesn't want to invest $300/year in a site he is not 100% sure about.

Here are 2 very good options

Simple Site Builder

One of my favorite scripts is Simple Site Builder. It is a really useful php website builder script that is easy to install, and contains almost all the functionality you need to create 100s of niche websites extremely quickly.
"Easy Do It Yourself PHP Web Site Builder" Build unlimited search engine friendly pages, add RSS feeds, easy to use rich text editor, create pop-up windows on the fly, and more.Click here to learn more..
There is currently a special extremely limited promotion for this script where you can buy not only unlimited use of the script for your own websites, but also sell the script to others to use on their own sites (master resale rights) - You could easily sell this script to your own customers or as part of a web hosting package.

Simple site builder php website script special offer - master resale rights

Content Management Systems

I haven't actually played with this option myself, but I have noticed that some of the also have the facility to produce RSS feeds of their content.

I have seen a number of websites created using this system by people experienced in internet marketing. One of the reasons I haven't delved into this too greatly is time. Many of the sites using this seem to have "broken" RSS feeds, you try to add them to your RSS reader and it doesn't seem to work.

RSS is complicated enough for most users, just as a concept - if your implementation isn't idiot proof, you are not helping your customer. Using a complicated CMS system is only an option if you have the knowledge to create a seemless end user experience.

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