Friday, June 10, 2005

Incubator project for the masses - leveraging niche websites and affiliate marketing

One of my long term goals is to help raise the standard of life and generate wealth for my local community.
I have lived in Poland for 12 years, and helping people achieve their life goals has always been the final destination of my career path (though maybe I didn't know it when I was in my 20s)
In a recent forum thread on the Howto marketing forum, I decided to share one of my business goals to illustrate a point that any program that offers high rewards on the internet might not be a ponzi or pyramid scheme, but could just as easily be funding an investment or incubator scheme that has a high chance of success.
The following is a rough outline for an online based incubator project that sometime in the future (when funds allow), I intend to create.

This is not a formal business plan with a detailed cost break-down - it is hardly more than a poorly prepared elevator pitch, but I think many will find it interesting.

The Main Concepts

Find 100 people looking to improve their financial standing working part-time. You would interview them, make sure they had an interesting background, and were literate.

Do a bulk deal with Ken Evoy of for 100 SBIs, or have your own custom system and hosting.

Set the 100 people up with the SBIs and provide additional mentoring and help with brainstorming, design and monetization. Provide all necessary tools, even computers if necessary. You would take 50% of revenue in the first year or until a site reached a certain level of success, and 25% thereafter. Obviously they would also be free to work on their own projects once a certain level of success was attained

This is one of my longterm ideas, but I would also like to make the SBI interface localised, which would cost a lot of time and some $$ outlay. I suppose this could be set up with $50000, as long as you staggered the process. I have managed 100+ localization projects in the past, so have the contacts to achieve that goal cost effectively.


Imagine what you could do with more money, in a country where the primary language was English.

I am in Poland, monetization might be harder for a non-english site but that creates more opportunity. The opportunities in Poland are actually staggering.

In Poland I could even pay an initial wage if someone was doing this full-time, as an advance on future earnings.
I could easily get a grant from the EU and the Polish government, and if I was providing jobs for the un-employed, there are loads of tax benefits.

Many people promote SBI as an ideal business opportunity for the masses. The concept is amazing and the support from SiteSell is second to none. I agree with them. Obviously the people selected have to want to succeed, and have to be willing to work hard at it.

The concept outlined here is an ideal, low risk incubator. It also provides wealth generation for the masses.

I am quite happy to share this idea, because if someone copies it

1. It won't prevent me doing it myself in the future
2. They would provide 100 or more people a better life

It is quite possible that there are people already doing something similar - many super affiliates have employees who they train, and actively help them when they decide to leave the nest. Who knows what is really happening in India, China, The Philipines, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

There are so many global services that are run by the Chineese.

Not all investment in incubator projects have to be high-risk in technology firms. It is quite possible to create an incubator project that is helping ordinary people improve their lifestyles through the use of existing technology and niche websites that deliver high quality, in demand content.

Learn about how ordinary people can turn their passions into successful online businesses

Take a quick tour of SiteBuildIt
(one day I hope to use this to help the people in my community)