Thursday, June 02, 2005

Greenzap? Latest Greatest Payment Processor

I have been making a few posts on the forum regarding Greenzap.

Greenzap? Latest Greatest Payment Processor

and in the continuing thread commenting to "Rony" a Greenzap "Liason"

Greenzap, affiliates and feedback

Now I am sure there are people who are annoyed that they can't withdraw their "free" money from Greenzap, but that doesn't make the money useless.

For merchants it is still a very viable offer, my problems with the whole "scheme" is the company business model, and want to make sure Greenzap's business is sustainable.
The only way for merchants to get any information is to apply via a contact form. No information is available to the public. As I have seen noone comment on what they information they gained after they applied, I am sure it is subject to a Non-disclosure agreement.

Now this is what makes Rony's offer to hold a special teleconference funny. All the information that people want, and have ever wanted from Greenzap, they could easily post on their website for the world to see.
They know what people want to know, but are holding their cards tight to their chest. A teleconference is not the kind of staged even to post detailed financial information.

One thing that excites me is the debit card, providing that it is available for people outside the US, can be used on the internet and the charges are not extreme (hehe also payable with webcash?). There is however no information about that provided. Paypal offer a debit card, but it is not international.