Thursday, June 02, 2005

GreenZap almost open their doors

Greenzap's main page has been just a counter for a day or so.

The counter reached zero today and the new site was available.

One thing very alarming about Greenzap's front sign-in page, it is not secure! They don't have SSL encryption of the sign in process. If you go to any other reputable payment processor their login page is secure.

Greenzap is not secure

So despite the lack of security I typed in my email address and password and got a page saying this...

Welcome to GreenZap!
We have added additional verification measures to authenticate each individual. This is to ensure that all of us are using an authentic email account. You will receive login access information from us there within the next 48 hours. We look forward to serving you.

Happy Zapping!

Thus despite the fact that they have had 6 weeks or more to verify my details with me, on launch day it seems I have to wait up to another 2 days to actually see my account.
And this from a company whose login page is not secured!

The Greenzap site however isn't fully functional

GreenZap Sign-ups are still not possible

Since the site went down recently, it hasn't been possible to sign up new recruits
Now the site is back up, at least the referral links point to a webpage for signing up.
Unfortunately, none of the areas on the page that should allow you to click them and sign-up are "hot" - they have no hyperlinks assigned.

Something tells me Greenzap are having problems juggling their matrix system.

The good news is that they still have listed on the re-designed website that all new sign-ups receive $25 in their account for free. Once the site is live, it is well worth signing up for the bonus, and well worth signing up as a vendor because there will be lots of people with Greenzap accounts full of money wanting to spend it.

As per my previous post, I still don't think they are a serious competitor for Paypal

I will post again when I finally get access, and when the sign-up process is enabled. Hopefully by then they will have invested a few dollars in a security certificate. They are very cheap for legitimate firms to buy.

Then if you haven't, you can Grab $25 of Green for Free!