Saturday, June 04, 2005

Corey Rudl - the passing of an internet marketing legend

He died in a car crash Thursday morning while racing his porche

LA Times story have pictures

I was one of Corey's 70,000+ affiliates, though a rather new one. I have never made any money from selling his products, but still promoted them, knowing that the products would help others get ahead.
I still hope to be able to buy many of them for my own use in the future.

That being said Corey was of the 2 internet marketing "gurus" who I truely respected without question (the other is Ken Evoy). It wasn't due to the potential of earning money selling his products, but because of the amount of quality information he gave me, totally for free.

Thousands of people have become hugely successful because of his teaching, and this is a tragic loss to the internet marketing community.

Yesterday (Friday) after he died, I received an email from him, with more information to help me succeed online. That is the power of the sales and marketing techniques he promoted, even after passing away.

Corey Rudl R.I.P Thursday June 2nd 2005 - I truely hope his teaching becomes immortal

Whilst this is just one of hundreds of small tributes to Corey on the internet that have appeared over the last few days, I would like to direct readers to one in particular. has become firmly established as the "hub" where you will find hundreds of personal and very moving words.