Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pay per Click terms and conditions

Maybe they should read the CIA World Factbook

I have been looking at monetizing some of the niche websites I have planned.

These comments are based on the Findwhat.com terms and conditions.

Some of the countries/regions that do not qualify as clicks are really strange.

Not allowed: Gibraltar, Guernsey

Seems that Jersey, Isle of Mann and the Falkland Islands are ok though.

Not allowed: Norway, Denmark, Sweden

But for some reason Finland is acceptable

Not allowed: Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy

But France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Malta, Monaco, Corsica, all ok

Yes I know Corsica is part of France, but remember Gibraltar & Guernsey were not allowed.

Now of course most of South America is allowed, but not Mexico or Ecuador.

I can't believe the fraudulent number of clicks from these territories are any worse than other territories.

I would hazard a guess that certainly among internet users, there is a higher understanding of the English language, and income per capita in many of these countries than you would find in many states of America.

Who makes these decisions?

I can't see any correlation between region, language or Gross National Capita.

Edit: Support for Germany, France and Spain are probably because of the merger with Espotting who supported those 3 counties. It is strange that they don't support Italy however, considering Espotting have a service there.