Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Niche Websites - "On the Job Training"

There is a lot to learn about internet and niche marketing, how can you learn faster?

You will read in many places that emulating success is a good technique.

Now what better way to emulate success than to actually work for a successful internet marketeer on a part-time basis.

There are many aspects of niche marketing that are quite time consuming, and the skills you need to perform the task are quite easy to pick-up.

Recently I spotted a post on a popular internet marketing forum from someone looking for help with reciprocal linking. Now this is a subject I know something about already, and I have the tools to do it. It is also something that will benefit their bottom line, and I can earn some financial compensation.

Obviously you are going to have to know enough to prove that you are not going to be wasting their time, or cause them any complications. If your communications skills were refined in the unsavory part of the internet world, expect to be turned down sharply.

My proposal was successful, and I am now working out a reciprocal link plan for someone, searching for internet sites that I should contact for reciprocal links, or 1 way links.

Essential Toolbox

A tabbed browser - I would certainly recommend Firefox
Searchstatus toolbar - this gives you Alexa and Google rating in one

http://www.faganfinder.com - a great tool for finding out loads of information about a site in the same niche.

I am learning a lot from this experience and I thoroughly recommend giving it a try if you have the time, will & energy to make the most of such an niche marketing learning opportunity.

Sitesell provide a great free service called Value Exchange where you can also register and search for high quality linking partners.
On the same page you can download one of the best books on linking, "Make your links work". This 90 page tome is a must read, and something you will reference repeatedly during your online career. Best of all, it is also totally free.