Friday, May 13, 2005

My Getting Rid of Ground Moles Niche Website

This is my first real attempt at a niche website

Hosting: Atspace (part of

Keyword research:

I used

Nos KEI Analysis, Count, 24Hrs, Competing, Keyword
1, 512.000, 32, 6, 2, getting rid of ground moles
2, 361.000, 19, 4, 1, homemade mole traps
3, 261.592, 141, 26, 76, mole extermination
4, 98.609, 126, 24, 161, getting rid of moles
5, 64.144, 87, 16, 118, how to get rid of moles

Now the KEI analysis isn't exceptional, I have many niche sites I intend to create which achieved 10K+, and one is up to 90K

What I thought was important is that none of the sites in my searching gave a solution (well other than all the mole traps). Also I was researching for the products anyway, so I would have content for the site easily.

All the products on show have come from Clickbank

I actually have a genuine problem with moles. We renovated a 100 year old cottage last year, laid new footpaths, a new lawn etc.
By mid-summer, the lawn was a series of craters dug by my dachshund, and the footpaths were subsiding. Who knows, they might have dug under the house as well and we will have even larger problems (the foundations are only lumps of stone and not very deep).

I spend 3 days looking for an autoresponder service I was happy using. To be honest I am not happy with the one I chose. would have been my choice, but didn't allow double opt-in, and didn't record things like the IP address. Most services if you are a free user will not allow you to broadcast an email to all your membership.
Many of them would only work with their own custom forms, and I wanted the ability to customise the way people would register. I wanted to be able to experiment.

I ended up using

My reasons for doing it are partially based on confused logic. I had seen so many systems, it was becoming all merged into one. They are not my ideal service (for a free customer).

As a free customer you can't broadcast to your mailing list, and you don't have access to some of their very good automatic tools for geting more subscribers.

Their interface however still allows for email registration, supported by many 3rd party pop-up and op-in interface tools, so whilst I can't use their code, I can do just as well, or maybe better using someone elses.

Many of the services I might have chosen, some of which even allowed me to broadcast, fell down on this one major point, and as such failed my goals.

I am not worried about the occasional advert, that is something I can work around.

If you are a paid subscriber, Getresponse certainly has more features than any other service I looked at.

For me, their only serious competitor is a specialist host that provides an all inclusive service such as Sitesell with their Site Build It! service.
Another alternative is to buy autoresponder software and install on your ISP, or to use software from your own PC such as Mailloop. You do need to have your PC permanently online for that though if you want things to run in real-time. The advantage is total control, a real responsive interface and no monthly fees.

Anyway, I digress...

For my mailing list subscriptions I am using multiple methods of capture.

1. After entering the page, after 90 seconds a system requester pops-up asking if the person wants to join my mailing list. If they say yes, the script captures their Primary email address in their mail client, and asks for confirmation to send the subscribe request (they don't have to type anything!)

2. If they leave the page, the same pop-up appears. This does not affect the external links on the page which all open in new windows.

3. I have various subscription options on the page itself

  • A button that opens the pop-up
  • A traditional form
  • RSS feed

The popups were created with a tool called Magic Subscriber - now I am not sure where I got it from, one of many 100s of mailing list subscriptions or membership sites. I do have resale rights for the product, so in theory I can give it away. Anyone who links to this site or to one of my niche sites can have it for free (I will just email it, it is just over 5MB)

Now the funny part - I have have very little to immediately do with these addresses. As I have promised my subscribers, they are only going to get emails if I get some serious results with my own "Get rid of ground moles" campaign.
Hopefully some subscribers will send me some success stories I can post to people.

Also the missing "Mail Blast" option with my free account with GetResponse is a major pain, but I am sure I can learn to live with it, there are always ways to work around enforced limitations.

My Getting Rid of Ground Moles site took me about 4 hours to create, and piecing together the technology probably took me more than 2 weeks. Hopefully we can speed things up and get some multiple streams of income working.