Monday, May 16, 2005

Google visit to niche website in 3-4 days

A little update for you on my "Getting rid of Ground Moles" niche website.
I promised juicy information and here is some...

Some facts

The site was first uploaded 4 days ago.
The site is hosted on a free host
The site has to my knowledge no external links pointing to it other than this blog (which is also only 4 days old)
The site is relatively well optimised for keywords
Google was not spotted on Statscounter
Regarding search engines/directories, I submitted to the top15 or so that allowed subdomains on Friday (just over 48hrs ago), though Google, MSN and Yahoo are probably more like 72 hrs
All external links are currently fed through a metatag redirect page, which I don't think Gooogle bots really follow (or if they do, you don't get credit for linking to good content that way)

Am I a gifted beginner at SEO?

The site is now listed on Google

Here are some nice search terms I have already checked for positioning. Actually 2 of these are already from potential customers.

Getting rid of ground moles (Ranked 2)

These came from real 3rd party searches (potential customers)

Get rid of moles (Ranked 8th or 9th)
Natural ways to control moles lawn (Ranked 4th)

I have a lot more content I intend to add to cover a few more types of product and to provide some high quality links to research papers, so I should be able to catch some more keywords.

I certainly don't think Google is penalising me for being on a free web host. I would never be able to achieve a No.2 rank on a search so quickly if they were.

It is not listed on Yahoo yet
It is not listed on MSN yet

As far as I can tell this blog has not been spotted by Google yet (and I didn't submit it to Google). This blog has only been sending out pings and is in maybe 2 directories. Thus this blog had nothing to do with my "Getting rid of Ground Moles" niche website appearing in Google so quickly.

So did Google crawl my site within 3-4 days of being submitted?
Based purely on me submitting a free site suggestion?

I can't see any other reason for that site being listed, and it simply amazes me...