Saturday, May 14, 2005

Feedburner, Pingomatic and blog template customization

I have spent a few hrs playing around with a few template modifications. First of all I added my site to

Feedburner gives me a lot more options in feed types, making it a lot easier for others to syndicate my blogs. They also give you some nice tools such as the syndication icons you can see over in my sidebar, and another neat automatically generated graphic you can use in Forum posts.

Exploring Niche Websites

Feedburner also pointed me in the direction of

Pingomatic provide a service allowing you to ping approx 20 RSS agregators in 1 go, just by clicking a bookmark they provide you with after the first use of their system.
Half of the sites even accepted my blog even though I hadn't signed up manually with them.
I still have to return to all the sites that didn't accept my blog update ping, but the Pingomatic service is a real timesaver, and very easy for a new blogger to use.

Using Feedburner it is also advisable to do some customisation to your template. You need to remove one automatic tag set by Blogger, and to manually endit some things. This gets a little technical.

Feedburner do have a very good forum, and I have posted my changes on the thread dealing with these modifications, so you can see what I did to make my template changes for "Exploring Niche Websites".