Saturday, May 14, 2005


I am highly impressed with

I only submitted my moles niche website to their crawler yesterday. I checked my email today and found a message that it is already listed.

ExactSeek only work on Metatags - This is unfortunate in some ways, because you can get penalties in other engines if you load up your metatags with too many similar words.

For example I had "Getting rid of ground moles" in my keywords, but not "Get rid of moles"
I did have "Get rid of moles" in my site frequently - ExactSeek doesn't see this though.

For the phrase "Getting Rid of Ground Moles" I actually have the only serch listing - yay!
Also, for the phrase "Getting rid of moles" I am the one and only listing
I am not currently listed at all for "Get rid of moles"

From some other tests they place a great deal more emphasis on keywords than the description.

So I have played with my keywords a little, and hopefully I won't get penalised by other engines too much.

ExactSeek even provide you with a button to request a re-crawl of your site, so maybe tomorrow I will already see the result.

Exactseek is becoming popular - it currently has an Alexa rating of 1797 (and that is improving daily)- it is not Yahoo, MSN or Google, but still very useful, and great for testing.