Friday, December 23, 2005

Wordpress Plugin: Snowfall

I launched a new site today, along with a little seasonal gift

I have mentioned using Taggerati in the past, along with Blog Auto Publisher. This site has Taggerati implemented, although the tagging is currently being performed manually rather than by keyword list.

I currently have 13 or 14 pages on the site, and have only created one post. Every page is different, though I need a lot more content to make them truely unique.

I will have lots more plugins for Wordpress available soon.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Dowser - Nice Christmas Present

Whilst it has been slated as having a bit of a cumbersome interface, The Dowser has always been one of my favorite keyword research tools.

I don't use it exclusively, I also own The Keyword Bible (great for fast keyword list generation), Keyword Locator, and a number of other tools I use, free, purchased, and even a couple I wrote myself while learning some PHP.

I just received a most welcome email from the guys at The Dowser... it was long overdue

They have been keeping users equiped with additional tools over the last few months, and they have proven to be useful.

But there hadn't been a Dowser Update...

Until NOW!

Here is the email...

Early Season's Greetings to you!

Here's the most awaited Chistmas Goodie we have in store
for you...

** Introducing - TheDowser Professional V5.5 **

As a registered customer of TheDowser Professional,
you'll be able to download this new release at no cos.t.

TheDowser Professional V5.5 includes several major bug
fixes, including:
- Multiple Overture Security box pop-up problem fix
- Fixed formatting issues with Google and Overture
- Improved harvesting speed by 30%
- Reduced CPU consumption by 35%


Drum Rolls Please....

We've added the ability to extract Google Bids data from
Google AdWords Traffic Estimator for each keyword!

(You'll need an existing Google AdWords account to use
this feature)

** Google Bids Feature List **

TheDowser Professional Version 5.5 nows offers you the
ability to obtain Google Bid data for EACH keyword,
- Number of Clicks/Day
- Average Cost/Click
- Average Position
- Cost/Day
- Searches/Day

In addition, you'll be able to obtain the above data based
on SIX Maximum Cost-Per-Click and Keyword Matching options:

- $90 Max CPC and Broad Match Keywords (Default Setting)
- $90 Max CPC and Exact Match Keywords
- Google Suggested Max CPC and Broad Match Keywords
- Google Suggested Max CPC and Exact Match Keywords
- $0.10 Max CPC and Broad Match Keywords
- $0.10 Max CPC and Exact Match Keywords

** Other New Features **

We've also added a 'Tools' section (the right-most tab
located on the lower pane)

You'll find various sub-tabs available:
- Tools
- Competition
- Design
- Content
- Products

I will give you some feedback (and maybe even some screenshots) in a couple of days.

You can pick up a free version of the Dowser, and it is not in any way time limited

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Forget Dripping, the Content is going to Flow

I have been a little quiet for the last week, mainly cobbling lots of things together, and brainstorming a load of projects for my newly out-sourced programmers.

I also wrote 2 reports, one on Making Money from Blogging and the other on promoting your business with articles. Both will be released, along with a load of other reports soon (at least that is the plan).

Nigel posted a comment, but I thought it best to answer it here

Andy, I'd be interested in your thoughts on Content Desk ( versus PortalFeeder. Could you throw Content Desk into your mix of reviews along with Article Miner and Blog Auto Publisher? Content Desk is also asking a $197 per month fee, and it appears to me that PortalFeeder may to trying to compete with them. Would sure love to know your thoughts/experience. By the way, do you have a PortalFeeder site up yet?

I can create sites with Portal Feeder, but currently I don't have the inclination.

They don't have the features I am looking for yet.

The software does work, but the time involved in gathering content, and the final results without effectively redesigning a site with custom PHP stuff, means I am not going to make a huge effort trying to make it do thing it is not capable of on it's own without major modifications.

Dr. Mani has a strong belief that it is going to be a good system. He might well be right, it is not just a single programmer involved, but a whole team. Hopefully I will get a good taste of it before I have to make a final decision.

A week ago I joined an off-shoot of Content Desk, Content Propulsion Lab.

It seems to be a pretty good service, but the biggest value for me is the opportunity to grill Willie Crawford and Jack Humphreys on article marketing. Willie is not only one of the most helpful internet marketers I have encountered, he is also a sly fox, and I am going to enjoy learning some tricks.

The aim of Content Propulsion Lab is to exploit media to the maximum, whether it be articles, podcasting, or vlogging. They provide all the tools, tuition and with Content Desk, a massive exclusive distribution channel.

It was interesting listening to 2 different teleseminars on Article Marketing within a week. The Free seminar laid on by Article Marketer was very informative (a recording is available here), but at the same time extremely different.

The teleseminar from Content Propulsion Lab was more "in the trenches". It was more focused on how to make money from Article Marketing than how to write good articles.

Neither were like a hyped sales pitch in any way. I think a lot of the attendees for the Article Marketer teleseminar were existing customers, and the Content Propulsion Lab conference was purely customers.

A longer post about CPL was well overdue, but I have a major project that has to be launched... hopefully today.

Content Desk... I don't know. I am severely tempted to sign up in some way and convert my existing membership.

The hosting is worth a bit, though I have 8 hosting accounts spread around. I have no idea quite how powerful the tools are but I suspect I can do more with blogging and BAP. Their system is in constant development though, and maybe they have a few useful tricks in their toolbox.

The tools isn't everything. It is the learning experience and "peer group"

For instance I have made the effort of joining 2 teleconferences for CPL despite starting at 2am for me.

I am not making a fortune online yet, I spend a large chunk of my income in growing my business, with tools, domains and services. But I do it out of my profit.

I popped into the forum at earlier, I hadn't been there for a while.

Someone wanted to know what to spend $500 on, this was my reply

Don't spend any of that $500 on anything other than hosting and domain
names unless it is from your PROFIT. Only spend money to enhance profit you are
already making. If you spend miney in the hope of making money, there is a
huge chance you will spend it on something that will make a loss.
Alternative view...
If you have no knowledge (but I don't think that is the
case), then you wouldn't go far wrong with taking up the seasonal offers
with Sitesell for 2 SBIs The
learning experience with SBI is extremely valuable, and I haven't heard of
anyone failing totally with an SBI site who put a little effort into it, and
followed the guidelines.

That was thought to be a little vague, so I elaborated a little...

It is a little vague It is to avoid the urge of spending money just because you have this big wad of money, and have decided to take up internet marketing, without a clue about what you are doing, but also just as important, what you like doing. Even if a technique proves to be something you can make money at,
you might not like the way you are doing it, and might end up out of pocket a
few $100 from the attempt. If you don't like writing, have no technical
knowledge, and have no intentions to learn, as an example, you might not be
justified spending $500 on tools to help you create niche websites. The best
ebooks are the ones that teach a single system. Most of those ebooks cost money,
and very often are focused around specific tools. E.g. Neil Shearings recent
ebook. A nice system, many people have had success with it, but the tools
involved will burn through that $500 and then some, and you might not like doing
the work, or be capable of the technical aspects.

I have a fair number of income streams coming in now, and most of what I spend is from residual earnings. I spend sustainable earnings on the growth of more sustainable income. I finally took a chuck of money out of my business a week ago, but most gets recycled in increased PPC, my investment in out-sourced programmers etc.

Most people fail online. I wouldn't want anyone purchasing a product with my recommendation who wasn't already making money.

There is a common mantra that you have to invest money in any business to succeed. You don't have to, it just helps speed up things a bit (success or failure).

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It is easy for successful people to say they were successful because they made a huge investment in something, and it payed off. That is like the lottery.

I tend to believe that those who will succeed in business will manage it, despite the hardships.

Many of the top marketers were broke when they started.

This is a long post with a lot of waffle, but it does have a purpose.

Anyone can learn how to setup a few Wordpress blogs. It will take time, but there is plenty of help available covering all the basics.

Read a few ebooks (I have some good ones in my library), though that is going to be expanded a lot soon.

Take part in all the free giveaways, and pickup some of the many open-source page generation scripts that are currently available.

Make money, and then invest it in your business.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Portal Feeder - I generated a site, but...

No I am not lying, I just managed to generate a site with Portal Feeder.

I had a couple of problems though:-

1. It didn't land up where it was meant to. I was generating it over on as an example site, and it ended up in the root directory. Not a major problem until...

It wided out the index file, fair enough, easy to replace, but every page on the domain stopped working. It has taken me an hour or so to work out what happened.

Here is the problem..

2. It seems Portal Feeder has a nasty habbit - I need to test this a little more to confirm, but ended up with the root directory, /public_html/ , CHMOD to 777 rather than 755

Many hosts don't allow 777 for the root domain. I can have other folders as 777 with no problem. I don't know the technical reasons, but 777 on my root domain just killed the site.

Errors comprised of

[Sat Dec 10 06:46:01 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /home/myhostname/public_html/index.htm
[2005-12-10 06:24:52]: error: directory is writable by others:(/home/myhostname/public_html)

I am going to report the error, and just concentrate on a quick demo blog for you guys as Olga delivered the Blog Auto Publisher version I was looking for in my email overnight.

I don't have Article Miner reactivated, yet (I know the guys are taking a break, so it was expected - they gave a few weeks notification of their travel plans) - it doesn't affect new users, just those re-installing on a different hardware config, with a variable IP.

Thus I will use some good quality Private Label Rights content.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Portal Feeder... sleeping

Yes I got some sleep after my marathon session. Switching over to a clean XP installation has also been time consuming. I still have over 100 apps to install, but I will get up and running over the weekend.

Portal Feeder was also sleeping a little over the last 48 hours. There is a lot of excitement on the forums, and an equal amount of constirnation. Customers obviously expect things to be working on day one.

I have actually managed to get something working today... The keyword bonus tool

It is actually quite useful. Whilst it includes features other tools don't have, that doesn't mean those features couldn't be easily added to other tools have been dragging their heals a little on the updates.
Some of the data seems a little "off" but then there are lots of tools that have been having problems recently due to search engine changes. Also because some of the results are different to what I expected to see, due to the way it works, they seem off, even though they aren't.
It does put a different perspective on keyword research, and whilst not as all encompassing as a tool like The Dowser, it gives different data. I have tested it with a few of the profitable niches I have found, and the data it gives confirms the results I have had.
It has fallen over on me a couple of times, but it is useful, and could easily be classed as a $100+ tool. It isn't for massive keyword research. It is for finding profitable niches.

Now the main Portal Feeder Client. I was actually shocked when I tried it on my clean WinXP installation... it loaded up and didn't crash. I haven't been able to create a site with it though.
Some aspects of the interface are interesting, others seem to be a wasted effort such as CSS styling, when it can already be in the template.

I have a teleconference to download that I didn't stay up for last night. Apparently the first program update will also appear later today.

Hopefully I will have Portal Feeder up and running over the weekend and have at least one example project to show you. There is a waiting list to be able to join Portal Feeder. How many slots become available really depends on how many drop out.

Also I will try to get an example of what can be done with Wordpress, Article Miner and Blog Auto Publisher to compare. I am not sure which niche I can base it on, and my Article Miner needs to be reactivated for my new XP installation. Good news is Olga (for Blog Auto Publisher) has just sent me a version for WinXP use (I previously has a Win98 build), thus I am not restricted in firepower, just short of amunition

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Portal Feeder vs ...

I just lost a very long post, going into extreme detail the differences between Article Miner and Portal Feeder.

I am not going to do it so long this time...

Article Miner has more useful tags, and you can define the size of snippets and the layout. Portal Feeder hasn't/can't, but has a couple of features that balance this out.

The RSS component of Portal Feeder could be achieved with Carp.

Portal feeder has the edge on feeding.

There is an aweful lot I haven't seen yet (like the client) - it is taking me ages to transfer 40 GB of data from one HD to another so I can reformat the drive (I don't want XP on FAT32)

Portal Feeder is a powerful tool, but then are many free scripts.

Everything works, it all depends on how you use a tool, not just the technology.

If you add Blog Auto Publisher to Article Miner using Wordpress... hmm in most cases it blows Portal Feeder away, but it does take more time to get setup.

I suppose now I am meant to offer you a huge bonus or a discount on something, but I am not going to.

You have 45 minutes, I am not going to try to persuade anyone to make a choice, because it is very much an individual thing.

There are loads of nice bonuses with Portal Feeder. It suits the slightly lazy intermediate marketer. Don't buy it if you can't make money with a free tool. Portal Feeder is buggy atm. But unfortunately you can't wait until the bugs are cleared up before making a choice.

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Portal Feeder - more interface thoughts

Whilst still clearing up a HD for a fresh XP installation, I have been struggling along with the web interface... trying to at least create one small site with it.

I have got the knack of creating a smaller batch of articles, but getting them targetted in any way seems very difficult. The interface keeps refreshing, you never know what is currently selected for categories, and selecting based on keyword density is a lost cause.

I would have expected a nice AJAX interface, very Gmail like, it isn't.

The server seems to be taking a break atm (downtime?), so time for me to grab a coffee.

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Portal Feeder - Web Interface

I am giving up with the web interface.

Now regular readers of this blog, and some of my posts on forums might understand that quite frequently I can be quite harsh describing products I am absolutely delighted to own, such as Blog Auto Publisher.

I have mentioned a couple of times that Blog Auto Publisher has a very Windows 95 feel to the interface, it can be a bit clunky, but it has a huge amount of potential power.

Well certainly the web interface of Portal Feeder is "not there yet". In fact some aspects of it might need to be totally reworked.

As an example there is all kinds of styling information within the process that in my opinion just shouldn't be there, and might not even be suitable for all templates.

I would like to confirm that the sites discovered certainly seem to be Portal Feeder sites, so if you want to go searching for some to take a look, go back a few posts and you will find what to look for... if they are still up.

BUT.. yes it is a big but!

It is very easy to just change that filename. It is not hard encoded, it is just an example of one of the types of pages you can create.

The system could... and should have the ability to have an unlimited number of templates per site, but it doesn't. You could however easily use the available slots for slightly different purposes to how they are currently used.

I actually have a "junk site" being created now. With the web interface I had a huge problem refining my article selections, so this site is going to be... big

Also for some reason the drip interface wasn't working on the web interface. It seems to have some useful options.

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I am in... well sort of

I know my Win98SE installation is severely messed up, so Portal Feeder (desktop) not working on it is no great shock. Maybe it is fixable.

Marc did suggest a download of the Microsoft GDI libraries, but it didn't fix the problem.

He did however also mention that Portal Feeder has a web interface that can be used, so I am having a play around with that, whiclst at the same time clearing up a harddisk so I can stick a fresh installation of WinXP on it.

One thing I don't like about the web interface is it involves an aweful lot of popup windows to enter details, but we will see how things go.

I don't think it will be any shock to discover that the web interface is a backend to the site.

There are a number of clearly defined steps to creating a site.

One thing I think that is vital for me to point out is the fact that the system is extendable. You can create your own tokens.

Regarding footprints, it seems like they can be avoided, but you would certainly want to play around with the templates (although I haven't looked at all of them obviously)

Oh, it is time for a picture...

I am being a little carful on what I show, but it proves that the interface is capable of testing your ftp connection.

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They didn't give me a chance...

I have so far drunk about 2 quarts of coffee, but it is only 5am... plenty of time to get really ratty from sleep deprivation.

I didn't get a chance to send that email, Marc Quarles just responded, and it seems like things are going to be progressing much faster.

Maybe I am just a little too easy going, but so far I have no negative feelings. Obviously I am frustrated... chomping at the bit to get up and running, and a little disappointed I haven't been able to show anyone anything yet, but I still believe I have enough time to get things done.

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Still alive and kicking... but no Portal Feeder

Another 3 hours has passed, still no access to the forum, or the program.

Two hours ago a friend told me he had accessed the forum, but hadn't even tried to run the software yet.

I haven't seen anyone post anywhere that they have the software up and running yet, so if you know of someone who has Portal Feeder running, please let me know.

I am worried that if I do get it running, I won't have time to build anything and show you some example sites that you know are generated with the released version.

I am going to try another email...

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Email response

I just received an email from Jason Katzenback

Real progress...

Hi Andy I will forward this to Marc and get you taken care of.

Now that is just over 3 hrs response time... and I am sure they are absolutely swamped right now.

Obviously they have a few things that need to be straightened out, but maybe... just maybe I will be able to give Portal Feeder a serious workout... before the 24hrs are over.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Portal Feeder - no response to email after 2.5 hrs

It has been 2.5 hours since I first sent an email to Jason Katzenback. No reply as yet.

I checked the support system for Portal Feeder, but only 3 older products are listed as topics of support. No sign of Portal Feeder there.

So I submitted a support query regarding Article Announcer. It was the highest ticket item, so might have better support time.

Here is the reply I received back from the support system (full documentation of this ordeal)

Dear Valued Customer,Thank you for recently submitting a support ticket to our
Help Desk at
This email is to let you know that your support inquiry has been received. One
of our Customer Support Representatives will be in contact with you as soon as
possible.Sincerely,The Jolt Marketing Support Team

I honestly expected to already be playing around with tokens and templates by now, as anyone with experience with related tools knows, that is what can make and break a product (as well as things like footprints)

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Portal Feeder - Footprints

Well I am still awaiting a reply from Jason Katzenback so I spent some time browsing the forums.

There is some hardcore analysis of Portal Feeder happening on Phil Wiley's forum.

Now this is not 100% confirms, but a few people claim that Portal Feeder leaves a massive footprint.

To find Portal Feeder sites, you just search for them on MSN

I have no idea whether this is some default configuration, or how they found a first site (maybe searching for article text).

Whatever tool made the sites, I must admit I don't like the numbered articles.

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Portal Feeder - 21:10

Here is a little update for you

23 minutes ago I sent the following email to Jason Katzenback (one of Jason Potash's partners)

Andy Beard to jkatzenback More options 8:48 pm (23 minutes ago)

Hi Jason

I am having some difficulties

I don't
have a user name for Portal Feeder
The support system does not have the
ability to setup a ticket for Portal Feeder

During installation
the following system error occured
Registration of some ActiveX controls
and/or Type Libraries failed. Installation will finish but the application may
not work properly. The following controls couldn't be

I am running quite a "congested" installation of Win98SE
I can't access
the forums to post this request as I have not been authorised yet.

So as you can see, I can't actually give you any detailed information at this time about Portal Feeder

I don't know whether I am alone in this situation. Maybe they are vetting applications as was suggested during the initial signup process. They certainly seemed to want assurance that the people buying Portal Feeder are people who are already making money online.

I certainly wouldn't suggest buying Portal Feeder unless it is something that will enhance your already profitable business.

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Portal Feeder Update

I just took the plunge and ordered Portal Feeder

Yes that is and affiliate link, because I don't want to have to come back and edit links at a later date, but at this moment in time, my verdict is wait and see.

Here are the reasons

You have 24 hours to make up your mind
Almost $400 up front, and then close to $200 per month from January (yes you do get the first month free)
The Terms and Conditions - there is a non-disclosure clause, so if you are likely to be making your own products in the future, this is something to think very carefully about.

The good news is that the up-front payment is 100% refundable for 3 months, and whilst the service charge isn't, you won't have any service charge to refund if you cancel in the first month.

I can't tell you a huge amount about my purchase yet, but despite the fact it has already gone 9pm here in Poland, I don't plan on going to sleep until I have tested Portal Feeder, and can give you full details (within the terms of the NDA) - yes that part is going to be a challenge.

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Hotting up - Portal Feeder & Stephen Pierce $1M+ in 2 hrs

This week is just insane for product launches.

First up, I just read that Stephen Pierce made $1,079,595.00 in just 2 hours on a trip to the UK. Now obviously there is a little bit of groundwork to do before the event, but that is some serious income from an audience of 2.5K

Portal Feeder is going to be launching in just under an hour. Things were a little bit controversial over the last few days regarding how many copies will be sold. There will be an unlimited number of memberships, but only for 24hrs. I don't expect it to be on sale for longer than the 24 hrs.

I am still not going to post an affiliate link for it. I have seen lots of information, but not enough to give you any idea of value.

Here is what I plan to do.

When the site launches, I am going to take a real hard look at the sales letter and compare it to what I can currently achieve using blogs.

I am also going to play very close attention to the terms.

In the terms I am looking for 3 things

1. Refund policy
2. Confidentiality Policy
3. Anti-competition policy

If there is enough in the sales letter to say that the tool might be of use for someone already making money using other tools, I will buy it.

I am then going to do a marathon for 24 hrs, providing some screenshots of using the product, my thoughts, and what I am sure you really want to see, some niche sites created with the software, by someone who will try to get the most from it.

I am not going to post an affiliate link here for the product unless I have tested it.

Here is what I wrote yesterday on the Portal Feeder blog yesterday. It didn't get a response, but to give Jason his due, it also didn't get moderated. That is a big plus. Hopefully PF will provide some features I am looking for, either now or in the future.

Hi Jason
Is there any way to generate hard links based upon defined
Preferably I would like the above to allow for multiple keyword
lists, with the ability to wrap them in some CSS.
Whilst the sites seem to be
static, because there will also be RSS feeds generated, it is much like an
advanced Blogger blog.
Whilst I am sure you will have categories, can a
single article belong to multiple categories?
Will there also be a way of
defining tags based on all keywords that appear within an article, for use with
Taggerati, Delicious, Shadows etc?
Following on from that (if it is
possible), will I be able to create pages based upon related tags, and possibly
tag clouds?
Now my questions might seem strange, but Portal Feeder is a CMS…
so is Wordpress.
I am trying to determine what Portal Feeder is capable of
compared to what I currently achieve using Wordpress blogs and a few mid-range
tools to feed them content.
There is no point having RSS if you are not using
it effectively.
I am keen to see what the ??? are
Take care

Thus in under 1 hour, just like many others I am sure, I will be heading over to the Portal Feeder site, and seeing if this product is worth putting down some serious dollars for.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Keyword scraping - metatags

No I haven't gone blackhat

I am playing around with autolinking based on keywords, through a tracker/cloaker, and then redirecting to affiliate programs.

I have lots of product lists for things like Clickbank, that include a description, but for some reason I can't find a list of Clickbank products with appropriate keywords.

There are a lot of Clickbank products, so it would be an aweful task to create a list manually for each.

I decided the ideal solution, to obtain the best keywords related to a particular product, is to take a lokk at the website of each product, and use the meta keywords.

I have plenty of general keyword craping tools I have never actually used, but none of them seem to be able to cope with a list of a few 1000 urls.

One possible solution I have just found might be:-

Web Data Extractor: Extract specific information from the web. A powerful web data / link extractor utility.URL:

Now I am going to be damn sneaky and use this as a high quality reciprocal link, thus at the end of this post I am also going to include their data, exactly as required.

I haven't actually tested the software yet, I have just downloaded what I believe is a demo version. It will be interesting how it copes with Clickbank redirects.

If anyone knows of a better tool to use, or maybe a script, please let me know. I don't just want a huge amount of keywords, it has to be associated with the URL as well.

Whilst my PHP is improving, I am not up to making a tool to do this all in one shot.

Oh, here is their information again... ;)

Email Marketing: Extract targeted company contact data from web for responsible b2b communication.URL:

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Article Marketing - Expert Training - Free

I really hate doing things in a rush, and doing a cut & paste on this blog, but this is something important, and you will benefit from it greatly.

Best of all it is free, and the service it is promoting can also be used for free.

Article Marketer are hosting some Live training teleconferences on Article Marketeing. They are 100% free with no obligation whatsoever.

This is not going to be a thinly disguised sales pitch. They have lined up one of the top experts on article marketing.

Now Article Marketer is a service I use daily, and endorse 100% - I have made a nice income both from using the service to promote my own websites and affiliate programs, and also from promoting the service itself.

Just a couple of days ago they paid me my October commission... over $1K - most of that is residual income.
I can assure you they have only scratched the surface as far as potenial customers, and the service will continue to add features. It will soon become not only the fastest way to submit articles, and one of the most comprehensive and cost effective, it will be the leader in every category.

Here is the message regarding the teleconferences (yes there will now be 2, due to excessive demand)

On December 6, 2005, Article Marketer will present a FREE
one-hour article writing telecourse entitled, "Jump Right In, the Water’s Fine -
How to Start Writing Articles to Promote Your Business" by Internet expert
author and article marketing guru Maria Marsala.

Seats are limited to the first 100 people who register and
yes, we expect the seats to fill quickly. Ms. Marsala is well known in the
article marketing world. She owns several article distribution sites, has over
300 of her own articles published both online and offline, and consults with her
clients on how they can build their businesses using articles.

Here's the good news for you: During the class the students actually begin
writing an article. When they want it submitted, it means subscriptions (and
commissions) for you. We anticipate that a good percentage of the students in
this class will become Article Marketer subscribers.

Maria will teach people:-
  • Exactly how to write a winning article
  • 4 types of articles that quickly attract attention
  • 11 ways to use articles to promote your business
  • How to turn 1 article into 4 different articles

She is specifically focusing this course on helping students create a powerful article that will catch the eye of editors
and publishers. She will also help them understand how they can submit their
articles (using the Article Marketer service) to generate a ton of traffic and
referrals to the author's website.
The class will be held next week, so have your people register right away -
we expect the session to sell out quickly.

They can register at: Article Marketing Class

p.s. yes I do intend making money by promoting this free course, but I seriously hope it will help you make more money too. Article Marketer have this great "Customer For Life" policy.
If you do decide to give the service a try, go for the free service. Whilst I love making a little money from promoting Article Marketer, I also like my referrals to get the best possible value, and you will love the upsell.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Orwell Controversy, Portal Feeder and Niche Websites

I had thought about mentioning Orwell, and Portal Feeder here, and my opinions on both. Actually I have deleted half of what I was going to write.

I even have a branded report, but I don't feel comfortable distributing it atm.

This thread on Warrior Forum I just read however has certainly had an effect on my overall opinion.

Well worth reading quickly, because it has already been locked, and might well disappear in due course.

My opinion before reading the Warrior forum thread was that Orwell might be a useful tool if you don't have something more powerful such as Article Miner.

As to Portal Feeder, what I have seen of it so far has not impressed me, and in many respects I can already achieve far more with Wordpress and a few plugins, and if you have a lot of sites maybe enhanced using Blog Auto Publisher..

Edit: Further discussion on Warrior Forum

Make up your own mind

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Email, whitelisting and Aweber

Like most internet marketers, I have multiple email accounts. Some I look on as primary accounts I monitor "live". I actually use gmail for that because I love the sorting features. If someone forces me to use a "non free email address", fine, I will just use an email associated with one of my 50+ domain names, and maybe... maybe it will get read sometime.

One of the services I use is, I suppose it is the Polish equivalent to Yahoo. They have free email accounts and paid ones with more features. It also isn't regarded by most filters as being a free email address ;)

Today I noticed that Dr. Mani, who previously was using another email solution, is moving his list gradually over to Aweber.

Importing subscribers to services is a royal pain, it is much better to send a compelling offer to one list, and get them to resubscribe on another.

Now I can understand why Dr. Mani is making the switch, I am sure he was having deliverability problems, and decided to try Aweber who make huge guarantees on email deliverability.

So I took up his "compelling offer" (and it really was), and signed up onto another of Dr. Mani's excellent email lists (this time run on Aweber). I am honestly on loads of his email lists.

And then I was shocked...

The "double opt-in" message generated automatically by Aweber... ended up in my spam folder.

I had whitelisted every single one of his previous email list addresses. I didn't expect to have to do it with Aweber, and haven't had to do it in the past.

I have no idea whose service Onet use to decide which email addresses are spam, but whoever they are, Aweber seem to have upset them.

Here is the contents of the email that ended up in my spam folder.

Hello Andrew,

We received your request for information from the
group. Before we begin sending you the information you
requested, we want to be certain we have your permission.


There was
an optin link here

Click the link above to give us permission to
send you
information. It's fast and easy! If you cannot click the
URL above please copy and paste it into your web

Or, if you
prefer, reply to this message with the
confirmation key in the subject line.

If you
do not want to subscribe, simply ignore this message.

Thank You,
AWeber Systems, Inc.

95, 13th Street, Chennai, TN 60040, SINGAPORE

That is a totally default double opt-in message from Aweber that hit my spam folder. The worry is not Onet, which is only used by 3 (a guess) million people in Poland, but who provides their spam blocking code and database.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Google Analytics

I think most people have head about Google Analytics by now. It doesn't seem to be producing any data yet (Google underestimated the demand a little), but just implementing it for some people is going to be a major undertaking.

Lots of people build their sites around php includes, but who thinks to have a PHP include at the end of their header for tracking?

Here are a couple of good solutions for those who want to do things quickly (i.e. those with lots of VRE)

Search and Replace - I have spent a lot of time looking for the best search and replace tool money can't buy (because it is free). Take a look at this great little application

Wordpress plugins - If you are running your blogs on Wordpress (I have loads of Wordpress blogs), then just like Blogger you can add something directly to your templates, or even easier just install a plugin. I am not going to name a particular plugin, best to do a little searching because it is early days as far as functionality, especially in regards to not including page views in the admin pages.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tracking: 2 hrs wasted on

Marc Goldman had suggested on the Howto forum that would fulfill all my tracking needs. I got fed up waiting for a promised review account, so I signed up for their 30 day trial.

It doesn't come close to fulfilling any of my needs, let alone all of them.

For PPC I am better using adtrackz and creating campaigns "on-the-fly". From what I could see, Goldbar only provide for manual campaign creation. What a nightmare.

Maybe there are some hidden features. The documentation was very lacking.

What I really needed was the ability to track across domains, as I funnel traffic through to a pre-sales page, and then on to an affiliate site where I can track a conversion.

I can't see any sign of being able to do this. There are no tools for tracking traffic around a site.

I also need to have adsense clicks tracked in the same system, as that is one return of revenue.

The SEO tools provided are worse than free tools provided on sites like Digital point. There is no way to setup a large number of domains and keywords to track over time.
Checking your backlink was just reporting how many you have, no analysis of anchor text.
There is a tool that shows keyword density on a page, but no attempt at suggestions, or other page analysis. You would be much better off with a free version of WEBCEO or what I use extensively, SEOElite.

I didn't test the shopping cart and autoresponder, maybe they are more refined, but what I did test was "klunky" and time consuming.
Maybe I will give those a trial sometime in the future, but I am loath to signup to any autoresponder service that won't sometime in the future integrate with onsite tracking. falls far short of what I expected.

Update 20/11/05: You will notice Marc Goldman has made a comment here, questioning the integrity of my review of

I have made a comment in reply, but I believe this situation also warrants an addition to the post.

1. First of all I didn't title this post in any way an "in-depth" review. Far from it, I filled out the forms, logged in, went through the initial presentation of the system (which didn't tell me anything), and then went searching for information and services I needed to use... immediately (I seriously had a team of people pushing for a decision)

2. I went through all I could on the tracking. The only tracking I found on any of the menus was for tracking links. You had to manually define things like campaigns.

On one of my projects I want to track the whole of the Clickbank database... no way in hell I am going to define all of that one item at a time.

I looked at help files available. Most were just a title with an empty page. Maybe a database error, maybe a browser incompatibility. I don't care. I didn't find any answers I was looking for.

3. I looked for some kind of site tracking, or a hint that all the different types of tracking could somehow be linked together with a single overview... I didn't find it. Maybe it is hidden? Seems to me a fairly major feature to hide somewhere though, and if it existed, it would be highlighted extremely well on the sales page.

4. So I went looking at other tools. I decided to play with the SEO tools. I honestly found them worthless. Worse than the free tools at Digital Point. No tracking of SERPS over time. No indepth tracking of large keyword lists. No import of keyword lists. No support for multiple pages. The keyword density analyser does a single page, and doesn't even suggest anything to do on the page to improve it.

There wasn't even a way to bookmark all your VRE/niche sites so your could check each of their performance in sequence.

The free tools do a much better job, but could still be improved upon. There are loads of ways SEOElite could be improved as well.

Customer support...

When I cancelled my account, they give you an option to give some feedback. I gave them some feedback. It is only now, more than 2 weeks later, that they are responding, in kind, with a comment on my blog.

If the intention was to help me find a solution, they would have been back in contact within hours of me cancelling my account.

Thus the only reason they are now responding in some way is damage control.


If you do a little search on Google for "", this short review is in 2nd place in the SERPS. Unlike many posts on this blog, I haven't done anything to promote what I have said about the product. Thus no backlinks specific to the term.

I have no intention at this time of taking a second look. I haven't got time and quite frankly I don't have the inclination either.

The sales page isn't dishonest, though I would question how state-of-the-art some of the individual components of the whole system are.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Your Own Articles - Private Label Articles for Niche Marketing

Cody Moya has now released his Your Own Articles site

Here are some specifics

After you join, you will get instantly 500 private label articles:
- 50 articles about Time Management
- 50 articles about Dog Training
- 50 articles about Eat Healthier
- 50 articles about Credit Repair
- 50 articles about Dream Interpretation
- 50 articles about Flower Gardening
- 50 articles about Cat Training
- 50 articles about Mental Health
- 50 articles about Wellness and Fitness
- 50 articles about Loose Weight

But that’s not all, you will also get instantly10 private label reports ready to sell with sales letters and cover graphics:

- A Guide to Time Management
- A Guide to Dog Training
- A Guide to Healthier Eating
- A Guide to Credit Repair
- A Guide to Dream Interpretation
- A Guide to Flower Gardening
- A Guide to Cat Training
- A Guide to Mental Health
- A Guide to Wellness and Fitness
- A Guide to Loose Weight

You will continue getting 250 articles per month along with 5 reports to sell, complete with graphics and sales page.

The cost is $29.97 but I have a discount code for you that will lock in your membership for $24.97/month

Here is your $5 discount coupon code: 01660C79F5

I signed up as soon as I heard about it, it is amazing value.

A special note, if you cancel your membership, you will retain rights to use all the articles you have paid for. This is very important if you use the articles for multiple niche websites.

Membership is limited to 1000 people, it will sellout, but most peole won't do anything constructive with the materials.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Private Label and Blogging Power Extravaganza

It is going to be an extremely busy week in your email box.

Private Rights Articles 2

First of all Paul has just released (today) his latest Private Rights Article membership program.

His last offering was snapped up in 4 days, and honestly I expect this to be snapped up faster.
For the first 3 days (the clock is ticking), you can receive a $5 discount that is locked in for the whole of your membership.

I missed out on his first site, and I must admit I regret it, though I wasn't online much during that time.
There is a unique twist this time around, that makes it especially inviting.

Take a look at Private Rights Articles 2 (I am already a paying member)

Your Own Articles

Now this has been ramping up for over a month, and I was actually able to peak inside a month back.

On day one, you will get a serious package of content

I have arranged a discount for my readers, but you won't be able to sign up until 30th October.

This offering is actually exceptional value, as not only do you get articles and keywords, but also reports you can sell, and graphics.

This will launch only on the 30th - check back here to pickup your discount

Olga has finally flipped her lid - Blog Auto Publisher

I have saved the big news until last.

It is now released. I can't use it yet :(

You see I have been testing a beta version of this custom blogging software for sometime. I was actually late starting my testing because Olga had to make a special version just for me, supporting Windows 98.

Yes that is right... she did it just because me, and I think one other tester wanted to use Win98.

But she also knew I would really put the product through its paces.

Ultimate Blogging Power?

At the moment it is raw power lacking a little finese. I don't think Olga will disagree. I have exchanged more than 60 emails with Olga over the last few weeks, mainly discussing how certain features could be better implemented to provide additional benefits.

The thing is the building blocks are all there. This isn't some new toy product being given a pricetag that doesn't actually relate to the potential of the product.

I am currently making around 50 blog posts per day with it, all on autopilot.

Some of the features can be achived in other ways, but not to the same degree.


BlogAutoPublisher automatically creates links based on the keywords you select. I have only played a little with this on a couple of my blogs, because I was waiting for the final version before creating huge keyword lists.

You can see examples at

The Coolest Guy on the Planet
Keyword Report

They are actually both using the same keyword list, I only had to copy and paste them between folders (yes you could do that with a huge master list and 100 blogs)

I am selecting articles to publish using

Now at the moment my links are going to seach feeds, but they could just as easily go to categories in a shopping mall you own, your own product sites, various affiliate sites, or be used for intelligent cross-linking of your VRE (Virtual Real Estate), with selected anchor text link right in the middle of the content.

It is not really any different to using various PPC feeds that highlight words on the big content sites, but...

you have complete control of the links!

Now this can be achieved with a few Wordpress plugins, but those I have seen are not very good at rotating the links. They don't prioritise very well. Olga has created this system so that it rotates the link usage, thus those links that haven't been used recently on that particular blog will thus have a higher priority than those that have been used more often. Very smart...

(notice how I am telling you more than you get on the sales letter)


Technorati tagging is very important for traffic these days, many people tag certain keywords to read in their RSS aggregators, or for syndication.
Feeds that are tagged more often than not are quality content. Feeds without a tag, whilst they may be good content, are not going to be picked up as readily.

Every single defined keyword can be a tag, even if it is not linked

Now that is real blogging power!

One refinement I have asked for with this feature is for you to decide whether the tags are created, or left as a definition such as keyword, more keywords, even more

The reason being...

Tag Categories and Clouds

Don't you just hate making categories for your Wordpress blogs?

Just imagine never having to make categories again!

There are plugins for Wordpress available that automatically create tag categories that work just like normal categories. They also create a "cloud page", just like Technorati's most popular tag pages.

Just imagine being able to create a post and have it automatically categorized based on your defined keywords list.

Imagine how powerful that is for the search engines when you have hundreds of categories, each containing relevant content.

Imagine how powerful that is also for readers of your blog. They won't have to search based on the keywords they think might be relevant, they will see a huge list of related topics.

These tools also automatically allow you to include the titles of related posts at the bottom of every post.

With so many link to content on your own site, even if you use 3rd party content with a bio, there is a huge change they will stay on your site for further research.

Instant Stickiness

This is the power of using a blog for your niche websites, and you can even outdo article directories in "user experience". Your readers will be led to more and more relevant content.

Yes BlogAutoPublisher can pull content from websites, and you can define the delimiters precisely.
BlogAutoPublisher can also control the syndication of other people's feeds.

It can do some smart things with this as well, like automatically converting links into deep affiliate links for Bloggers such as Jim Edwards who uses 1shoppingcart (or a relabel) for his affiliate program. There are lots of top end marketers doing the same, and they encourage you to use their content and deep link with their affiliate links.

BlogAutoPublisher is an investment, but it is much cheaper now than it will be in the future. I would say if you have plans to have more than 10 blogs, it is a worthwhile investment.

I am sure many people are going to compare it to RSStoBlog and find some features missing in BlogAutoPublisher. I would say those are just refinements that are easily added.

Whilst BlogAutoPublisher could easily reblog affiliate feeds, that is not exploiting the full potential.

At the same time even free tools such as Wbloggar have some features BlogAutoPublisher (on my beta version at least) does not. That is something that can easily be corrected.

If you only have a couple of simple blogs, please look at Wbloggar or Elicit. I don't think you are ready for BlogAutoPublisher yet (unless you have massive plans).

If you are doing photo-blogging, BlogAutoPublisher (in my beta version), wouldn't be very suitable, because it currently doesn't have a WYSIWYG interface, or picture uploading. I am sure Olga will come up with a solution.

If you have the pictures on your server already, you can just include the HTML.

BlogAutoPublisher has a powerful token system, so you could setup tokens for left aligned or right aligned pictures, with a default path already set, and then just change the filename everytime you need to show a picture.

It is building blocks like that which are important.

You can use it for affiliate links, adsense etc as well.

Olga will have a dedicated private forum for support setup, that will certainly prove invaluable.


So now why did I start this long post with something about private label rights?

Well first of all time is of the essense, Pauls offer will close extremely fast, and I am already a happy customer.

I will have 5 blogs setup tomorrow streaming out carefully wrapped/modified versions of all his content.
I will probably do the same on a few servers, some nice adsense, and great affiliate products to promote alongside.

The tool that will allow me to make the most of PLR content is Blog Auto Publisher, though obviously you can also use it with various content generators too.

There is nothing to stop me doing that as well!

With an offer like this, it is all about taking action. Use tools to automate as many tasks as you can, and build your Virtual Real Estate.

The Private Label Articles Paul is providing will add 5, 10 15, maybe as many as 20 additional sites to my own VRE.

What are you waiting for?

(damn that is a powerful pair)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Page Layout for SEO - Avoiding Duplicate Content

Kevin Kennedy-Spaien recently commented to one of my last article marketing post asking me to expand a little on tips to avoid duplicate content.

What follows is one tip I recently posted to the Article Miner Support forms.

Article Miner has a great feature that allows you to split any article it publishes into multiple sections.

A first stage would be to just add some keyword based adverts in your template between each chunk of article. This effectively make the content not quite such a duplicate. Thus if you have an article split into 4 chunks, you would have keyword dense inserts top, 3 in the middle, and one at the bottom.

In addition you can use a customized layout.

The search engines parse content in a table from left to right, just as it appears in your HTML source.

If you create your template with a 2x2 table for the article and split an article into 4 pieces.

1 3
2 4

A search engine will read the pieces in the order

1 3 2 4

I hope you find that useful.

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Blog Tools for Niche Marketing

Blog Tools for Niche Marketing

With more and more people turning to using blogs for niche marketing, a frequent topic on internet marketing forums is how to you go about maintaining them.

Blogging platforms provide an effective CMS solution, but being a blog, they are most effective is the content is fresh. Many once webmasters of niche websites, are now becoming professional bloggers in a slightly different sense to the journalistic approach.

Blog Spam: Common Misconceptions in the Press

There has been a lot of talk in the press recently about spam blogs (or splog). What the press fail to frequently point out is that RSS is a medium THEY use for creating duplicate content all over the web, and that a blog is a simplified CMS solution with built in commenting and cross-linking of related sites (trackback).

p.s. Don't confuse this with Blog Spam, which is a totally separate issue (at least to some people)

Yes there is RSS spam, with people sending out streams of random keywords. There are also people using a technique known as "blog & ping". This just means they build an RSS feed of their site contents automatically over time.

Now for an established site, you would understand that all their content has at one time been included in their RSS feeds, so that content is already out there.

For a new site that has just started on the internet, Blog & Ping is a viable option. It can be abused, just like any method. All my own sites are built with RSS and grown naturally, but I can see Blog and Ping being a legitimate method for many, though I would suggest hosting the blog on your own site, rather than use a free service.

I have even heard people suggest that feeding articles to a blog, from 3rd party authors is blog spam.

Almost every article directory on the internet has an RSS feed, but most of those RSS feeds are purely an article title, and at best include a snippet of article content and the author name.

By feeding articles to a blog using either manual selection or an automated process, you are effectively creating a highly focused RSS feed and website. The articles used are fully attributed to the original authors, and create backlinks to their websites.

Some may argue that the quality of the articles might be poor. My counter arguement is that often the articles I choose have passed through not just one, but quite often 2 or even 3 human reviews, before they are selected for my own sites.

I select articles based on specific niche terms, much more highly focused than an article directory which has to cater for much more varied topics. Thus whilst an article directory would have a general category "Search Engine Optimization", one of my own sites would focus purely on keyword research and keyword optimization.

Many would argue that if I selected articles purely by hand, the quality would be higher. I agree, but then Rolls Royce and Ferrari make arguably better cars than General Motors or Ford, but I think most would agree that General Motors and Ford still provide value. I don't charge for access to the content sites I produce, they are purely advertising supported.

There are Bloggers who even argue that advertising should not be displyed on blogs, that blogs should not be commercial, yet all the top news sites are produced using a custom made CMS solution, often using lots of duplicate content from RSS feeds, and they themselves then provide their own RSS feed.

Spam blogs are those that don't provide content that is useful for a human, such as random keywords.

Automated Blogging (but use with a reader in mind)

Some level of automated blogging solution is thus a viable, and legitimate method of creating niche focused content sites.

Here are some alternative solutions for everyone.

First of all here are 2 free options.

Wbloggar - fairly basic and not very automated, but can certainly help tremendously. Much better than logging in manually.

Use an autoresponder or scheduled reminder email service. There are loads of choices.
Feedmagic and Getresponse are both very good services to choose from. Both have superb delivery, and unique features.

There are also various plugins for Blog software and CMS systems that can do a reasonable job, though they are hard to setup and get the results you want. I spent a day playing with one for Wordpress, Reblog, and I was not very satisfied with the results.

Cheaper options

Elicit from
I haven't used Elicit, I came across it on Tuesday, downloaded it, and discovered that it won't run on my preferred operating system (Win98SE)
For $59 is seems to be an excellent alternative, especially if you blog other peoples blogs proactively.

More expensive Solutions is used by many peole, it is server based and currently has 2 versions, standard and pro. I have heard good things about it, and it might still have a few advantages over the solution I currently use, such as being server based so it is always on (that can be a negative for many), but things certainly balance out.

Blog Auto Publisher - what I am using, still in beta but should be released soon. It is a desktop application.
The most exciting feature of Blog Auto Publisher is its flexibility. I generate article posts using article miner, and then pull content from the generated pages. Keywords can be autolinked easily, and I am working hard on integrating Blog Auto Publisher and Article Miner so that every time I generate article posts, they immediately get entered into the article queue.
I am currently also experimenting with using the auto-linker with Peakclick, and with the automatic generation of technorati tags. Technorati tags are already generated for keywords.

Peakclick is a new PPC aggregator, that you can easily include on your own pages or blog using PHP includes. I still need to work out a way to use the includes on a blogspot hosted blog, but I can link to their searches.

Olga the developer of Blog Auto Publisher is also very pro-active in introducing new features. I think I have probably exchanged 60 emails with her over the last couple of weeks, both to squash a few bugs (it is beta after all) and to enhance the feature set. She has a long-term outlook on the product.
You can see some of the stuff I am playing with on my "Coolest Guy on the Planet" blog.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Article Marketing - Duplicate Content - biting yourself in the foot?

Article Marketing - Duplicate Content - biting yourself in the foot?

With the current massive growth of article marketing to drive traffic to websites, establish credibility, and to create backlinks for search engine optimization purposes, there are constant queries and/or discussions related to duplicate content.

Various measures are thrown back and forth to combat this:-

Author Perspective

  • Rotation of bio boxes
  • Rotation of paragraphs
  • Changing keywords
  • Changing Titles

Article Site Perspective

  • Niche Categories
  • Splitting articles into parts on seperate pages
  • Splitting articles into parts on the same page and intelligent use of tables or CSS
  • Including related article snippets on the same page

Article Directories can easily make every single article they publish appear unique to the search engines, without changing any of an authors original words.

It is harder for blog publishers, but it still can be achieved, and even automated to a certain extent.

Rotation Can Reduce your Article Distribution

One of the main reasons for publishing articles is to generate keyword focused backlinks with appropriate anchor text. You want your article picked up by as many sites as possible.

  • Rotation of bio boxes does not affect distribution
  • Rotation of paragraphs does not affect distribution
  • Changing a few keywords in the article body may reduce or increase your distribution


Changing the title of your articles can reduce distribution!

Lets go into this in more detail...

How articles are used for content sites

As well as writing about article publishing, my main business model is niche marketing. Creating niche focused websites to provide relevant information for people searching on a particular topic.

In this article I don't want to focus on what makes a good or bad niche website.

When creating niche websites, it is cost/time efficient to use various forms of automated or semi-automated tools to collect content to display that is relevant to your audience.

With articles and RSS feeds of articles, the primary way to determine whether content is unique is by way of title and author. If they are unique, it is likely that the content is unique.

It is prevalent to source your content from multiple locations, so you would collect articles, either manually or automatically from multiple locations. With RSS feeds you would subscribe to multiple RSS feeds.

If you are using good tools, duplicate content is excluded. You wouldn't want to post 10 different versions of the same article on your website.

Rotating Titles Defeats the Duplicate Checking

Yesterday I was collecting articles based on Search Engine Optimization for one of my sites. Using one of my semi-automatic tools, I gathered together over 950 supposedly unique articles from multiple sources. Please note I have a database of articles on my harddisk, I was not scraping articles directly from article directories as many tools do (see for more details)

These I intend to publish, 3 - 4 articles per day, over the next 8 months.

But I hit a problem.

When I sorted the articles by keyword density, I noticed that there were a fair number of articles, published by the same authors, that had different titles. Sometimes it was just the insertion of a number, at other times just a change of a single keyword.

Duplicate content!

With 900 articles to prepare, I wasn't going to go through them one by one comparing if it actually was duplicate content or not. I took the simple option. For each author I noticed articles that were the same keyword density, and similar length, I JUST DELETED ALL THE ARTICLES. The author will not get published on my site. For many of them that was 10 articles.

I ended up with a total of approximately 800 articles suitable for publishing, and some authors would not be included.

It cost me more than 1 hour additional time to sort through and remove the duplicates. I could probably buy that many private label rights articles with no worry about duplicates in the collection, for the same expense comparing time to $ cost. But then there would be no backlinks for the authors, and I could target the articles exactly as I want with full rights to modify them.

Growing Trend

The idea of rotating article titles is not currently widespread. I have noticed it on occasion in the past where it was obviously done for tracking purposes, just an insertion of a number, and it was easy to remove the duplicates.

If however the trend continues, it will become more difficult to identify individual unique articles, especially for RSS feeds.

Think about it

It is already almost as cost effective to buy articles with rights as use articles from article directories.

Do you want backlinks from your articles?

Spreading the backlinks

I currently like sourcing articles from multiple locations. Many smaller article directories who have intelligently included a link to their site at the bottom of article content gain a great deal of exposure from content sites redistributing their articles. The backlinks are invaluable.

However, if these sites start to contain duplicate articles with different titles, I will simply be forced to collect articles from the largest article directories. So much for diversification... lets all encourage monopolies!

The same would be especially true for RSS feeds.

Automated Submission

Technology is now helping authors distribute their articles across the internet. The market for such tools is highly competitive, thus there is a race to implement improved features.

One such feature now being implemented is the rotation of article titles. This is intended to help an author make every article published to article directories unique.

Whilst I commend the authors for their ingenuity in finding solutions, I am deeply concerned that this will initially reduce the use of articles submitted, and eventually discourage content site creators from sourcing articles from multiple locations, and opting to source only from the largest directories.

Think About Time

Writing 20 unique titles for articles will probably take as much time as writing a whole new article. Two articles in my opinion are certainly better to promote your business, both short term and long term, than one article with 20 different titles.

When it comes to monitoring the success of your article publishing efforts, one of the favorite techniques is to search for your article title, thus discovering which sites used your article, and allowing you to also determine how many of those same sites also include a backlink to your website.

Advise to Authors

Based on my experience both as an author and a creator of niche focused content sites, think very carefully before leaping on the bandwagon of the newest trend in article publishing.

If you rotate your article titles, you are making life harder for content publishers, and your efforts might well backfire.

About the Author

Andy Beard has worked in Sales, Marketing and Localization for the last 15 years, primarily in the computer games industry.
He now spends his time creating content sites(niche marketing), and writing about the techniques he uses.
He publishes his articles with the services of Article Marketer

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Niche website - WP automation

Whilst this blog is on Blogger I also use Wordpress for many of my niche websites.

It is a very powerful application, but if you are creating a lot of Wordpress blogs, it is a royal pain to setup each blog with all the modification you normally do for the search engines to find you.

I recently purchased Dave Pankhursts excellent ebook "Top10 Tricks to Conquer your Niche with Wordpress". It is an excellent read, but it does take some time to set it all up.
I think he sells it for $47, but you can pick it up for less by a quick Google, because he sold limited resale rights to it. I paid $27.

I heard down the grapevine of another product that was coming out soon from Gary Huyhn which not only helps you setup a blog for SEO, it can handle ALL your blogs, constantly updating your WP installation, and managing which plugins.

It does not provide content, this is purely an aid to people creating a lot of blogs.

You may even want to tweak things more than this product allows, well you will have to do it manually.

More features are expected in the future. Currently there are 106 templates, and a number of essential plugins.
The wordpress themes used are from Alex King's excellent site, so there is a lot of variety.

It doesn't work with the multiple WP installation mods, it has to be a full WP install, a few minutes with Fantastico.

You setup various defaults in your panel, and then for each blog you get to select which defaults to use, and give fresh FTP information, the system does the rest.

Now the script was being sold with one of those countdown timers. It started at around $50, and by the time I realised it was now on sale, I ended up paying $87 for this product (I found out 24hrs late).

There was me thinking it would be up to full price in no-time.

But I have just received an email, and Gary has kindly frozen the clock for a short while, at $97

If you plan on setting up 5, 10 maybe more Wordpress blogs, this service is going to save you heaps of time, and removes a lot of the need to mess around with technical stuff.

Now I mentioned David Pankhurst for a reason, a lot of his Top10 tricks are built in, along with some other custom stuff you would have to also pay for. I believe David is working closely with Gary on a lot of this.

In essense you are only paying between $10 and $30 for the automated features.

I am certainly not one of the rich gurus who can just drop money on a whim for the latest gadget. This service is going to pay for itself extremely fast, and help me accelerate my niche website development.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Outsourcing for Niche Websites

Outsourcing is about leverage and time

The idea of just running your online business from your bedroom, working just 1hr per day and getting rich is largely a myth. Whilst technically it is possible, most peope don't have the skills or knowledge to achieve this.

There so many skills required for most internet businesses, at some time you are going to want to out-source some or most of your work, so you can maximise your own time on tasks that bring in the most revenue.

I am a Jack-of-All-Trades. I can fiddle around and make websites, knock together reasonable graphics if I have to, write a few words, even dabble with installing scripts.

Currently I have more time than money, and before I outsource, I still want to experiment some more with technology so I know what I really want.

Today I have read a new special report all about out-sourcing for internet marketing.

I didn't read it once, I read it twice!

Now for those that know, who haven't read the "squeeze page" for my mailing list, I used to work in the Computer Games industry.

  • I have helped prepare documentation for large teams of programmers to work from.
  • I have worked long hours with graphics artists preparing marketing materials
  • I have lots of experience with contracts between game developers and publishing houses

I know how to negotiate deals, specify projects, manage projects, and make sure I end up with the quality products I have promised my customers.

Even with all that experience, I gained a lot from reading this special report. Admittedly I already knew a lot of the material that was covered, and I might even be able to add a few things to it, but I seriously gained a lot of information from reading this report that will save me a lot of problems in the future.

If you have been thinking about:-

  • Having a script written for you
  • Hiring a copywriter
  • A redesign of your salespage
  • Outsourcing your technical support/emails
  • Maybe even out-sourcing your whole online business
This report is for you - it will save you money. It is certainly going to save me money.

Outsourcing guide for Internet marketing - Geek Speak
Now don't assume you need my experience to make the most from this report.

This report is MADE FOR YOU!

It is not just technical jargon. Whilst the author is a programmer, he out-sources a huge amount of his business, programming, graphics, technical support, even most of his emails.

He has been writing this guide slowly for the last year, knowing that people like you actually need a simple guide through what can be a minefield of poor results. Don't forget it also helps programmer to get detailed instructions. There is nothing worse than re-writing half the code because something was overlooked at an early stage. Imagine what it is like for an artist to have to start from scratch because you change domain name, or theme at the last moment.

I actually read a lot of ebooks, and other than the specially selected guides I have in my Essential Niche Marketing Library, this is the first I have recommeded people should buy.

It doesn't go into in-depth detail on every subject. It wouldn't be right for the author to delve heavily into things like contract law, but where needed he has pointed readers in the direction of very hard to find quality resources.

He has an intimate knowledge of outsourcing services such as Elance, and the examples he gives of real projects he has included are extremely useful. Quite often details such as this are not made available to people just browsing through past projects.

Do you want to be on the phone at 3am
with a project gone wrong?

There are a few things I personally would have liked to see covered in more depth, but the good news is that the author will be providing upgrades as this is expanded. I will be making some suggestions over the next few days, but I would suggest getting hold of a copy before you spend any money on outsourcing.

Outsourcing Guide - Speak the Geek

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Source Code Blowout 2 - warning!

Private Label rights to products are a great way to make money, especially if you pick them up fast.

The last Soruce Code Blowout package just 2 months ago sold out extremely fast.

Since that time I have seen multiple offers for the products, everything from special deals where you select 2 or 3 products from the original package for a good price, all the way to a few of them being offered for free in various "Giveaway" deals - well not for free, in exchange for your email address.

The thing is even if you didn't sell the products to anyone, they represented good value.

The last package many of the applications were complicated to install and a little buggy. The private label ebooks however were of very good quality. Not just 30 page special reports compiled from public domain sites, but original content.

There is a major (but subtle) change in the terms

This time around they have changed the wording of their terms and conditions. I know some very savvy people who have already overlooked this. You will be limited in what you can do with these products more than last time around.

Read this very carefully

You and anyone you resell these products to may NOT bundle more than any 3
products from this offer together to be sold or given away free in any other one
offer or website. This includes placing more than any 3 products into any one
membership website!

Last time round you were limited to 3 as above, but you didn't have to pass on those restrictions to those people you sold the product to. This resulted in people selling the product to someone else, or giving it away, and then those people being able to do what they like with the product, even listing the whole package in a membership site.

It isn't going to happen this time around.

You are still going to have massive price gouging. You are seriously not going to be able to sell most of these products for $97 each.

What I advised last time, and advise this time is that you take a "sell 3 and it is free" attitude. Thus you are going to want to earn $66 for a total of 10 products. Effectively you will want a retail price of $10 for a single item, or $20 - $30 for multiple items.

I personally think that asking any more than that you will upset your customers in a couple of weeks when they start seeing other people dropping the price, or they see the product for free in a membership site.

You still can make some money from this... if you are quick

Just take it easy, don't expect this to be you oneway ticket to riches.

I have no idea how the terms apply to people who purchased the rights to Source Code Blowout in advance, under the OLD terms. Yep there are still loopholes I doubt they thought about, the terms and conditions were obviously not drafted by a lawyer.

No affiliate links for me on this one, they deleted all the JV information from the last Source Code Blowout, and I know my old affiliate link no longer works.
Up until yesterday I had been expecting a little "windfall" from people I signed up last time round, but this was knocked on the head when I tested my link whilst writing this little piece.

If you do buy it, make sure you make use of your rights VERY FAST.

I expect to pick them all up free over the next couple of months in various member sites, and some of the main products are not very interesting. The Membership Site script will be good, if it works and is secure.

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